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Two Curdled Loves…

Warning! Some graphic scenes from Fred Van Lente comics lie beneath the fold!

From Incredible Hercules #122 (pencils by Clayton Henry)…

From Marvel Zombies 3 #4 (pencils by Kev Walker)….


I don’t think I regret skipping Marvel Zombies.

both scenes show that if marvel ever wanted the horror market they can have fred do the books. though still more creepped out by the head on the pole in the first pannel

That head looks like Rich Rider

I didn’t really enjoy Marvel Zombies 1 & 2 (borrowed them off my boss)

Marvel Zombies 3 I bought based on the cover, the writer and the artist. (Admittedly I prefer Kev Walker’s painted stuff, but still)

FVL wrote Aaron Stack beautifully… I felt like the Nextwave spin-off that never was…


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