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This is a collection of columns where I spotlight plotlines by writers that probably weren’t a good idea at the time and have only become more problematic in retrospect. I’ll try to stick with stuff that’s more ill-conceived than flat-out offensive (like racist stereotypes of characters during the 1940s).

1. Bruce Banner Has a Rough Visit to the YMCA

2. That Time Superman’s Robot Teacher Got Him Laid

3. The Relationship Between Hal Jordan and the Seemingly Underaged Green Lantern Arisia

4. That Time Captain America Fought a Villain Driven Mad By an Evil Black Man’s Hand

5. That Time the Greek Gods Fought Jesus as Part of a Comic Book Crossover

6. Mutants Can’t Get AIDS

7. The Racially Segregated Superhero of the Future!

8. “Did Nightwing From the Future Just Try to Rape That Lady?”

9. That Time That Carol Danvers Gave Birth to Her Own Rapist


Dont forget how superman made his girl black

“like racist stereotypes of characters during the 1940s”

Brian I really enjoy ypur columns and I think this will also be great. But I think you should point stuff like that.

Do “That time Marvel Forced a Storm/Black Panther wedding”

Instead of pointing examples out like mutants can’t get aids you could streamline it a bit and just have “everything by chuck Austen”

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