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Welcome, Sonia Harris!

Let’s have a big welcome to Sonia Harris, who is going to be doing a new regular column every Wednesday for the blog.

Sonia is a writer and a designer (you can see her design work at her company’s site, Soyabean Design) who has been writing a column about comics on iFanboy since 2008. Here is an archive of her past columns and here is a longer bio, courtesy of iFanboy.

Sonia’s column is called “Committed,” and it will mostly be about Sonia looking at life through the lens of comic books.

Welcome, Sonia!


Is this Ricky Raw thing new?

But thanks, I fixed that typo!

Welcome, Sonia. Hope you are a better writer than the regulars here. ;) I keed the regulars, I keed…I think.

Oops, usually only use that on my own blog or when commenting on blogs that already have a resident “T.”

Daniel O' Dreams

January 4, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Welcome Sonia! looking forward to reading your column. I think becoming less and less of a boys club can only be a good thing for the site.

I know you mean well Daniel, but let’s not make her gender into her most important quality. I don’t care if she’s a man, woman, hermaphrodite or eunuch. So long as she’s good, she’s good. This site could become 95% men or turn 95% women, but so long as the quality stays high it’s all good with me.

“Comics for Hermaphrodites”. Hmmmm, definitely a niche audience I’d never considered before. ;o)~

Welcome Sonia!!! You’ve got some excellent co-workers that I’m sure will help push you and your blog to shine.

Welcome Sonia! Can’t wait to check out your new column.

Always glad to see a new columnist on here. Welcome aboard, Sonia!

Welcome, Sonia. I look forward to reading your columns.

@ T.

I had no idea that you had a blog.

welcome Sonia look forward to seeing what you have to say

Welcome Sonia! I agree with with the need for comic stylists. Jubilee has been wearing that yellow trenchcoat and those cutoffs for about 20 years now. She’s the Lisa Simpson of comics.

Funny you say that Dean because I only just noticed yours as well.

Mine has not been updated in a long, long time.


January 5, 2010 at 11:51 am

Welcome Sonia, I look forward to reading your column.

@ Dean & T

I had no idea either of you had a blog, can we get a link or an address or something to check out the sites?

Really chuffed Sonia, nice one!

Welcome aboard!

I went and checked out your columns on the other site. There’s some neat stuff; I hope you focus on design in comics a lot here.

Lou – click my name on any of my comments and it takes you there. It’s not a comic blog though, it’s about human nature. If you click Dean’s name it takes you to his.

Sonia, I went ahead and checked a few of your columns as well. Good stuff.

Off topic: Sonia had one on Wonder Woman and her Invisible plane and it made me think of something I was wondering if anyone could answer: is Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane literally invisible and other people in the comic can’t see the outline the artist draws, or is it supposed to visually be a glass-like see-through plane that is just CALLED the Invisible Plane because it’s see-through?

and other people in the comic can’t see the outline the artist draws

This one.

I have a little comics blog too, click me, click me!

@ LouReedRichards:

My blog was too unfocused, which became a problem. Anyway, if you have ever wondered what I look like, then you can go here:

There are tags down the side for the extremely various topics.

There was one comic where Wonder Woman hid behind the invisible chair in her invisible plane. Work that one out.

Okay, so now that leads me to another question…

Are people behind the walls of her visible plane also invisible? Is the artist just draw the people inside the place as visible for the benefit of the reader?

T, I think you’re putting a lot more thought into it than any of the original writers ever did.

@ T.

I am pretty sure that the people are suppose to be visible.

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