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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 46

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, for President’s Day, let’s look at a story featuring one of the toughest U.S. Presidents of all-time, Theodore Roosevelt, in Benito Cereno and Graeme MacDonald’s Tales From the Bully Pulpit…


Tales From the Bully Pulpit is delightfully simple in its awesomeness.

Theodore Roosevelt steals a time machine from HG Wells and travels to the year 2000, where he gets help from the ghost of Thomas Edison to improve the time machine to go to the future to fight someone Roosevelt presumes must be Hitler…

Of course, though, when they end up in the far off future (the year 2008), it turns out that it is, indeed, Hitler…

and he has bad news for the people of Mars…

TR and Edison head to Mars to protect the Martians, and through the power of time travel, both sides add to their rosters…

I think you can tell from the art and the dialogue of these pages that this is just a rollicking good time featuring a bunch of famous historical figures.

It’s really quite a blast, and a fun way to celebrate President’s Day (which is, of course, technically George Washington’s Birthday, but that’s neither here nor there)!


Y’know, I will grudingly admit that that would be a cool book to read.

How can ANYONE resist a time-travel machine with a love-seat? ;-)

Man that looks awesome. Perhaps you should add some information (like publisher or what ever) in case someone wants to track this down.

I like the look of this!

It has that “Atomic Robo” vibe that I can, like, totally dig!

Where can I find it? Who’s the publisher?

It’s sadly out of print, that’s why I didn’t add that info.

Benito Cereno used to have a note on his website to send email to someone at image begging for a reprint. Which I did, but much like every time I’ve bothered to write my congressmen, my pleas went unheard.

Damn – this column has become “A Year of Cool Comics You Can’t Have”.

This looks rather good.

Damn – this column has become “A Year of Cool Comics You Can’t Have”.

The rest of the week will be Zenith, Miracleman, etc. ;)

Hah! I have this comic buried somewhere in my collection. I remember seeing it in the comic shop and thinking, ‘Teddy Roosevelt versusHitler! That’s gotta be awesome!’ And I was right. Great read and I always hoped their adventures would have continued.

Edison’s speech about how its always gotta be Hitler was my favorite part.

Ah – that’ll be “A Week of Cool Comics I’ve Had, But Sold at a Huge Profit”

This is one of the most awesome comics ever created. I demand a reprint, and also that planned sequel.

This does look really cool. I guess Hitler mixes Spanish with his German because of all the time he’s been living in South America? Not sure why there is the English mixed in, but I guess comic book Hitlers always speak a lot of English blended with their German.
I like how they plan to fight for racial purity by mixing with a completely different species. That makes as much sense as actual Nazi racial theories.

Few things in life are as cool as Ben Franklin wearing stove armor and predicting a hailstorm of fists.

This book is absolutely bat**** insane in the best way imaginable. I missed it when it came out, but read a description a few years later and decided I *must* find it. After few months of eBay alerts, I miraculously found a reasonably-priced copy and it turned out to be as much fun as it promised to be.

Brian didn’t scan my favorite part, but that’s probably for the best. Should leave something for the people who are able to get their hands on a copy.

But it involves a historical figure and a move from a fighting game, if you want a teaser.

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