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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 348

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We3 (by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely) moments finish today!

Okay, so the trio of cybernetic assassins (who are really helpless animals experimented on by the government and trained to kill and then “sentenced” to death so that the government can move on with their more advanced animals killing machines) is now a duo, due to We4, the much deadlier version of the We3 project.

Their former trainer, Doctor Roseanne, has sacrificed herself to save 1, the dog leader of We3 (who she also told his “real” name) and now 1 is quite irked, but he is in trouble because We4 just showed up to kill him and 2 (who is a cat)…

Now, of course 2’s arrival is “the” moment, but let’s just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Quitely is on the storytelling of that fight. It’s simply stunning.

Well, that does it for We3! There are a lot more cool moments (particularly what happens to 1 and 2 next – it’s brutally heartwrenching) to come! Go buy this trade, people! It’s, like, ten bucks, I think! TEN BUCKS! Just buy the damn thing!


Yeah…just found it for $9.35 on Amazon. Dammit! I’m already there, I may as well complete the process!

Beautiful. I should think nearly everyone’s seen a cat in ‘hiss-psycho’ mode (putting it into a box to take top the vets’ is a good way to start). Pity the poor sod who meets the We3 version.

This looks like a must-read. Thanks again Brian for this & the superb website.

As a pretty-new poster and relatively-new visitor to the site, Brian, one question: Is this your day job? If not, do you get time to sleep, eat, etc?


You let me down Brian. “Bad Dog” is the moment of the whole book and you left it out!

That shot of the cat is incredible though.

A. I really don’t believe that it is.

B. It’s in yesterday’s moment, no?

I knew the cat shot would be here. Whenever I think about this book, that flying cat is the 1st thing to come to mind. I really need to dig this out again.

I love how Morrison and Quitley lead your down the first page so that you glance quickly left-to-right for Four’s over-the-shoulder look at the flying cat. It makes the moment.

Damnit I’ve put it off long enough, I’m going to Amazon right now, and when I get to work tomorrow I’ll be putting an order in to get it in the Library too, And I know I’m going to be bawling at several point throughout (which is probably why I’ve put it off till now) Damn you Brian Cronin.

Be sure to let us know if you cry, Shane! I’m always interested if this comic can make people tear up!

-BAWL- They blew the bad dog’s head off!!!! -SOB-

sniff, damn Morrison and Quitely, for making a book that makes me cry! ;-)

I bought it on saturday, paid the full 12.95 price for it, and didn’t regret a penny of it.

Yes, Brian, yesterday’s moment made me bawl my head off, and I’ve never read this story.

“Beautiful. I should think nearly everyone’s seen a cat in ‘hiss-psycho’ mode (putting it into a box to take top the vets’ is a good way to start). Pity the poor sod who meets the We3 version.”

I think Puss-in-Boots can take him ;)

I’ve always loved that picture of 2 in full-flight…



B. It’s in yesterday’s moment, no?
Oops – I didn’t spot yesterday’s post.

That said it’s not the moment I’m talking about.

It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but IIRC there was a bit where the dog had (accentally or on purpose – I can’t remember) killed someone (or people). The next time you saw the dog it was sitting there looking very upset with itself saying “Bad dog”

That was the moment of the book for me.

I can’t get over how amazing Quitely’s work is.

i would aso for for the general look of disgust that we4 almost ate an officer signs that their new weapon may not be working normaly. proving how we3 is one cool series the things do not happen as expected in it

DanCJ: I think they had encountered a father and son hunting and reacted to the weapons they had without thinking. I forget who was killed, though. I don’t reread this often- pushes too many buttons I don’t want pushed!

Another moment for me in this sequence- ya gotta love Bandit, even in the middle of fighting for his life, pushing the policeman out of harm’s way.

“Gud dog! Help man”

Well, you’ve got a sale. And yes, I will cry. What a great series!

There goes that black dialog box. Awesome. Of course, the “moment” is 2’s arrival. He went from being a pissed off Wolverine who didn’t like anybody, and now he’s the warrior who will die to protect his friends.

“Damn thing almost ate a police officer” is my favorite line of the series. All the animals that have been tortured, beaten, brutally murdered? Whatever. But almost killing a human being? THATS CROSSING THE LINE, DO YOU HAVE NO MORALS!? Love it.

Quite Frankly, the fight scenes in this book(and other Quitely books) just put every other comic book fight to shame. Its so fluid and kinetic and bursting with energy, its insane just how good it is. So much detail and information captured with a panel.

God damnit, now I gotta go dig this book out again. Thanks a lot, Brian :(

Yeah, I thought for sure you’d go with the ending for today’s moment. I really do need to read this again. I remember being really affected by it the first time I read it in my library. Some excellent choices for moments, Brian.

And there’s the last of the panels with many, many small insets. Each inset showing a detail on what was happening in the big picture.

I don’t believe it’s necessary to point out the better examples of this earlier in the storyline.

The other notable panel was the first one with the long thin vertical insets.

I’m not a Frank Quietly fan, but I do remember his work from this series.

And finally there’s the cover of issue #3…looks innocuous until you remember the events near the end of issue #2.

The people putting together the TPB was clueful enough to not put the covers in the back of the book.

I bought this book when it was new solely because of Morrison, had little regard for Quitely.

But this book is amazing, not just in the story but look at that art – the POV, the panel placement, and the colors are top notch. This book is a perfect example of how ART plays an equal role in the storytelling process of comics – and that comes from a writer. Hands down one of the best stories of both their careers and THAT is saying ‘quite’ a lot – LOL.

I am hoping the movie does this justice but I have a feeling it’s going to be Disney-fied.

Gah… too many Davids. I’m confoosled.

i am so glad that we’re done seeing WE3. Not because its bad [and i love M & Q together], but its such a sad topic for me that i couldn’t do more than scan these pages.
So, Brian, count me as one who this comic would make me cry & i haven’t even READ IT YET! Such a tender lad……
;-] or :-[ take your pick.


Did they need a special input device or frequency to trigger We4’s self-destruction? Because I cannot imagine the word “Fido” not popping up at some point in the future.

“Captain Fuller, you’ll be transporting We4 into the hot zone north of Fallujah.”
“We’re unmanning the front lines by putting robo-fido out there?”

Hey Brian, if you’re considering ideas for the remainder of the 365 please please look at Thor #129 – 130, Kirby’s greatest (and Thor being the one title where Stan Lee going over the top is utterly appropriate.)

Oh! and New Gods #7 absolutely.

If we’re making suggestions now, I must again plead Peter Kuper’s case as I will apparently be doing till the year’s end. Actually, I would probably (no promises) stop pushing Kuper if George Herriman got some love. Please?

Hey! No fair suggesting something else until he responds to the first request.
Don’t mind Julian, Brian. heck, he was probably one of those troublemakers who kept guessing the remaining top fifteen or whatever even after you asked the class to stop.

Now that was just uncalled for.

I know, I know.
Hey, it’s Kirby’s best stuff we’re talking about here.

DanCJ: I think they had encountered a father and son hunting and reacted to the weapons they had without thinking. I forget who was killed, though. I don’t reread this often- pushes too many buttons I don’t want pushed!

That’s it – I had a look last night. I won’t spoil it here, but that encounter with the father and son and the dog’s reaction afterwards is the moment of the book for me.

Beautiful stuff. Certainly Quitely’s best art to date.

The moment of the series for me was already posted – fishing the train driver out of the water. Tearing up now just thinking about it…

I love how the cat takes out the father’s dog so instantaneously and explosively.

Cats gud. Dogs no 0.

Well, Brian WE3 finally came in the mail, and well, I didn’t dissolve into the blubbing mess that I feared I might , but by the end I had a lump in the throat, and the eyes were starting to smart, but hey it was only the first reading.:)

btw I’d somehow picked up the idea that the cat gets it along with the rabbit, (which did elicit an audible ‘aww no’ when he got shot), so I was pleased to see both 1 & 2 get a happy ending.

I just read these last few “WE3″ legends, and depressed me through the day……so much that I HAD to buy the Hardcover….Just to assuage my sad heart….I just know that I will be shedding tears again when I get the book in a few days……

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