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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 359

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Another Christmas moment, this time from Marvel Team-Up #1!

Oddly enough, the first issue of Marvel Team-Up was a Christmas issue. The issue was written by Roy Thomas, with art by the classic art team of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. The issue featured Spider-Man teaming up with a morose Human Torch (who was just recently dumped by Crystal) on Christmas Eve as they try to capture the Sandman, who they suspect is hiding somewhere in New Jersey (Spider-Man encountered him earlier in the day, and Sandman was shocked to learn that it was Christmas Eve – he then escaped and Spider-Man got the Torch’s help – as Sandman was more of an FF villain by this time – and they both recalled that he seemed to be coming in from Jersey a couple of times that they fought Sandman, so the pair of heroes figured that he must have a hideout in Jersey, so they take one of the Fantasticars out to look for him).

They then find him in Jersey…

That ending, naturally, is “the” moment, this being Christmas and all.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


Brian, I think you might have meant to include another page or two. I’m not seeing a Christmas moment at the end there.

And the moment I posted that, the missing panels appeared! Very nice moment, and ties in nicely with the characterization of Sandman in SM3.

“Crumb-bums” just doesn’t get used enough, does it?

And check out that tie on Sandman! He’s quite the mack daddy.

I like this portrayal of sandman, though the costume is ugly as sin.

Yes, that costume evokes a very strong ” MY EYES THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING ” response. Other than that, it’s a sweet moment.

That is one ugly shirt on the Torch too. Must have been a Christmas present from Ben.

That Sandman outfit first made it’s appearance in FF#61 but it looked better when Kirby did it.


This is missing the panel where they all eat Hostess Fruit Pies.

Sandman’s blank flesh-colored eyes creep me the heck out!

Sandman’s Viagra belt turns him hard faster than you can say ‘cement block’! Hot damn.

A comic with 11 or 12 panels per page? Outrageous!

Today this comic would have to be a three-issue mini-series.

With the latest revelations in Amazing Spider-man that Sandy fathered a child I bet those upgrades from the Wizard that made him ‘hard’ came in handy. (ohhh the puns!)

But really, I was always under the impression that the Sandman was functionally non-human after his accident. Just add this to another of the lame retcons done to the character over the years like the whole Flint Marko/William Baker mess and the whole ‘Sandman really didn’t turn good he was brainwashed so that even his thought balloons were fake’. Uhm, Yah.

i would also go with spider man and torch relizing what they have as they let sand man spend some time with his mother.proving even those consider villians have hearts and in sand man case busting out to keep a promise to his mother.

Since the Sandman is called William in this story, this should be as good a time as any to ask– Why does the Sandman have two names? I know he was Flint Marko in his first appearance. Was there a Bob/Bruce Banner-type situation, where Stan forgot the name and gave him a different one? Who did someone just decide at some point that ‘Flint Marko’ sounded more like an alias and that he should have a more normal name as well?
And what about the Rhino? He was Alex O’Hirn at first, but a more recent story I read called him Sytsevich.

Very Christmassy comic for me. This story was reprinted in a Treasury Edition “Holiday Grab Bag” (maybe the first?) which I actually got for Christmas the year it came out (’74?). First time I ever saw the Sandman, too.

Yes, that was reprinted in the first Holiday Grab Bag from the autumn of 1974 and that’s where I read it too. Marvel Team-Up wasn’t distributed in the UK until around issue 24 so the story was new to me. Can’t remember the other stories reprinted in that treasury edition – I wouldn’t have thought Marvel had a lot of seasonal stories to choose from at that point in their history. Only one that even comes to mind was a Nick Fury vs HateMonger story that turned up in the 1975 edition.

Actually, this story is WHY the Flint Marko/William Baker story works… Sandman’s mom being named Baker here and never knowing her son was a wanted criminal led to someone establishing that Sandy had committed his crimes under the Marko name.

One other small correction for the record. Breevort’s explanation of the Sandman’s return to crime after Byrne’s claims that he’d never reformed had the Wizard using his ID machine from an old Lee/Kirby FF tale on the Sandman to force him to return to crime. Unfortunately, he did TOO good a job, and the newly villainous Sandman promptly beat him into unconsciousness and escaped. Sandy’s reformation was real, but the Wizard’s work undid it all. Pity.

That was sweet! I had never read this story, but you can see a hint here as to why Sandman rethinks his life in that later Marvel Two-In-One issue where he starts to turn good. I liked him better that way. Also nice to see Spidey and the Torch in the classic looks that I grew up with.

Good God is that an ugly shirt being worn by the Torch! We lived in a shabby rundown apartment in Florida in the 70’s and I swear to God that the Torch’s shirt could have been cut from the carpeting in there.

I don’t know why, but the Sandman has always had some quality about him that makes people (well, me, anyway) wish he would go straight. It’s kind of nice to see the first hints of that coming out here. You just want to pat him on the back, give him a playful knuckle-across-the-chin, and say, “Aw, you big lug. Go in there an see you’re momma. And by the way, here’s a present for her too.”

I’m pretty well versed in Spidey lore except for his adventures in the Marvel Team-Up books, especially these early ones. Gotta get me an Essential on these.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Man, it’s a good thing that Spidey decided against buying Gwen some sexy lingerie for Christmas.

I was given this comic when it came out, making me around 7 years old. I must’ve read it a thousand times. I love every single thing in every single panel! :)

I love these holiday stories with the altruistic moment that transcends the hero/villain dichotomy.

… But at the end, I expected there to be one more page: Sandman after running attacks someone, and Spidey and Torch discover the person’s body. Realizing their collective mistake, that they are responsible for this man’s death, they vow never to shirk responsibilty again. Soon they move in together and take on the motto: “With great powers come great responsibilities.”

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