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Difficult Spreadsheet Man is Probably a Secret Avenger

I’m not totally sure but I think this is him.

Dang it if this fellow does not make some nice formulas in his cells, just totally proper.

Dang it if this fellow does not make some nice formulas in his cells, just totally proper


Perspective be-damned, that’s Captain Tiny Elbows !

It will be so awesome when the Secret Avengers line-up is revealed to be Darkhawk, D-Man, Sleepwalker, Ravage 2010, and some female character drawn with big knockers. Right?

Shadowman (from Valiant/Acclaim?)

So that’s where my Dad goes when I think he’s teaching accounting!


This makes me think of the recent quote by the owner of the basketball team the Washington Generals (the eternal opponents of the Harlem Globetrotters): “We excel on ice.”

Comic Book Jesus?

Ok, not Iron Man, but that sure looks like a Stark suit to me.


um. namor. with a shaved head.

Noob Saibot joins the Secret Avengers!! Cool!

But seriously, that’s a pretty classic Archangel pose.

Not that Archangel is the only one to use it, but when I see a silhouette in that pose, I go for Archangel before I go for Iron Man, Magneto, or any other helmetted/hairless fliers.

War Machine?

Adamantium Wholesaler

February 11, 2010 at 12:38 pm

War Machine with the shoulder-rigs edited out, or someone from the Marvel version of the Marvel family.

I’m going with Daredevil or Union Jack (if they are shot out of a cannon.)

Jack of Hearts?

Is this printed to big for everybody? I can’t make out what’s written there; most of it is cut off. I also have absolutely no idea what you mean by ‘Difficult Spreadsheet Man’.

It’s possible he’s not flying. He’s just standing with his arms held out somewhat and his head raised, with the view looking down on him from above.

I have no guesses at all as to who he is. He’s just Generic Hero Man.

One of the promo images I saw showed what appeared to be Marvel(Miracle)man, so that’s my guess. Although some sort of super-accountant would provide a wealth of storytelling possibilities.

Mary Warner,

Both this image and the last Secret Avenger image appears too big on my screen, too. It didn’t happen with the first two.

3D Man?

the tag is “I excel through adversity”

Jack of Hearts, I think

What’s going on with Noh-Varr as Captain Marvel? That more or less fits his costume, right? Can he fly now? Or, I dunno, maybe now he’s like the Human Bullet or something. “FIRE ME, BOY!”

Yeah, I can’t understand the joke either because the image appears too big on my screen

“I excel through adversity” thank you jjc. I was lost (the image is also too big on my screen).

And NOW I get Brian’s joke. Nice one Brian.

Crap! I mean. Joe. Nice one JOE. :)

Ok, not Iron Man, but that sure looks like a Stark suit to me.

I thought so too. Is there any chance that this will be someone in the Iron Patriot armor?

My first impression was that it was armor, because the pose is sooo Iron Man. But looking at it longer, I don’t know. Those big thighs could be holsters. It could be Noh-Varr in his crappy new costume.

thrive through adversaty could be spider man though the look of that shaodw could be the sentry or maybe a thuunder bolt looking for penance like venom. i think its wonder man

Quasar. Definitely Quasar.

After looking at Noh-Varr’s new costume, I think it is definitely him.

I’m leaning toward Noh-Varr, as well.

But unlike the first three, I have no solid guess.

That was a close one, Kelly. I don’t like when Brian tries to steal credit for my amazing jokes.

I can’t help it – it’s a disease!

Is there a lamp I can get you so that you don’t steal amazing jokes?

I made my penance by fixing your image to make it fit the piece.


And I have to admit that I don’t think his new costume is bad. Bachalo’s art makes it slouchy and awkward, but I can see it looking really solid by someone like Cheung or Kitson.

I’m going to go with War Machine minus the guns as my guess. Because with Iron Man 2 coming out, I know he absolutely has to be on one of these teams.

The Vision,,, with no cape.

Silver Surfer

Word, Joe Rice.

Actually, the Vision without a cape was my first thought when I saw the picture. I didn’t think it was a good enough guess to mention it, though.

I still don’t understand the spreadsheet name or the bit about formulae in his cells.


February 11, 2010 at 4:50 pm

‘I am a secret Avenger’???

They are referring to themselves as that?

Man superheros can be lame.

Hmm… looking again ,it the vision flight power is not based on propulsion, I’m wrong on that.

@Joe. Brian may steal your jokes, but I’m stealing this.


From now on that’s what I say to people, in a booming all caps voice, regardless of what they have said or done to me.

If you’d like me to say “copyright Joe Rice” quietly afterwards, please submit that request to me in writing.

And you give Peter David crap for his puns?

Mary, the spreadsheet name is because the catchphrase is ” I EXCEL through adversity”…Microsoft EXCEL being the world’s most ubiquitous spreadsheet computer program for about the past 15 years. Cells are the term for the spaces on the grid of said spreadsheet and formulae are what you use to make calculations on the data in said cells.

Since E.D went with the CONCATENATE reference, I’ll have to up the accounting nerd ante by saying that pose demonstrates his immense VLOOKUP prowess.

I’m hoping for Noh Varr.

That original miniseries got great towards the end, but is Oubliette ever going to appear in anything again, ever? She’d be a good pick for Cage’s Thunderbolts.

“‘I am a secret Avenger’???

They are referring to themselves as that?

Man superheros can be lame.”

You’re talking about a team whose arch-enemies call themselves ‘The Masters of Evil’. This surprises you?


February 11, 2010 at 8:33 pm

You’re talking about a team whose arch-enemies call themselves ‘The Masters of Evil’. This surprises you?


I agree Noh-Varr…but my longshot a newly uniformed Speedball…..

I think I’ve got it: the Vision returns but in an Ultron body. Look at it: all it’s missing are the ear rods but that could be part of the Vision makeover. Vision would also be the ultimate LIVING spreadsheet!

Vision in an Ultron body is brilliant. I can’t believe no one has thought of that yet. Copyright that shit before someone steals your idea.

And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I realize it might come off that way. I honestly think that’s a cool idea.

Hey, Captain Universe!

I doubt it’s the Vision because I have a feeling that Young Avengers will pick back up now that Mighty has ended.

I’m guessing Noh-Varr too.

In a massive twist it’s Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot

Noh-Varr doesn’t fly, does he? I don’t remember him flying in Marvel Boy. The shoulders being rounded but having a sort-of edge make me think Iron Man, or War Machine without big Machine Guns on his back.

I think the Vision (or some other hero) trapped in an Ultron body is a brilliant idea. Say, do you think Hank has any of Jan’s engrams stuck in a drawer someplace?

Captain Britain.

Especially with the way Paul Cornell recently wrote his powers.

And Cornell has announced that Captain Britain will return in the Heroic Age…

So Brubaker apparently ruled out Noh-Varr, so in that case, I guess I have to go with a misleadingly silhouetted Nova.

Not Noh-Varr. Bru said it wasn’t anyone from the Dark Avengers.

[…] Marvel has been teasing a new comic book series called ‘Secret Avengers‘, releasing posters with silhouette’s of characters against a white backdrop.  Their latest one is a bit of a […]

That’s Nova’s bullethead.

Definitely, but it’s annoying that the shoulders don’t match his costume.

Does the current one have shoulder pads? I remember it being skin tight around the shoulders…

Oh, you’re right. They protrude.

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