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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 365

Here is the last cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

And here is the last moment, courtesy of Misters Stan Lee and John Romita…

In Amazing Spider-Man #50, Peter Parker is in a bit of a pickle. Aunt May has fallen ill, once again, and Peter feels that he has been ignoring her since he moved into an apartment with Harry Osborn a few issues back. As he notes, if he were not off fighting crooks as Spider-Man, he’d have been able to see her sooner. In addition, Peter’s grades are falling, because he’s spending so much time fighting crime. On top of THAT, he had to blow off an offer of a date by his fellow college co-ed, Gwen Stacy, because he needs to raise his grades. In addition, Norman Osborn offered Peter a job at his company, but since Peter was still in school, it would have to be a night job, and Peter can’t work nights because he’s patrolling the city as Spider-Man at night.

Basically, being a superhero is causing a lot of problems in Peter’s life.

He turns on the TV to relax, only to see J. Jonah Jameson do a commercial for a program he sponsored by offering up $1,000 for Spider-Man’s capture.

Peter is distraught – maybe Spider-Man IS a menace!!

This leads to…

You don’t get much of a better cue to finish this baby than with one of the most famous full-page spreads in comic book history!

Thanks to all the kind words from folks about the year of cool comic book moments. I’m glad you enjoyed reading them – I enjoyed sharing them with you all!


Congrats Brian – a perfect moment to end on.

Now to start dealing with my withdrawal issues….I’ll miss this feature quite a bit.

Funny how we get the usual “continued after next page” just as Peter finishes his thoughts about quitting for good.

I will miss this feature immensely. Thanks for 365 days of having something fun to read in the morning.

Stan Lee got too grandiloquent in the second balloon of panel 3. Otherwise, good.

What’s our next daily feature going to be, Brian?

Thanks for a year of great moments Brian.

Thanks for the great work Brian. Hopefully we’ll see the occasional “Cool Comic Book Moments” pop up from time to time in the future.

another year of cool comic book moments please

My thanks Brian. This feature helped me discover some new books to check out and reminded me of some old favorites. In 2010, I’m resolving to read all of the cool moments that I can find!

Really, really can not thank you enough for this year. You’ve introduced me to much I didn’t know about and reminded me why I love comics


Thanks for a fun, daily dose of awesome wrapped in a crispy layer of deliciousness. The list was destination reading each and every day. Not only were the choices great, but really enjoyed your commentary on each. Mixed with moments of nostalgia that caused me to go back and read long dormant parts of my old collection to inspiring new purchases, each day’s moment was worth it. Often shared with my wife (who doesn’t understand the appeal of comics), they even elicited a few remarks from her of, “OK, see, now that IS cool”.

I am sure this is a Herculean undertaking (or perhaps a Thorculean one), but hopefully we can see a new year’s worth of moments, or even a few choice gems pop up unexpectedly from time to time. Let me offer my meager, voluntary efforts should you ever revisit. This is nothing less than a public service.

Another year of cool comic book moments? Please? *gets on hands and knees* Please?

I’ll also throw in “thanks” to Brian for putting all this together. For the moments I’d seen before, it was great to revisit them (and I’m still pleased with how many “Suicide Squad” selections made it in!) The moments I hadn’t seen were fascinating in their own right.

I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into all this. But… I will join the chorus asking for “Occasional Cool Comic Book Moments” in the future. It’s too good a feature to drop altogether!

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 1, 2010 at 9:03 am

Is this how you feel, Mr. B.C.? You’ve been doing this feature practically every single day for the past year.

Is your personal and professional life as messed up as Peter Parker’s that you feel burned/bummed out?

Well, give yourself a break, you’d deserve it for such a year’s worth of terrific columns.

Kudos, Mr. B.C., kudos.


Thank you so much for this feature. It was truly a pleasure.

That was a great feature. So many awesome moments, and so many new comics I have been inspired to check out. Well played, Mr. Cronin, well played.

Actually, all this last year were pretty much American comics…

I’d like to see some international comics get focused on with the Moments treatment.

So, any way we’d ever see 365 International Comics Moments?

Awesome, awesome feature. Sad to see it go, but I understand if you need a break from this!

@ Brian:

This has been a great feature. Thanks for all the hard work that you no doubt put into it. It is hard to go out better than with Smilin’ Stan Lee’s Spidey.

Another thanks to Brian. This was one of my favourite things to read first thing in the morning. Kudos on an excellent column. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Many, many thanks again, Brian.

Congrats, Brian! Thanks for the cool moments.

Thanks for the great ride Brian. I’d ask you to give us more, but I’m not sure how you managed it the first time.

Nice way to close out this feature. Thanks for all the work, I found a bunch of comics I would never have seen otherwise.

Wow. I’ve seen the famous full-page picture lots of times, but I’ve never seen any of the rest of this story before. There’s still a lot I haven’t seen, but I think I’ve seen enough to say that the Romita period of Spider-Man was Stan’s greatest achievement in scripting and characterisation. Just look at Peter’s thoughts here and compare them to similar moments of doubt from other series or other writers. Stan’s writing really shines here.

I really wish this didn’t have to end. Maybe you could handle it as a weekly feature, or even just an occasional one, as so many others have already suggested.

Thank you for all the cool moments.

I don’t like this one at all- Peter, what about all the people who’s lives you’ve saved as Spider-Man? How many times has Peter quit being Spider-Man and then realized he couldn’t turn his back on his responsibilities? It became a joke, eventually.

Thanks for the good work, Brian. Really enjoyed this year of great moments and looking forward to more great blogs.

Kudos to a year of excellent work and choices. Happy New Year and thanks!

Cheers for all the effort you’ve clearly put into this feature, I’ve picked up a few of what have become my favourite comics thanks to this feature (I find it hard to believe there was a time when I’d never read Scott Pilgrim), hope it returns in some form or another at some point.

What a long, strange, cool trip it’s been; congrats on a job well done!

I will miss this daily feature.

Fortunately, I plan to peruse the archives from time to time, as over the course of the past year I have read some of these comics and can now appreciate the moments in proper context. Also, perusing this stuff is fun to do.

Thank you for all the hard work.

It’s so funny how as I was reading the text in the second panel I could literally hear Stan’s voice reading it in my head. Anybody else experience that?
Great stuff to end on. Two of the most amazing (ahem… no pun intended) comic book artisans this planet has seen.
Thx for all your hard work, Brian!

congrats Brian on a well done feature. and what a way to end it with peter deciding to give up being spider man and throwing away the suit. fits the end of the colume perfectly


January 1, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Thanks Brian, I know this wasn’t an easy task. Like everyone has already said, thanks for all the hard work and for spotlighting comics that I thought were cool and many that I had never seen.

I’d be all for the occasional cool moment whenever it strikes your fancy.

You made me a spoiled little brat and I expect this feature every day for the rest of my life. I know thats not gonna happen and I am a sad panda.

I always knew that this was just going to last a year, but it’s still sad to see it over. I agree with others that this should join Curious Cat and Declarative Rabbit as an occasional feature that you run whenever it strikes your fancy.

Oh, and for the record, I hadn’t read all the comments before commenting. Any similarity to a post by LouReedRichards is completely coincidental.

Stan Lee got too grandiloquent in the second balloon of panel 3. Otherwise, good.

Are you kidding? That bubble is great, I wouldn’t remove a single thought bubble.

No, I wasn’t kidding. I’d rewrite it, not remove it.

Thank you so much, Brian! I’ve followed this series of comic book moments on and off throughout the year and it has been great!

Thank you for an Amazing Year, Mr Cronin!

It has been great to revisit some moments that I knew, but even better for all the cool moments that I had never read before. My purchases (thanks to your inspiration) have made my wallet poorer and my shelves heavier in 2009.

It has been a real pleasure!

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