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2009 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

The calendar is complete!

Click on the door to any day for that day’s Christmas comic strip from a notable comic strip (by the by, depending on the size of your monitor, the strip might be reduced to fit your screen)!

Merry Christmas!


Not to be a killjoy on Christmas but it is spaceman “Spiff”. But yeah… where has the time gone on this strip?

Ah, the perfect gift. Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you Mr. Cronin.

I knew it!! Calvin & Hobbes FTW!! :D

I’m actually sad the Calendar is over, it has been a very entertaining trip (for the most part.) Thank You, Brian.

And merry Christmas. :)

I’m a bit saddened to see that, with the number of classic comics included, none of Milton Caniff’s special Christmas strips made this year’s calendar.

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