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Comics Are Awesome #900

Advanced numbering’s the cool new thing to do, right?

Rex 11

Subtitles for the visually impaired: This is a comic book in which Rex the Wonder Dog, the world’s smartest, most capable canine, battles a pink Tyrannosaurus Rex during what appears to be a nuclear explosion. It is the most awesome image ever conceived by man.


Why has DC not released a Rex the Motherfucking Wonder Dog Showcase yet?

Hey, congratulations on making it to CAA #900. That’s a hell of a milestone and most blog columns don’t get past entry 25 or so.

And they should include the Detective Chimp stories from Rex.. in that Showcase. C’mon DC, don’t stop with the 50s stuff and get off the $40 hardcovers and back to the Showcases.

First, that’s not over 9000.

Second, that looks like a typical day for Rex. I’m not sure why it’s any more awesome than any other issue of Rex the Wonder Dog.

I love this cover so much I had it made into a T-Shirt!

It is the most awesome image ever conceived by man.

At first I thought this was an outrageous claim to make, but as I rack my brain I really can’t come up with a better one. You sir are indeed correct.

I knooow we all love milestone posts and all, but how am I supposed to organize this once it reverts back to the original numbering. It’s just a marketing ploy by Comics Are Awesome to artificially increase readership. I’m so glad I stopped reading this blog two years ago. :P

I think Seanbaby wrote a parody comic of this.

“Spontaneo: The Dog Who Doesn’t Give a Fuck”

Awesome, indeed.

The only thing that could make this cover better is a corner spot of (the above-mentioned) Detective Chimp…crying…and lit by purple mood lighting.

I, uh, kind of want to read that issue with the hopes of having everything on the cover tied-up somehow.

Okay… time to start a “Showcase Rex” facebook page! Yes, this is the most awesomest (that’s like awesome, squared) cover, but have you seen the names on this comic? Broome! Toth! Schwartz!

In the description, you forgot to mention his sidekicks (Wendy and Marvin?) who are watching the explosion like it was a movie matinee.

And with all the crazy stuff out there, no one has ever retconned Rex? Is he too awesome? Was it because of Levitz, who wanted to preserve the sanctity of the original awesome comics, knowing that any attempt would be epic failure?

I’m hoping for a Rex The Mother-Fucking Wonder Dog movie. With ‘Mother-Fucking’ in the title, even if they have to fight Warner tooth-and-nail over it.

Is #900 really that big a thing now? I was only aware of Deadpool doing it. But I miss a lot.

It would be more awesome if it also had a gorilla in it.

"O" the Humanatee!

February 27, 2010 at 10:36 pm

And then there’s the irony: It’s Rex fighting his great-great-great-great-(if only I knew how to do exponents in HTML)-grand-sire, Tyrannosaurus Rex! The cover just needs a thought balloon for Rex saying, “I traveled millions of years back in time only to have to kill my own ancestor to protect my human masters!” to be perfect.


“Spontaneo, The Dog Who Doesn’t Give a Fuck” is barely a parody. I like to think of it as “exactly what Rex was thinking.”

Like most things involving Rex, it’s awesome, BTW.

So THAT’S the famous Rex story where he kills a dinosaur with a nuclear bomb! I’d heard of it but never seen it, and almost believed it was a joke!

Rex was given a post-Silver Age origin in which he was the product of an army experiment (obviously a take on Captain America’s origin) does that count as a reboot? Also, he drank from the Fountain of Youth (as did Det. Chimp) which is good cuz otherwise he would be older than the JSA in dog years by now.

Oh, and Rex was hanging with the Shadowpact too. Remember them?

rex vs barney!!!!

I think Rex was included as one of the 50s heroes who secretly started the JLA to protect J’on J’onzz , according to Englehart’s run of JLA. I don’t remember him doing anything half this spectacular, though, so I’m thinking they toned him down a mite.

@Kiss, Rex also appeared in a few Flash comics (Wally West) where he essentially singlehandedly took down Grodd. So He’s pretty kick ass.

I think there was a Flash issue in the 90s (late 80s) w/Rex in it, in current continuity. By Wm Messner-Loebs. IIRC it was the Gorilla Grodd issues (and I KNOW they were AWESOME – totally got me into the flash; WML’s run was very good. Didn’t love the art, but the writing was great — among many other cool things, it was when the Piper came out of the closet. And there was still Chunk (was that his name?) and that robot-bug killgr#$# or something? Oh those were good…

Oh, yeah, Rex was really cool, too – yes an Army super-dog, but the way he was handled was perfect: cool but not silly.


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