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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 364

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

With the year almost over, we spent five days on finales of long-running comic books. Spoilers are most certainly ahead!

We conclude with the last issue of Preacher…

Okay, Preacher #66, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, has a lot of stuff going on in it. Cassidy gets his “happy ending” and is turned into a man again and the Saint of Killers kills God.

However, we’re just going to spotlight Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare. Jesse has returned back from the dead, but Tulip refuses to take him back, because he kept her shut out of his final plan (more of his “macho bullshit” as she says).

Well, Jesse decides not to let her get away, and steals a horse to go chase her car…

(Click to enlarge the last two double-page spreads)

What a great finale and tribute to John Ford’s westerns…

Okay, only one moment left! Come back tomorrow when we finish our Year of Cool Comic Book Moments!


Daniel O' Dreams

December 30, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Hitman has an action/buddy movie ending and Preacher has a western ending. I had realized both parts of that statement when I first read them but somehow seeing them back to back makes it all the cooler.

I dunno of any other Ennis endings that can top Preacher and Hitman, BUT I’m sure Ennis is working on it for The BOYS! ;-)

loved that moment for the one thing Jesse ever wanted was Tulip and them riding off into the sun set is perfect. too bad holly wood is so scared of trying to put preacher into ohter media for moments like this is just screaming to be brought to life

Not sure how “brought to life” somehow equates to “being made into a live-action/linear project” for some, but I think that this ending is pretty much perfect as is, and pretty awesome altogether.

Brian, even though there’s still one day of these left, I figured I’d beat the last-day rush of congratulations and thank you for an excellent year of moments. You went above and beyond and provided some pretty strong analysis for each moment, while at the time trying to be as inclusive as possible by providing context. Definitely a massive endeavour, and I appreciated it, as it ensured there was ALWAYS something cool to read about on CBR, let alone CSBG. I also learned quite a bit about a lot of cool series, so thanks!

I recently read Preacher for the first time this year (thanks to this blog!) and found it to be one of the best comic titles of the last fifteen years. Despite of the over-the-top violence and graphic language, Preacher was a sweet love story. Tulip and Jesse are both lost souls needing one another; their love is unending and will continue after the credits roll. A great ending to a great series.

Yes! Thank you for putting the moment that was at the top of my best comics ever list here.

Only Ennis and Dillon could make the ending to an incredibly violent, graphic, and cynical series so sweet, and/or make a love story so violent, graphic, and cynical and still ring true.

Is there a page missing there? Page 14? I don’t remember, but I have an image of Jesse arriving on the horse as being awesome.

This was a sweet ending, considering how much the characters were at war with each other at one point or another in the series. And these were the “good guys” alone. Preacher remains one of Vertigo’s classic series.

Like the others here, this column brought back my interest or allowed me to discover stuff that went past my radar the first time around. I checked it every day I went online and am REALLY going to miss it. Thanks, Brian!

There’s a mistake in the image code for the second page. You should have http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/21.jpg

Preacher is as frustrating as it is fascinating. I read it as it came out, and it was always at the top of the must-read-right-now stack. But it used to anger me as much as it made me do the fist pump and shout hell yeah.

When it comes right down to it, Jesse is a dick. Started out a dick. Stayed a dick. Right to the very end. But because he cries, Tulip forgives him yet again and they ride of into the sunset.

(Later to be seen in a trailer park on a future episode of COPS?)

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that a story about wanting to find God and punch him in the face had such a “magic wand” ending, but having everything turn out groovy for all of the main characters just felt really off to me. Jesse goes to war with God and sacrifices nothing. He lives. He gets the girl. He even gets his eye back. And all his pals get laid.

It kind of makes me feel bad for all those semi-innocent bystanders who got their jaws shot off just so Jesse could take an ax handle to God.

And in the end we see that Jesse, who can be quite forgiving when it comes to murder and robbery, draws the line at sucking cock. I know Jesse tries to pretend it is about hitting a woman, but how many women died in the fight at the porno mansion? Or at Masada? Did Jesse care? He did not.

No, the unforgivable sin was sucking cock. So Jesse beats the gay right out of Cassidy .

And he knocked his bitch out and went out to get in a fight and got his ass kicked but it all turned out all right because she forgave him.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Brilliant comic. Weak ending.

Give me Hitman any day.

Jeese is a dickhead, but he’s a compelling dickhead, to the point where he carried that entire sidetrack where he’s a sheriff in Texas. I really started to enjoy his character by “All in the Family”. The amount of bullshit and horror he had to go through, and yet he overcame it. One of my favorite stories ever. I was by him ever since, morally gray as he was, and was glad to see him get a happy ending after such a long road of violence and sex dolls made of meat(especially because the love between Tulip and Jeese is one of the most real and fun to read in comics).

But yes, Hitman is still better, and has a cooler ending.

Thanks Brian!

Thanks for giving us this whole Year of Cool Comic Book Moments, Brian. I hope you bring some equally interesting series next yearl, but it will be tough to top what you did this year. ;)

For the last moment I’m hoping for Adrien Chase’s suicide at the end of the 1980’s Vigilante run.

awesome ending….

while i dont think its coming, i really really hope the ending of LUCIFER is the last moment…. the single best ending to a long running series ive ever read… its unexpected and perfect

I wonder if anyone can guess what moment will be the last one. It’s not a “finale,” but it’s good enough for a “farewell” moment.

It was well established that Jesse hadn’t cried in his entire life since seeing his dad murdered at age 5. It was also established that Cassidy did many worse things than oral sex for heroin, most notably all the incidents of domestic violence that he was guilty of. ( especially towards Tulip, that was why Jesse was so angry. the oral sex is nothing ).

Also, wasn’t Jesse’s entire life prior to Preacher’s beginning basically a sacrifice of whatever little happiness he could find?

I know it isn’t going to be this one…but the Waid / Wieringo penned FF meeting “God” in Hereafter is probably a great “comic farewell moment” for me

Kudos to you Brian on this list….

As far as the “John Wayne” farewell in Preacher..my sentiments echo Public Enemy’s about the man…The Cassidy “farewell” was better for me…..

I would have given you money to see Starman 80 tomorrow, but I have to agree with Daryll in that it’ll be Waid and Ringo’s end of FF, which is about as happy of an ending as you’ll ever get.

Sandman ending maybe?

Man, these five year comics really make me cry.

Yeah I prefered the Cassidy ending too.

I wish you would’ve included Cassidy’s final moment in the last issue instead of Jesse’s. You know, when he looks at the photograph of him and Jesse and Tulip, and for the first time in the whole series we see his eyes, and they’re blue and wistful, as he’s now become human. Cassidy was the most interesting character in the whole series. His introduction as the lovable rogue, his shocking but not unexpected fall from grace, and his redemption in the final story arc – all that made him a much more compelling character than either Jesse or Tulip. Ennis tried to add some flaws to Jesse too, but you could notice he was too much in love with the bullshit macho cowboy ideal Jesse represents to make him a truly human character. For those of us who do no believe in that ideal, Cassidy (and, of course, Arseface and Herr Starr) was the character that kept Preacher interesting, as he was flawed in ways the shining knight Jesse could never be. Plus he was also funnier. Without Cassidy, the ugly side of Ennis’s writing (homophobia, sexism, casual ultraviolence) would’ve probably made the series intolerable.

As for the final Cool Comic Book Moment: please let it be the ending of the final issue of Morrison’s Doom Patrol! There hasn’t been a better farewell moment in the history of American comics.

Brian – my hat’s off to you. Take a bow. You’ve done more for my comic book education in one year than I accomplished in a lifetime’s reading of comics on my own. You also gave me something to look forward to everyday. No work day started w/o me checking on your latest installment in this series (and it got me through some pretty rough mornings). Thank you so much for sharing with us. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into picking the moments, scanning them, writing your commentary and getting them on line for schlubs like us to read EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You the man. Thanks so much.

My money’s on “Sandman” for the last one although I’ve noticed someone around here seems to like Captain America a whole bunch.

Also, add me to the list who doesn’t want to see this feature end. If not daily, can we get a weekly Cool Comic Book Moments or something?

I’m hoping for the moment(s) I requested for the posts after Christmas. I just reread The Wake, and still think it’s a great wrap up for that character.

That said, I could see the end to Doom Patrol or Animal Man, neither of which I’ve read. I’d have to look back in the archives to see if any moments were featured from either series. It would fit in with the whole Grant Morrison slant of this blog.

Said totally tongue in cheek if there’s any confusion.

The ending of “Whatever Happens to the Man of Tomorrow” seems like a likely choice.

Yeah, “Whatever Happened to…” is my guess as well.

I would love to see the ending of Doom Patrol (Morrison) as I’ve never been able to read it. But anything’ll do as long as this feature continues! I’d like to add to all the previous comments, Brian, and say please do a weekly update if you can’t manage another year’s worth if the workload is too much.

Like Legends, the Storylines poll, etc etc, this has brought so much interesting stuff to the fore. Kudos and Happy New Year to Mr B and all this website’s readers.
Peace to you all.

The “magic whistle” bit from the last issue of “Hate!”?

While I was okay with how it was done, i.e. the characterization and such, I was always really bothered by the events of Preacher’s ending. From the beginning, the series promised some epic, apocalyptic business that was simply never delivered on. We’re given Genesis, the half-angel half-demon being who is a threat to God, which goes away in the end without so much as a word (or Word, I guess). Jesse constantly promises to love Tulip to the end of the world, and while in any other book that might easily be read as romanticized hyperbole, it seemed quite like foreshadowing in Preacher. Of course, it was not. It was also heavily foreshadowed that Jesse would be crucified by the end of the book, and while he did indeed die, he was just shot by a barely named sniper instead. Finally, the entire crux of the series was Jesse’s confrontation with God, and what does he do? He leaves it to the walking Deus Ex Machina known as the Saint of Killers. Pragmatic perhaps, but it leaves the ending with no real sense of climax, or that our main characters were even needed in the story at all. The book could have simply been named Saint of Killers. Speaking of him, we are promised in his origin that the Saint will one day do something so terrible that it could never be imagined. I guess that’s the muder of God, but it certainly isn’t portrayed that way in the book. God’s death seems to have no impact on ANYTHING whatsoever, and is ultimately seen to be a good thing.

Of course, when I tell people this, they say I’m reading it wrong. They say the story was a western, and all the religious fantasy elements were window dressing on that. Well, perhaps that’s how it was intended, but why bother at all with those elements in the first place if that’s the case? I don’t know. It started great and had some great moments throughout, but in the end, Preacher really bugged me.

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