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YouTube Can Be Good – 1/7

Been awhile since I’ve done this bit, huh?

Anyhow, Jim Rugg (of Street Angel fame) stopped by to share the trailer for a short film adapting the first issue of Street Angel made by a bunch of Australian film students.

It looks like a strikingly faithful adaptation! Check it out (and buy and read Street Angel – it’s awesome)!


Wow, that looks… very fun.

Hey that was pretty cool.

Is. U tube. Gud?

That’s weird, I never pictured Wilkesborough as being in Australia…

Also of interest on youtube: “Street Angel EPK” or a behind the scenes look into the making of the short film.

That looks awesome!

I figure they’ll probably avoid it, but I wonder how they could conceivably adapt the scene where Street Angel kills a bunch of ninjas in the time it takes the reader to turn the page? Maybe they could do it in the time it takes the hostage to blink, but it’d be a hard sight gag to pull off and still not be as funny as the book.

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