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The Great Comic Book Detectives #5

Here’s the bit. You, the readers, send in descriptions of comics that you remember vague details from the past and either I, or one of the readers of the piece will use detective work to figure out what comic you’re talking about!

Here’s the latest one, from reader Jay…

An anthology horror/suspense/mystery comic book from sometime between 1960 and 1966 which featured a story where the main character is being given a ride in a taxi cab that he thinks is being driven by a regular cabbie (the driver is in shadows) but in a very scary panel the “hack” is revealed to be a “monkey-faced” cabbie.

I don’t think it was D.C. or Marvel. Pouring over cover galleries at Grand Comics Database have not jogged my memory. I had this comic.

There is also a story in this issue where a guy is out in the middle of some desert trying to build a skyscraper all by himself. All that is standing is the superstructure.

Any help on identifying the comic would be greatly appreciated.

Make Jay appreciate you, people! Help him out!

And if YOU have a comic book from the past that you want help tracking down, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com


You have stunned the entire internet with this post for 2.5 hrs. I ain’t got nothin’ either.

Oops. Actually longer. Post timestamps is confusing.

That last one sounds like a Morrison book.

I will second the “Got Nothing.”

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 22, 2010 at 6:46 am

I wasn’t even born then and didn’t even start collecting until I wuz 10 or so.

I rarely read books before my time.

What’s even more disturbing is: Ray HAD the issue in question. What did he DO with the book that it’s NO longer in his hands?!?

Well, I don’t know how old Jay is, but given the era of the comic it’s possible the book was “THROWN AWAY”. Yes, there was a time when the vast majority of comics fans threw them away when they were done with them. They traded with their friends. They rolled them up and stuck them in their back pockets. They’d be left out in the air and covers got ripped.

There was a comic I rememebr about someone (maybe an older Batman) fighitng a Nazi in the mud. From 1986 or so. I think Frank MIller wrote and drew it. Any help here?


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