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Thoughts on the Latest Addition to Wizard’s Family of Comic Cons

Don MacPherson has an interesting editorial up about the news that Wizard has purchased another convention to add to the 10 cons they already had in their Wizard World family of conventions.

Do you agree with Don’s reservations?


I’m going to have to disagree. I know the article is about Cleveland, but I am so excited about the Wizard Comic Cons coming to Atlanta. Atlanta hasn’t seen a large Comic Convention in years. Dragon con has become more of a gaming and costume extravaganza, not much to do with comics anymore. The smaller shows are nice for a little shopping (Thanks Wes!). But to have a big show close to home means more money to spend on dealers and less on hotels.

TJ9000, you are assuming it will be a big show. You are also assuming that it will still be there for a second convention. You are also assuming that it will be fun enough to want to go back to again. The last Wizard show in Chicago that was a great show was 2003. 2007 was lame, 2008 was awful, and I didn’t even go in 2009, nor will I go this year.

My problem is that I imagine Shamus will set them up to compete with cons that are running at the same time, and possible even in the same location. Wizard’s shrewd enough to try to go head-to-head with Mid-Ohio at the same time, and frankly, that’s a bad idea. I don’t think the audience/industry can or should stretch like that. We should be working together, not competing for the biggest chunk of the corpse.

I’ve never been to a Comic-Con before, but I’ve been thinking about going for a few months. I live in Chicago, and I initially looked into Wizard’s Chicago Comic-Con last summer/fall. Everything I read about it suggested it would be a disappointment, and I also discovered that another convention corporation is putting together a competing comic convention in Chicago in April. So far, C2E2 looks miles ahead of Wizard’s Comic-Con — much better vendor lists, guest lists, and location. About the only thing they lack right now is a decent website.

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