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Comics Are Awesome #25

I thought about relaunching with a new #1, but I think the fans care about the title’s prestigious history.

Strange Adventures 34

Special anniversary issue! U-DECIDE the caption!:

A.) Game shows are gonna suck in the future.

B.) It may defeat the purpose if the doors are transparent.

C.) Captain Comet never thought his sexual inclinations would be revealed in such a manner.


So which door did he choose and what happened? I imagine his having a nice cup of tea with Tiger-Man.

Why does the lady want to kill Captain Comet?

And when the heck is DC going to release a Captain Comet Showcase or Archives or other collection?!?!
The Atomic Nights got one. Adam Strange got one. And the other, post-Captain Comet Strange Adventures got one. No love for the Captain?

DC is prejudiced against Mutant superheroes!! :D

It may defeat the purpose if the doors are transparent.

No, both doors are a trap. Fortunately, Captain Comet has built up a resistance to space Iocaine powder.

And when Captain Comet opens the door to greet his furry feral date, naturally he says, “Face it, Tiger-Man. You just hit the jackpot!”

One teleport mishap later, and that was how Tigra was born.

Two C-List characters stand before me. But only one can be America’s Next Top model…..

Captain Comet wound up with both the Lady and sicked the tiger man on his captor and also the scene is what reality tv will be in the future. as for why no captain comet archive the thing falls under Dc policy of not reprinting any thing from the seventies or earlier due to what they would have to pay in royalties thus making the thing not cost effective to do

Awesome cover, but the thing which made me laugh the most was that you thought about relaunching with a new number one, but decided fans care about a rich history. With the level of debate over number and who deserves what numbering, that made me laugh.

Oh, the woman won’t kill him right away, no, but after years of an unhappy marriage he’ll end up eating the bullet.

Oh, the Tiger Men I have known. My favorite is still the Armless Tiger Man from Golden Age Marvel comics, but I do have a soft spot for the musclebound stooge from the Buck Rogers TV show. In fact, I made up a little song about him back in the day: “Tiger Man, Tiger Man, does whatever he’s told to do.”

I believe that Tiger-Man from the Buck Rogers TV show was a nod to the Martians from the original newspaper comic who were portrayed as anthropomorphic Tigers at first, became gradually more human and then by the time of WWII were generally drawn as Japanese caricatures with some animal characteristics thrown in. This was my youthful introduction to popular entertainment as political propaganda!

I would definitely go with caption C, but what’s really bugging me is where’s the “of infinity”?

Having a happy Valentine’s Day, Joe? :)

Go with the tiger. Better legs and bigger pectorials. Since he’s wearing just a cape and speedos, one could surmise his sexual inclinations.

You know what would be a good twist on this story? Schroedinger’s Cat. Or maybe the Monkey’s Paw.

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