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Victor von Doom reviews Joe the Barbarian!

I hate to link to something that picks on one of my fellow bloggers here, but I have a feeling MarkAndrew won’t mind if I link to Doctor Doom “reviewing” Joe the Barbarian. Doom’s words might sound strangely familiar …


That was actually way funnier than the review itself.

*first to say it*

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

February 1, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Doctor Doom: wrong on Joe the Barbarian #1, wrong for Latveria. Oh…oh god…where did all these killer robots come from?!?

Heh. That is very amusing.

I’m not willing to weigh in on the side of Dr. Doom just yet, but if issue two isn’t any better I’m gonna jump all over it like the ever loving blue eyed Thing. I do agree that even at a dollar the book didn’t deliver enough to make it worth the investment…

That was pretty good. Enjoyed this more than the first troll-tastic review.

I was prepared to be all offended ‘n stuff, but that was actually really funny.

Good stuff

Doom is not amused! Doom though Joe the Barbarian was an excellent comic and Morrison has received a reprieve from my wrath! Who is this “MarkAndrew” cretin? I’ll crush him between my cold iron clad hands.

You’re insane, that book was worth a dollar for the art alone.

That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

though funny, that was not nearly as hilarious as the original review.

i’m posting here because its the latest bit on this site that deals with this comic considering most of this conversation went down last week and before, but i was just reading another earlier review for this issue which focuses on the house and whether or not it is important, also noting that if so, it should not take an interview with morrison to establish this.

for one, the mother is shown to be on her way to a meeting at which the fate of their house/home IS at stake, possibly desperately so as loosing it is the currently foreseeable outcome, so the battle for their house is clearly, however subtly, established from the outset – and in a very morrison-eque narratively-laissez-faire way of leaving those little breadcrumbs that we are expected to take with us throughout the reading. i’ll also point out that the 5-page walk through is not only showcasing the house, but also joe’s ordinary, likely dull and possibly even dreary life there. he’s an introverted young teen, and an only child with no father and a mother who probably juggles more than her fair share of work, and as such may not be as involved in his life as joe would like. anyone who has ever felt disenfranchised within their own dwelling, knows what a strangely familiar-yet-alienating environment it can be.

we are given these pages to show the mendacity of the walk joe makes alone each and every day of his young life, probably under similarly glum circumstances. those 5 pages communicate the scope of this solitary day in and day out ritual to escape the day and reach the sanctity of his attic bedroom.

i enjoyed the issue. i’m hardly any great longtime flag waver for morrison, but i am becoming one moreso with each book of his i finally get around to checking out. if there is a better place to post this to continue the conversation lemme know, but otherwise i just wanted to pop this out there. its been frustrating reading so much misunderstanding of such a great comic. whoever established HOW decompressed a decompressed comic is anyway? why does a visual-textual medium such as comics always have to have a particular balance of the two in storytelling? if morrison penned that such a dull walk was to take place, and where and how it should play out leaving interpretation to murphy, why is THIS not considered to be as scripted and intentional as dialogue?

all that said, the doom review is great! the ‘fie upon the writer’ line works especially well in this context – heh!

btw, i bought the book a week late, only after having read the original ‘review’ and wanting to read it for myself, so sorry for coming to this conversation late! i guess i’m a bad internet-user!

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