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There’s something disturbingly sexy …

… about Blondie’s referee outfit:


(Let’s face it – Blondie and Dagwood think it’s sexy, too. Why else would she own it unless it was to play depraved sex games with Dagwood involving penalties against the “tight end” and the “pulling guard” and where the “safety” is brought into play? Another question is – does Herb get involved too? He knows that she owns a referee outfit, as it’s not the first time she’s done this. And how much does Tootsie know? She’s Blondie’s best friend, after all! Oh, the possibilities!)


Well, they have been married since 1933. After all this time, I’m sure they have to do things to spice up their marriage now and again :)

Maybe it’s the secular version of how a nun’s habit is sexy.

I’m especially impressed that the anguish caused Dagwood, Herb and even Daisy to launch into synchronized head-spins.

Isn’t it weird to think that John Marshall (who is a good comic artist) has to draw like an artist who died decades ago?

And what’s even odder is that the artist Marshall is aping (Jim Raymond) is not even the original artist for Blondie!!

I am ashamed to admit this, but, when I read this strip this morning, my first thoughts were:

Wow, Blondie is hot.

Wow, Blondie is stacked.

I love it when bloggers take cartoon characters and make sex jokes about them. It’s very creative and original. Maybe next you could write some sexual innuendo about Lucy pulling the football away as Charlie Brown tries to kick it.

You know what? Let’s just say it: Blondie is hot. She’s BEEN hot. This is America’s shared secret.

Burgas, you are a sick, twisted man…. No wonder I enjoy your writing so much.

Also, where can I get one of those for my wife?

“I love it when bloggers take cartoon characters and make sex jokes about them.”

I find it oddly ironic that a poster named


said this.

Just sayin’, yo.

I’m still trying to understand the break-dancing.

when i read the strip this morning my first thought was finaly Blondie has revealed the secret to her and Dagqood being married for so long she plays a ref for sex . that plus they taught the dog some new tricks to watch the game with Herb and Dagwood and do what they do.

I am astounded that Josh Fruhlinger (The Comics Curmudgeon, http://joshreads.com/) did not seize the moment and go with the sexual-related humor, so I’m really glad that Greg did here. Though for a second I thought I had typed in the wrong website address…

MAD Magazine once printed a one-pager about three comic-strip couples at a key party: Dagwood/Blondie, Li’l Abner/Daisy Mae, and Popeye/Olive Oyl.

I find it amazing that comics fans have forgotten the origin of the strip: Dagwood, heir to a multimillion dollar fortune, goes on a hunger strike. His father disapproves of Dagwood marrying Blondie, a common flapper. Eventually his father relents, but disowns him.

Of course, there are numerous Tijuana bibles which feature Blondie. I would not be surprised if Cookie is featured in modern day versions, even though That Would Be Wrong. As would be me making comments about the halftime show and “wardrobe malfunctions”.

Yeah, Blondie was CREATED as a sexy gal! The housewife thing came on later.

(And for those who don’t understand what she has seen on Dagwood, he gave up on his family’s millions and joined the rat race because he loved Blondie. If he has to wake up every morning and listen to Mr. Dithers abuse that’s because he REALLY loves her!)

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Heh, what’s disturbing about it?

“I find it amazing that comics fans have forgotten the origin of the strip: Dagwood, heir to a multimillion dollar fortune, goes on a hunger strike.”

I don’t know if I would use the word ‘amazing’ that people have forgotten this origin of a 79-year old comic strip, but I am one of those who never knew this story. Although I occasionally read Blondie on the papers, it was the film series that caught my attention. Anyway, thanks for the info.

Much like Samantha Stevens [Bewitched], I always assumed Blondie was supposed to be ‘sexier’ than the average housewife.

I’m just surprised the mailman is spending time with Dagwood of his own volition, given their usual interaction.

Not the mailman – Herb is teh next door neighbor. They do look separated at birth, though…

Unfortunately, years of jamming ginormous sandwiches down his throat has clogged the entirety of Dagwood’s body with so much cholesterol to enduce erectile dysfunction…

I knew the origin of Blondie. I haven’t read it, though. But I did see one early panel in a book once that showed his parents complaining about Blondie and another panel with Blondie telling them she and Dagwood were already secretly married. The art was quite a bit different back then.

Oh, thank God I wasn’t the only one to think this when I read this this morning (in an actual newspaper, but then, I work in the distribution center of one, so I MUST read it in print). But yes, Blondie has always been hot. And the synchronized head spins are awesome.

Neat fact, off Cronin’s observation: Both John Marshall and Johnny Hart come from the Endicott NY area (I’m from nearby Vestal, all in the “Greater Binghamton” area, also hometown of Rod Serling). My mom actually knew John Marshall (and worked with his brother), and knew Johnny Hart’s daughters, one of whom is the mother of the current BC artist.

Couple that with watching the Hulk TV show with me when I was a kid, my mom really shouldn’t wonder why I have boxes of comics taking up half my room.

Somewhere I also have a Johnny Hart drawing he did for me when I met him at one of the BC Open (golf tourney) cartoonist days when I was a young kid. Gotta find that.

Blondie is one of those strips that you hardly ever think about, but that, were it to be suddenly canceled, would leave a sensation of emptiness in your soul, like an old acquaintance just died. I hope it keeps going on for much, much longer.

And yeah, Blondie has always been sexy. Don’t tell me for a second that this issue wasn’t meant to titillate (at least some people.) And yet it still manages to be innocently fun at the same time. That’s an art.

And who cares if they have to draw the strip in the same style? The LAST thing I want to see somebody try to modernize THIS strip!

Btw the “breakdancing” was still the funniest part to me. ;)

Herb doesn’t look too surprised. He’s seen Blondie in that outfit before!

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