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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 343

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Someone asked for some Bagge, so darnit people, you’re going to get some Bagge! And some EARLY Bagge at that! And remember, Bagge is not material meant for all ages!

Neat Stuff was a series Peter Bagge did for Fantagraphics in the mid-1980s. For a cartoonist who was only in his late 20s at the time, Bagge was already extremely accomplished as a sequential artist.

The series was an anthology of a few different characters, but as time went by, the Bradley family became more and more of a prominent part of the comic, and Buddy Bradley is likely Bagge’s most famous character (Buddy moved to Seattle and was the star of Bagge’s follow-up to Neat Stuff, Hate). Some time this month, I’ll pick out a particularly good Bradley comic (there are tons of them) from Neat Stuff, but for now, I just wanted to show a simple one-off strip by Bagge from Neat Stuff #1 that I think shows his skills quite well, including his offbeat sense of humor.

The ending would be “the” moment for me.


Peter Bagge, one of the few modern comedic talents in comics.

This. Was. Awesome.

Good God, that was nothing short of brilliant.

Ha – That last panel actually made me laugh out loud.

Aaaah, passive-aggressive romance.

Great stuff – was Neat Stuff collected anywhere? I just had a look on the Fantagraphics site and it seems like only the later single issues are available.

Also, have we had any Evan Dorkin Moments yet?

Good stuff.

WOW this is the greatest thing ever!

I absolutely love this one!

That last panel makes it so perfect…

Ahhh Bagge, it’s been far too long since I’ve read any of his stuff, thanks for the reminder. Thank God he was producing quality work during the Image early 90’s era – he was one of the few creators that kept me really excited about the art form.

I like the slightly looser style that he used here.

Got to go hunt down some Studs Kirby now.

I’ve read very little Bagge– I think I’ve seen a few things from MAD, and some strips from Reason magazine, and that’s all.
His art looks quite a bit different here, but you can still see a lot of similarities with the new stuff.

This was really funny. I think I’ve known these people.

Do you really need a warning about the age-appropriateness of Bagge for this strip? There’s nothing on here you wouldn’t see in any situation comedy on TV, except maybe the pencil in the ear, and there is worse violence than that in most of the comics you show on here.

Hate this stuff. Bagge was an attendee at a Con that my boss put on about 8 years ago. He came dressed nicely and seemed to be nice. Didn’t go up to him and tell him how much i hated and still hate his stuff, as that would be rude.
Did i mention that i loathe Peter Bagge’s work yet, ’cause i do loathe it. This is the worst day of this feature that there could be [unless there is more Bagge stuff coming]

i don’t like this.

Well, at least you did a good job explaining your problems with it.

Hey Brian!

Here’s my problem with it

It comes across to me as everythintg that i don’t like in comics/entertainment. But, to each his own. While i mean everything i say in my last post, it should be read with a sarcastic tone, not a ‘total ass’ tone. Sorry if that didn’t come across. My bad.

Just a question, what do you and anyone else like about Bagge’s stuff? To me, its ugly both visually and emotionally. i don’t like any of the characters, they don’t remind me of anyone i’ve ever known, and nothing is ever funny or thought provoking. i can’t relate to any of the situations, or people, and i don’t like simply laughing at those who i don’t like/can’t relate to. This above list is me trying to think of something that would keep me reading/enjoying Bagge’s stuff. If anyone has some thoughts on this, i would love to hear about it. Maybe i could find something to like in this. Thanks for the help!

Also, i still really like this feature and thank you for posting it!


I was the one who asked for Bagge. And Thank You. Would’ve prefered “We all scream for MILLER-IN-THE-CAN!” but this is good enough.

Does anyone want to inform me on why they would like this stuff? Am i to take silence as assent and just believe that you all agree with me on the crappyness of Peter Bagge?

I like his style. I like the rubberyness of his people and how elastic their expressions can get. I haven’t been a fan of the stuff he’s written for Reason as I think he has a habit (as most libertarians I’ve encountered do) of setting up straw men, but even there he has a degree of humbleness that I find lacking in his political peers (though you wouldn’t get that from the title of his collection). When it comes to Hate I haven’t read too much of it, but I thought it was a good satire of suburban white grunge/gutter punk brats and I have certainly know some in my time. I think the idea of relatable characters is kind of overrated. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but it doesn’t break a story for me if I don’t find the characters likable and can often offer insights to other points of view I would not otherwise consider. At the very least, in the realm of comedy it can offer a cynical dose of schadenfreude which is occasionally just what the doctor ordered.

I’m not wild about his art either. I’ve never liked cartoony styles where everyone looks hideous. (I prefer cute-cartoony or realistic styles.) But that really shouldn’t matter too much since the Bagge stuff I’ve seen is mostly verbal. He doesn’t seem to do the kind of comics that really rely on art.
I like the humour in this one. I don’t really know how to explain why. I guess because it illustrates twisted emotions and the pointless cruelty of so many social interactions. There is a lot of humour like this. Do you like Seinfeld? Mean Girls? Seth McFarlane? Kevin Smith movies? Really, I don’t see how it’s much different from a lot of comedy out there. The comedy of cruelty (which is most comedy, actually). I haven’t read enough Bagge to have a very clear idea of his comedy styles, but the stuff I’ve seen shows cruelty without identifying too much with the bully, which puts it far above a lot of gutter humour.

I’ve seen that on a lot of comments, but I have been totally unable to figure out what ‘DFTBA’ means.

Thanks to both Mary W and Julian. The comments were thoughtful and helpful. Julian mentions schadenfreude, which is sometimes defined as “delighting in others’ misfortune.”

That may explain why i never liked Bagge. i don’t find that humor interesting most of the time. i don’t like anything that Seth McFarlane does, never seen a Kevin Smith movie or Mean Girls, and enjoy some bits of Seinfeld, but don’t really care for it as a whole. i really dislike pointless cruelty or people being mean to one another [as there is enough of that in the world]. Satire i enjoy if there is some level of humaness to it, but with Bagge, his art is so offputting that i can’t get past it. Also, i have always had a sense of meaness to his work and his presentation when he came to our Con seemed to reinforce this.

Well, thanks for the help with this. i know for sure now that Bagge’s work and i will never be able to co-exist in this comic book universe. Its either him or me! ;-]



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