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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 360

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

With the year almost over, we’re going to spend the next five days on finales of long-running comic books. Spoilers are most certainly ahead!

We begin with the last issue of Y the Last Man…

In Y the Last Man #60, by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, it’s many years after the previous issue, and the world has basically found its footing again. Cloning has allowed the world’s population to continue, but there are still very few clones of men in the world, and one of them, the seventeenth clone of Yorick Brown, is taken to see his “father,” now an aged man who has been committed because he recently tried to kill himself.

After a long interaction between the old Yorick and the “new” one (including flashbacks to explain what happened between the end of #59 and the beginning of #60), the older Yorick uses a few of the clones of his olf pet monkey, Ampersand, to distract his clone.

When the clone looks up – a window is open and Yorick is gone…

A very clever use of both A. the fact that Yorick was an escape artist before all of this started and B. the famous phrase from Hamlet that Yorick was named after – “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio.”

We knew Yorick, and seeing how the world of women is flourishing, we know that it’s time for him to make his grand escape.

Very well done by Vaughan and Guerra – I’d say the last page was “the” moment.


im probably in the vast minority in this, but its a HUGE HUGE pet peeve of mine when authors title things after famous phrases/sayings but with a small omission or “twist”

i just wish more writers would come up with their own iconic phrases/titles, especially when its for opening/endings of series like this…. oh well….

Having never read Yorick, or even known what it was about until a couple of months ago, it’s hard for me to know how appropriate an ending this is, but it does look kind of cool. I just found out today that there is going to be a movie. I might see it if I get a chance, and then I might know more.

But the real reason I’m commenting here is to tell you NOT TO STOP! These cool moments have been one of my favourite features here, along with the Urban Legends. Why can’t you continue for another year. I know there are plenty of cool moments that still haven’t been featured.
I really, really hope you will change your mind.

Yeah! Another vote here for “Return of the Year of Cool Comic Book Moments”.

Doug M.

Blasphemy time: while i enjoyed the ride – bought all the collections as they came out – i found it a bit… i dunno? Unrealized? it felt like there was a big story to tell that BKV never quite got to. Some unrealized potential. It was fun, but not weighty enough, somehow.

I am apparently in the minority, though. (Plus: i always thought Yorick was being extremely selfish/clueless by NOT spreading his seed around wantonly. Love, schmove! The fate of the human race was at hand. He could at least have found/set up a sperm donation clinic or three [for redundancy] and made a few weeks of donations, then off to find his love. But maybe i’m just projecting my own lustful desires? Anyone remember Me and Joe Priest?)


I’m honestly not sure what the general consensus was on the way “Y” ended. I read the series in its entirety for the first time after the last issue came out and both loved the ending, and found it to be beautifully appropriate. But what do I know….I felt the same way about the much reviled last episode of “The Sopranos.”

Oh, and can I add my voice to those calling for another year of great comic book moments Brian?

That last page is definitely the moment for me.

Alas is also Spanish for “wings” so seeing that straight jacket in the air holds a secondary meaning for me.

What a unique series this was.

SImply awesome. I’m currently re-reading the entire series for about the… fourth or fifth time (I re-read it all when this issue came out, as in, ALL of it in one night and am surprised at how well it stands up when read that way), and this moment is one of the greatest of the entire run, which is pretty impressive, given that this series is made up of a lot of cool moments. It’s easily one of my favourite finales of any kind of media.

Notorious Betty Rage

December 27, 2009 at 7:55 am

And of course, the first time we see Yorrick in the very first issue, he is attempting to escape a straight jacket. “Y” will go down as one of my favorite reads ever.

Notorious Betty Rage

December 27, 2009 at 7:59 am

Also wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for these articles, Brian. I would have to think that it can’t be very easy posting something every day for a year and I’ve loved every moment of it. I’ve learned about so many spectacular stories and series because of this column and I’d like to think it’s made me a more-informed fangirl.

I used to think just how lucky a guy would be, if he was the only male on an island full of women:

Then I changed my mind after reading BKV’s series Y the last man.

Where did Yorick “escape” to, I wonder.

Don’t listen to them, Brian. Take a vacation.

For me, “Alas” also has the meaning of flying because “Alas” means wings in Spanish. The final panel is beautiful. I didn’t know that it related to Hamlet (I knew Yorick was from Hamlet, but didn’t know the phrase).

I hope you keep posting Cool moments as they are fantastic. One a week or one whenever you feel like.

i would also go where yorick managed to pull one last trick not to mention the fate revealed about certain characters in flash back. a worthy series and glad to see it near the ending of this version of the colum

I still get chills reading this scene, especially on the last page.

Man, what a great series. On first reading this issue, I liked it, but was a little unsatisfied. But after re-reading a few times within a few days of it coming out, I liked it more and more, and it seemed an extremely fitting ending to the series. The bit with Ampersand in this issue (which I think was a previous cool moment) still gets me every time.

Although I’m still not sure I can forgive BKV for the ending of issue #58. What a bastard.

Don’t listen to Bill Reed, Brian. No vacations for you!

I am also of the mind that YOU, Mr. Cronin be punished for putting out 360 great articles (well, they were mostly great) and be put back to the grind-stone. Feed us more!
But a huge thanks to you, either way.

I found the last issue of Y to be poignant and enjoyed the series as a whole. Gave me a nice shudder of happiness at the end.

I’ve been doing the trades on this series, and recently decided to cheat a little by peeking at the last volume. I liked the ending just fine.

Wow. That is a beautiful sequence.

I want to thank you for having posted all of these articles. It’s always interesting to see what you choose and what the commentary comes along with it from your readers. I would love it if you could continue these articles in 2010 even though I imagine it’s a tremendous amount of work. These articles really highlight the positive aspects of comic books in a way that is greatly lacking on the Internet and it binds us together in our experience of each moment you highlight. Either way, thanks.

A passable ending to a passable series. The comic is fine, but I’ve never seen what the fuss is about. Ex Machina and Runaways are much better.

Not the best moment in the final issue, but a great moment nonetheless.

Y was a brilliant comic at times, and merely good at other times.

Overall, a great read.

The moment for me actually was the farewell to ampersand….I actually teared up at that one…

I’m torn Brian…about both Y and the end of this run of columns.

I’m not sure there was a “perfect” ending for Y that would have satisfied me. I remember feeling a bit ripped off at first, but settling into the idea the more I thought about it.

As for you…I don’t know how you’ve kept up the pace for this series of articles. It takes a time and dedication – and a knowledge of comics – ALL comics – that just kind of blows me away. Congratulations on a great series, I wish you’d keep it up but can more than understand why it might kill you :)

I’m really enjoying the Deluxe edition of Y.

It’s a gorgeous way to re-read it.

I think the problem with the last issue, is that we were all left wanting more. We wanted to keep going.

But, like any good performer, Yorick bowed out, before the act got tired.

Well my beef with the series was that they never really explained what caused the plague. There were a bout three possibillitesbut none of them seemed more viable that the others. They just pulled a Lost and called it a day.

I mean, darn it, if a character is murdered in the first chapter of the book I want to know who the killer is by the end of the book.

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