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Evening Tea: 2/14/10

In celebration of Horny Werewolf Day, enjoy some valentines, a poem, and two contests, under the cut.

ITEM! The good folks at ComicsAlliance were kind enough to make some Cerebus the Aardvark cards, for those menfolk out there looking to get their essence-draining sex voids, or ladyfriends, a little something:

Cerebus valentine

ITEM! Over at GraphicNYC, they’ve just celebrated Kirby Week! Nothing got to me more, though, than Jared Gniewek’s wonderful Kirby poem. Here, have a stanza:

Rumble at the earth’s core
leaden feet arrive.
Furious tectonic shift
simper, it’s alive.

ITEM! But you’re here for the contests, I can tell. Firstly, Robot 6 points out a nifty Afrodisiac art contest that’s gotten me all a-flutter. Gonna break out the colored pencils and construction paper!

ITEM! For those not artistically inclined, our friends at Mindless Ones are holding their own contest, in which they’re asking you to rename Pepper Potts’ current armored persona. You can win an Iron Man novel (with words!) if you win, but the real point is to show how clever you are to the rest of the internet. I’ve submitted my entry– can you top it?

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I had no idea it was Horny Werewolf Day. I feel really bad now for being so rude to those horny werewolves I met today.

Pepper Potts is wearing armor now?!?!?

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