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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 346

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We3 moments continue!

To set the scene in We3 #2 (by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely), the We3 gang (the dog, cat and rabbit who were turned into cyber-assassins by the government and are now on the run) have already killed a whole strikeforce of soldiers.

Now they are crossing a bridge (with a train oncoming) when…well…the following happened…

Click on the double-page spread to enlarge!

In any event, after they kill the rats, 3 accidentally destroys the train and the bridge.

Which leads to…

1’s description of what home is is definitely “the” moment.

Such a classic line.


I’d say the reveal that the man is dead is the “moment” for me.

The moment for me is when 3 tries to break up the fight.

Not just 3’s effort, but 1’s loyalty and 2’s justified frustration. This comic is heartbreaking.

I — sniff — am a cold-blooded and hard person, but this book does make me shed a tear or two, occasionally.

Good thing that Morrison and Quitely didn’t do a sequel to this book.

They changed the “Home is run. no. more.” in the tpb for some reason… I like the original much better though.

They changed the “Home is run. no. more.” in the tpb for some reason…


What’d they change it to?

2 is the Wolverine to 1’s Cyclops. Its great that they speak very little but you can get such a great understanding of the dynamic. 2 realizes that 1 is a brave leader who just wants to keep his friends safe, which leads to another awesome splash page from 2 in the third issue.

i would also pick the moment when we1 goes to save the guy proving that they may have been changed to weapons but still have their compassion.

It’s amazing how Morrison managed to develop these characters so perfectly through the broken language. “1 know 0″ is brilliant. Whenever I’m in doubt of Morrison’s ability, I look at WE3 and remember that he really is a genius. Quitely, too. Even this little snippet still brings tears to my eyes after many re-readings.

The moment for me is 1 trying to save the driver; it shows perfectly how much of a hero 1 tries to be and fits perfectly with the idea of how dogs behave.

They changed it? It’s the line of the whole book.

Wow, that is an awful change.

What possible reason could they have for making such a change?

Holy crap! That is so wrong!

“Home is run no more” is pretty close to the whole story of WE3.

Makes me wonder how many other great moments are lost in the trades.

I still don’t get the part where the man the dog saved is revealed to be dead. Is there something that I should be aware of?

Oh god. This moment always makes me cry and manages to haunt me to the point where it will enter my mind without warning on many occasions. Learning of that disgusting change has only strengthened my resolve to track down the original issues (I must sadly confess that I was introduced to We3 through a .cbr torrent) rather than settle for the tpb.

… you know, I can’t even figure out the purpose of that change. What did DC hope to accomplish by squishing it all into one word balloon? It won’t make the sentiment any easier to understand.

Did anybody else thought of this comic when the talking dogs appeared in the movie ‘Up’?

Quote: Did anybody else thought of this comic when the talking dogs appeared in the movie ‘Up’?


Seriously, one of the more heartbreaking moments in We3.

Edited the line?


I don’t see that much of a difference. Honestly, the point still comes across without the weird punctuation. The change seems utterly pointless, but nothing to freak out about.

It’s characterization coming through form. The “weird punctuation” represents how 1 models reality. You say the point still comes across, but the point isn’t just “home no more”, it is that for 1, concept(home)=(null(concept(run)) and that doesn’t come across nearly as well when the concepts are truncated into one unifying bubble.

Brian – I’m getting seriously worried that you’re not going to do the “Bad dog” moment – which is the moment of the whole book for me.

“1 KNOW 0″..

Love that cat…

Oh god. The “Bad dog” moment. So many moments in this book that play my heartstrings like a harp.

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