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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 356

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

I’m beginning my Christmas/Winter Present to you folks this week, by featuring one reader requested cool moment this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There were so many e-mails (and most of them quite heartfelt requests) that I felt that randomly choosing three was the best way to go, so I used a random number generator to get the three choices.

Today, we get a moment requested by Gary involving Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool…

To set the scene in Deadpool #25 (by writer Joe Kelly, penciler Walter McDaniel and about a gazillion inkers), Deadpool was finally happy about himself for the first time in lord knows how long. He was destined to be the “Mithras,” the hero who would defeat the Tiamat, so that the world could experience total peace.

What Deadpool was NOT told was that the world peace was to come courtesy of a being called the S’Met’Kth who would stun the world with absolute joy, thus sapping all away all free will and stunting the world until everyone eventually died. THAT was the “world peace” that Deadpool was supposed to help stop.

However, Deadpool already as disappointed when he learned that his role was to KILL Tiamat. Deadpool, who was an assassin for hire, felt that his days as a hitman were behind him, and he was finally going to be a hero – but now he was being called on to just be a hitman again. So Tiamat defeated the distracted Deadpool.

Captain America was then called in to be the NEW Mithras. He had trouble with Tiamat, as well, but when Deadpool showed up to help, they fared better. At this point, though, Tiamat was so caught up in just defeating the two heroes that his superiors felt that he had lost sight of his mission, so Deadpool was actually given Tiamat’s armor and was tasked with his mission – stop S’Met’Kth.

S’Met’Kth then showed up, and all of the world was stunned by joy (except Deadpool because of the armor). S’Met’Kth possessed Captain America’s body and decided to negotiate one on one with Deadpool…

The moment, naturally, is when Deadpool saves the world by kicking Captain America in the groin.


This was a “heartfelt” request?

Must remember “Rochambeau”!!!

Must also pick up the Deadpool trades…

I can’t believe there are less than ten of these to go…

I’m going to miss this feature.

So when was this storyline? Because there’s a whole season of “Angel” that’s decidedly similar. Just curious as to which came first.

Deadpool came first, Dave, by four or five years.

Crap, I forgot to e-mail my moment request. And I had an awesome one picked out!

(In case anyone was wondering, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman talking to Green Lantern Kyle Rayner in Grant Morrison’s JLA. A perfect character moment.)

OMG!!! What an awesome storyline! And how scary.

Man that was awesome. I have to say Deadpool had so many awesome moments during Kelly’s run. But the reveal around #23 or 24 was great and I didn’t see it coming.

So, Deadpool is actually Captain Kirk?

As a new father of a beautiful baby girl, I must say that I found the last spread touching.

This is actually one of the few moments I remember from the Deadpool series. I also remember his depression and doubt afterwards…thought it was pretty deep for what was essentially a comedy series.

i would also go with deadpool actully telling the one alien that free will is needed so a species learns to better themselves. coming from the merc with a mouth the story shows even dead pool can be written having some morals.

Tom Fitzpatrick Remembered the Winky Smiley After: This was a “heartfelt” request?

Yup. Twice. It’s Deadpool, back when Deadpool wasn’t all about blood and stumps, when he was trying to be someone better than who he was and failing over and over, getting kicked again again, saving the free will of the entire universe when he’s not even sure if it’s the right thing to do.

By kicking Captain America in the junk. Such a nice panel.

Oh, and chad, it’s the alien who controls the armor who outlines the need for free will to make people evolve. Deadpool actually speaks up for keeping everyone happy until they die, because the alternative is everyone not being happy until they die.

Thanks for posting this, Brian! And thanks for including the page with “… the Great Goober KO’ed the only dude in a thousand mile radius with a clean moral barometer.”

It bothers me that people still don’t know that “Roshambo” is just a name for “Paper-scissors-stone”.
He’s doing it wrong.
(Yes, I know it’s a South Park reference…)

I’ve still never read a Deadpool book. Until a few weeks ago, the only time I’d seen him was in X-Force #2 (his second appearance, I think), and I couldn’t see what was supposed to be so special about him. He was just a standard-issue killer.
But then I started to hear things about him here and there, and more recently I got the new Spider-Man he’s in (which is also Joe Kelly, I think), and Wow. He really is strange. And silly. When did he become like that? Was it when this series started? Did it happen all at once, or gradually? He doesn’t seem nearly as silly in this story here, but that could just be because of the seriousness of the situation.
I keep wondering if I should check out one of his series (how many are there now?), but I really hate the extremely violent heroes, so I’m not sure if the silliness is enough to make up for that.


Mary, Deadpool has been like that since the Kelly run, as far as I know. His first two mini’s were popular, but he really came to prominence when he got an ongoing.

There are a lot of older Deadpool TPB’s from his first series that are out of print now. But Marvel’s begun bringing out ‘Deadpool Classic’ TPB’s to replace them, which started with the first mini’s and are now up to start of Joe Kelly’s run on it. The first ongoing lasted for awhile (I forget how long exactly, it turned into Agent X for awhile. Don’t ask). Then he got a book with Cable for 50 issues. Now he has three monthly titles (Deadpool, Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, and Deadpool Team-Up, probably the silliest of the three) and a steady stream of mini’s and one-shots continuously coming out.

I like Deadpool.

Haha… gotta love how that rip in Cap’s costume comes and goes and switches arms every panel. I bet McDaniel threw that in there to piss off the guest inkers.

This a perfect example of how these were, in fact, terrible comics. Bad art, high school philosophy, and way too many word balloons.

The moment is the “Are you sure you are doing the right thing” “No Iam not”.

The moment is the “Are you sure you are doing the right thing” “No Iam not”.

The crotch kick is the only thing anyone remembers from this story. It pretty much has to be “the” moment.

I know Deadpool did the right thing in the end, but looking at the results on that last page I kind of want to agree with the alien.

Humanity is too much of a mixed bag. Kelly reflects this well here, even through humor.

The crotch kick was cute, but man, this is a perfect example of why I’m so much less enamored of Kelly’s Deadpool than everyone else.

I was waiting for something from Kelly’s Deadpool to show up, and this moment in particular. Joe Kelly made Deadpool my absolute favorite Marvel character while he was writing him.

Is S’Met’Kth the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

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