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Midnight Snack: 3/3/10

Open your refrigerator, and watch the internet fall out. Links of interest, beneath the cut!

ITEM! In honor of NeilAlien‘s tenth blogiversary (holy poo!), Tom Spurgeon shares 21 things he likes about Dr. Strange:

Dr. Strange has the best headquarters/home in the Marvel Universe. Entire stories can be generated from what’s resting in the cabinets and drawers, and it’s likely the safest spot in a city frequently plunged into horrifying super-battles. If I were a young superhero, I’d bet I’d want to attend a party there the same way young Hollywood actors used to strain for invites to the Playboy Mansion.

BREAKING NEWS! Most comics are worthless:

Back at his Goldmine’s shop, Kula broke the news to me. He didn’t want any of my books, even the oldest, a 1986 Marvel Age No. 47.

I know my comics are worthless. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

OBLIGATORY CHRIS SIMS LINK x2: First, we’ve got the debut of the Sims/Bowers/Digges/Krach joint, Awesome Hospital. And then, of course, there’s the second act of Solomon Stone #2, which features a swordfight atop a drag race near a volcano:


REMAKE/REMODEL: Warren Ellis commands his minions to recreate Superman’s first cover. The results include some fantastic design work. Here’s Bryant Johnson’s, Paul Sizer’s, and David Bednarski’s:

Superman remakeSuperman remake 2Superman Remake 3

See you next time.


Just wanted to say how much homework your Midnight Snack columns have forced me to put off until the next day.

Curses on you!

The MLive column is from my hometown, featuring the store I used to work at (Goldmine, not Tardy’s). Crazy! Leave it to CSBG to let me know what’s going on in my own city. :)

That Remake/Remodel thread is outstanding. There’s some staggeringly good graphic design to be found there and some excellent illustration work as well. Everybody needs to give it a look.

Most comics are worthless:

A when to a comic store a while back to buy the trade of Dark Knight Returns, and the guy there said he had an earlier and a later edition, and even though I knew that there was no difference in price between the 20th and the 30th reprinting of the trade, in that they are both worthless because the original printing of the trade was worthless, I still bought the earlier edition ‘because it will be worth more’.

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