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12/17 — Cynical Comic Book Guy Says…

Your comic quote of the day comes from Tom Spurgeon: “I used to dream of a heaven where I ran around punching comics fans in the face, but after reading some of those hilarious posts yesterday I realize that would be much too tiring for a proper afterlife.”



I’ve been putting “a ‘Punch People In The Face Free’ card” on my Christmas list for years. Stupid Santa…

Ironically, Spurgeon’s Hell would be just the same as the above, except each punch would be accompanied by a brash “BIFF! BAM! POW! Comics not just for kids anymore!!!” For all of eternity. :)

That would be pretty fun. Haha!

All he has to do is wait a little longer to die. The field of comic fans shrinks every day.

Tom Spurgeon’s heaven is going to be very empty. The antipathy so many creators have towards their supposed fanbase is chasing them off in droves.

Tom Spurgeon isn’t a creator…

And the quote is in reference to the sexist reactions to Girls Comics by many fans…

Yeah, in context its even more justified than his usual contrarian bitterness.

I don’t get it.

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