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Time to Burn Your Retinas, People!

Mike Sterling, of the always entertaining Progressive Ruin, has made the move from Blogger to WordPress and now has a new design for his site. It is really, really bright white.

I mention this only because, hey, it’s an excuse to link to a fun comic book site, so why not, right?

Welcome to WordPress, Mike!


Ugh, what the fuck. Sims switched over to bright white too.

Welcome to WordPress, Mike!

Hope you survive the experience!

Sterling and Sims are jumping on this white bandwagon! I, for one, will not stand for the whitewashing of our beloved blogosphere.

Black text on white background makes for the best, most versatile pages. White is bright by default.

Man, I don’t know how you people have never seen the color white. I guess nobody is reading Moon Knight after all.

“Blinding blog readers since 1969.”

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