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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 361

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

With the year almost over, we’re going to spend five days on finales of long-running comic books. Spoilers are most certainly ahead!

We continue with the last issue of Cerebus.

Years earlier, Cerebus was told that he would die alone and unloved, and upon the 300th and last issue of the title (written by Dave Sim and drawn by Sim and Gerhard), that’s exactly what happened.

So Cerebus is alone in bed when he falls and, well, dies.

First, his life flashes before his eyes, in this dramatic sequence…

After as short sequence of him being blasted with light, we get what I feel is “the” moment of the final issue (which you can click to enlarge)…

What a striking image, no? It really “rewards” the people who have followed the book for the previous 300 issues with images of many of the people involved in Cerebus’ life, major and not-so-major, all of whom he has somehow screwed over in his life, and now they are waiting for him.

Good stuff.


Incredible. Awesome. This kind of stuff is what made Dave Sim’s name legend. I hope I can become as revered an artist and writer as he is.

i disagree. the absolute “moment” for me in this issue is not when cerebus sees the light, but when he realizes that he does not see rick in the light. that, in fact, the light is not heaven, and that cerebus is being dragged into hell.

Still, you can’t help but feel sorry for the little bugger, having to face all the people he had mistreated, abused, raped, tortured, abandoned, and killed, to say the least.

What might be Heaven may turn out to be Hell for Cerebus, eh?

Yeah, it’s fair to point out that these are also all the people he screwed over (I thought that was a bit of a given, seeing as how he screwed over everyone, but you’re right, that’s not clear) – I’ll add that in!

loved that moment for talk about karma and divine pay back Cerbus winds up headed to his final fate and winds up with the people who he screwed cosmic irony and a way to end a cool character,


Interesting that you’ve mentioned “Rick”, perhaps he’s not ‘dead’ yet–as to why he’s not shown here.
Or even, Mr. Sim might have forgotten to draw Rick in.

I know that I’ve stopped reading Cerebus before the “Guys” storyline finished, so I don’t know how it ended with Rick and Cerebus. Just one of those things I’m gonna have to get back into one day.


Given that the year is coming to a close and there are only a few moments left, I want to take the time to thank you Brian. I’ve never posted up until this point, but have very much enjoyed this site…in no small part because of your contributions to it. All of your lists, and especially the “Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” feature have kept more people than you know of entertained. I can remember stumbling upon it (at work, no less…don’t tell anyone!) when it was already months into the “moments.” It took me a couple of weeks to catch up and…well, let me tell you that when I did finally catch up and realized “Crap, I only get to read one of these a day now,” I understood exactly how entertaining they really are.

So, not just from myself, but from the unrepresented masses who are like me and don’t do much posting but still find your work sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, sometimes nostolgic, but always entertaining….thank you!!!

(And count me among the number who are clamoring in these messages for you to continue. I need to be less productive at work, Brian!!! C’mon man!!!)


Brian, I’m right up there with Shaun- I’ve never commented on your various postings before, but wanted to say thanks for a great year. I regularly hit CBR to check out your newest stuff (also at work- shhh), and really look forward to reading your work every day.

Good stuff, my man. Thanks, and have a great 2010!


Amen Shaun!

Yes, this Cool Comic Book Moment a Day was very unique, thanks for keeping it up the way you did.

“Something Fell”…

Now THIS is a series that would be a Shelf-Breaker in an oversized, hardback format…

Mr Sim? Go on…

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