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Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time #25-16

Here’s #25-16! Here‘s a master list of all the covers on the countdown so far!



Cover Art by: Fred Ray


Cover Art by: Frank Quitely


Cover Art by: Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson


Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Mike Sekowksy and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Jack Burnley


Cover Art by: John Byrne


Cover Art by: Everett E. Hibbard


Cover Art by: Darryl Banks and Romeo Tanghal


Cover Art by: Joe Shuster


What’s particularly humorous for me is that, before I post them here, I honestly don’t know what cover is ranked where, since all I have them by is their number before I plug them in here (and then, of course, I have to see which cover is which so I can put down the correct cover artist).

So I’m often just as surprised as you people by which cover ends up where!

I just wish I had written down my choices; it was hard enough to narrow down the last one that I’m not sure exactly which ones I finally chose. I think I’m at 4 of them posted so far; I’m amazed the Emerald Twilight is as high as it is. I wonder if it’s because we have GL rings on the brain the past month or so?

That Hal Jordan cover is so cool I’m half-tempted to read actually the comic but, I guess thats the point.

Quietly is definitely the most technically skilled artist to draw Superman. All-Star Superman is also the only post-Doom Patrol Morrison story I like and the art was a huge factor. That being said I’d say the quality of whats inside the issue shown above is probably the main reason for that particular cover placing where it did whereas most the other cover shown obviously have a strong design element to them.

I mean it is a cool cover and all.

yay! golden age covers!

Still only 1 of my 10 covers has appeared (first Supergirl). I’m fairly confident that all of my other choices will make the Top 15.

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 8, 2009 at 5:05 am

At long last, a Byrne cover!!

The first of my votes is here – the All Star Superman one.

I voted for the Crisis on Earth One cover

I can’t believe the JLA/JSA seance didn’t crack the Top 20. That just seems wrong – although I don’t really have a problem with 16 through 20 per se. The Top 15 better not having any duds!

I don’t like the GL cover – it is cheesy – but the Man of Steel cover is excellent. The others are, of course, classic.

The golden age Superman covers here (16 & 25) are incredibly iconic; you could show the figures in silhouette and most people worldwide would correctly guess the character. That’s part of what makes this an interesting exercise – seeing how or if people consider “iconic”.

And I wish I could see that Batman #1 cover (20) with pre-Wertham eyes, ’cause the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder are sharing a “look of love” there if I ever saw one.

Oh…e xcept the All-Star one. Not a BAD cover, but I certainly wouldn’t call it iconic.

@ Rusty: Not Iconic? Sorry, but i’d have to disagree. Nearly every incarnation or reference to the Justice Society harkens back to that cover at some point (And it’s been homaged twice in just the latest runs). If anything, I’d say it’s one of the the most iconic on the list this week.

My guess is that Rusty meant the All-Star Superman cover, not the All-Star Comics cover. I mean, it placed directly in front of the cover of Superman with the friggin’ eagle on his arm. It is just a funny, incongrous sequence, to see a cover only a couple of years old (when I showed this list to my dad, he was like “What the hell is this cover (the All-Star Superman cover)? Never seen this before?) place one higher than one of the most iconic Superman images in history.

So, GL 49 is the first of my covers to chart. I’m pretty sure 8 of my other 10 will chart. The one I could see not charting is Adventure Comics 247, and that’s probably me just being paranoid, but when I looks at the remaining 30 covers, it seemed to be to be in a group of about 4-5 covers that would either be 15th or not in the list, a group that included.)

For the record, I feel like the following 14 covers are locks for the top 15
Detective 27 (First Batman)
Superman 75 (Death of Superman with the flag)
GL/GA 85 (Speedy’s addicted)
Brave and the Bold 28 (JLA versus Starro)
Watchman 1
The Dark Knight Returns 1
Showcase 4 (First Barry Allen)
CoIE 7 (Superman carrying Supergirl)
Flash 123 (Barry and Jay meet)
Killing Joke (Joker takes a photo)
GL/GA 76 (Ollie breaks Hal’s Lantern)
JLI 1 (You want make something of it)
Batman 404 (Batman’s parents are dead)
Action Comics 1 (First Superman)

Half of my choices appear on today’s list. Honestly, I have to say I am dumbfounded that some of these are so low on the list. I thought some of these, like the JLA/JSA seance, were so obviously shoo-ins for the top ten that I’m legitimately puzzled as to what covers people feel are worthy of being in the top ten. I’m not going to go back and look at the master list to see what hasn’t appeared yet, but I have a feeling I’m not going to agree with much in the top ten. You’ve done it to me again, internet. You’ve done it to me again.

Woah! Four (or five, I had shortlist of 20) of my picks made it on this day alone!


nice to see the flash superman race and also the green latern cover where hal began his fall from grace otherwise that set is mostly batman and superman and the jsa ones

Daniel O' Dreams

December 8, 2009 at 11:28 am

Half of my list is knocked out today also. I guess the top ten will be mostly bronze age/modern age comics? Maybe with Detective 27 and Action 1 thrown in?

#25 on this list is one of the most famous Superman images of all time in my mind. That Quitely cover is pretty awesome but people really thought that was more iconic than Superman with the eagle?

Anyways, that Superman cover and the spotlight on Batman make 5 from my votes in total to show up, and the two I’m most scratching my head at not faring better. But that means 7 of my ten made the top 25 (probably) which isn’t too shabby. We’ll see how many how many of the remaining 5 make the top ten.

Damn fine covers. Most of these would have made my “short list” — it’s a bit soon to say with the All-Star Superman one, but it’s a good image. Three of these were in my actual top 10: the two with the JSA, and Superman #1.

I personally find this to be the weakest set of 10 comics on the list, well at least weaker than the three sets after it.

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