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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 56

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we take a look at this week’s fourth volume of the Popgun anthology from Image!


Popgun is a gigantic anthology made up of many creator-owned characters in many different genres starring in stories of many different lengths.

For just $29.99, you get over FIVE HUNDRED pages of comics, which is quite a bargain (considering a typical 22-page comic is $2.99, so here, for 10 times the price you get 23 times the pages!).

The “problem” with over 500 pages of comics is that it is a bit hard for me to review the whole thing, as, with any anthology, there are going to be high points and low points.

So I figure the best bet to show you that it is a worthwhile read is to just give you a sampling of a bunch of the stories from the volume…

Like Andy Ristaino’s offbeat twist on a zombie story, “Night of the Living Vidiots”…

I absolutely love the blind guy knowing that the guy is giving him the change from his drink every day!

Adam P. Knave and DJ Kirkbride, along with artist Jason Ibarra, bring us The Black Decahedron…

Stephanie Ramirez shows us the off kilter side of “Thinking Out Cloud”…

Tom Scioli has a short, action-packed tale called “The Seneschal”…

Throughout the comic, Erik Larsen does little one-page gag bits with a character named Reggie the Veggie. Here’s one of the one-off pages…

Alison Acton gives us a crazy fight between some guys and a sea creature, but after they’ve successfully killed it, well, things are not going to go as well as they first thought in “The Revenge of the Kraken” (this one actually spoils the ending, so you might want to skip it)…

Amanda Becker and Janet Kim deliver a heartbreaking tale of a young girl who longs for an escape from her sad life in “The Jacket”…

If you REALLY want heartbreaking, though, simply turn to Stephen Reedy and Adam Lucas’ tale of rodent woe, “Bacon and Talula”…

Derek McCulloch and Anthony Peruzzo tell an almost Twilight Zone-esque story that could only be called “Harshing the Mellow” (with a bong serving as the Rod Serling part)…

Knave and Kirkbride (whose name manages to be spelled incorrectly in two separate ways in the credits, both as Kirbride and as Kikbride) return, now with artist Matteo Scalara, for a fun action tale of “The Agents of WTF in…Blue Light Special”….

Mark Andrew Smith and Nick Collinson tell a depressing tale of “Bullets for the Poor”…

Finally, Nick Edwards brings it all back home with a story about…”Sasquatch”!!!

So there you go – I think that gives you a good idea if this is the right comic for you. I thought it was cool, and I hope you do, as well!

Check out the Popgun website here to see a number of FULL stories from the anthology, as well as info on how to buy it (as well as the long list of ALL the contributors!).

There’s a really good ghost story by Michael Dialynas as one of the sample tales on the site! I didn’t feature it here because just one or two pages doesn’t do it justice!


THIS looks immensely cool, and it’s the Fourth volume? Nice!

If you like Andy Ristaino’s “Night of the Living Vidiots”, then you should definitely check out “Babysitter”! http://www.slgcomic.com/The-Babysitter-Collection_p_702.html

These are actually going for around $20 apiece at Amazon.


Which volume were these excerpts from? I’d like to buy one or two.

I thought that Scioli was purposefully channelling Kirby on Godland because of the type of series it is, but apparently that’s just his normal style. It really looks good.

All of these excerpts are from the one that came out this week, Volume 4.

Yeah, does Scioli ever do not-Kirby work?

I’ve only read the first issue of Popgun, but it was great. I consider myself well-versed in comics to some extent, but I was surprised and thrilled by the number of creators in the book I’d never heard of. It’s great that they’re getting this exposure!

Kill kill kill kill kill the poor!

Thanks so much for this, Brian! Lots of great folks worked on this book, and the spotlight is terrific.

Also, my name was misspelled on the PDF, but our crack editorial team spotted it before it went to print… I wasn’t the one to notice my own name misspellings, though, which is embarrassing, LOL.

Hey Brian, thanks for the shout! The whole book is just a brick of pure comics love, even if Kirkbride can’t spell his own name, sometimes…

hey Brian, great to see this massive intro to the 4th volume!

Cool Beans, cant wait to see the book upclose.

People complained about Right-wing politics being horribly caricatured in Captian America, but that was nothing compared to ‘Bullets For The Poor’. Yeesh.

That Scioli story has to be the most dead-on Kirby imitation I’ve ever seen.

From what you showed here, this looks to be really really worth the price!

Kirby is my default comics-drawing mode, but Godland issues #19-24 were my attempts to deliberately draw in an un-Kirby manner. Issue #22 was the one that most succeeded in that regard. The Space Smith story I did for Next Issue Project was another one that was more of a 1940’s-style than a Kirby-style. When I drew “The Seneschal” I was definitelty in full Kirby-worshipping mode.

The Kirby-worship looks great, Tom! I love this story… so fun!

I think I might need to check this out. I love Kirbytastic stuff, and the bong narration story looks hilarious. The others look pretty neat, too.
Oh, and Marvel, I will buy FF again if you guys get Scioli to draw it.

How does Popgun compare with Flight?

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