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Wonder of Wonders (3/5/10)

by Gail Simone

A couple of years back, a writer friend who was very dear to me and vital to comics, (and who has since unfortunately passed away), told me to always remember that the characters we write that are not creator-owned don’t belong to us, and that it was always wise to keep a little distance. It’s not a trick I have quite gotten the hang of, yet.

I find that if I don’t let the characters in, then this becomes just a job, and there’s too many things I still want to do in comics to settle for just a job. The upside is the joy of writing characters you care about, and the downside is, well, it can be tough to say goodbye. Whenever I leave a book for any reason, I find myself missing those characters terribly. I miss the Simpsons, I miss Deadpool and Agent X and Outlaw, I miss Ryan Choi, I miss the Gen13 kids.

I have a feeling I’m going to miss Wonder Woman for a long, long time. But unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye.

I want to say that for those that enjoyed my run, there IS good news coming very soon. The new writer is such a perfect and fitting choice that I know we’re looking at a great new era in Wonder Woman’s history. I am certain of it. And when you all find out very shortly, I think you’ll agree with me.

Pardon me if I ramble a little bit, here, got a lot of thoughts and no real plan for how to organize them.
First, I want to thank DC for giving me a chance to work on this book. It’s an honor, but it’s also just a wicked pleasure. I can hardly express how much sheer, ridiculous and fortunate fun it is to write for Diana, for Artemis, for Hippolyta, and for Etta. Having Diana run rampant in the DCU, sword-fighting with Beowulf, trying diplomacy on Khunds, and trading punches with Power Girl is quite probably the most fun I’ve had in comics. And I was proud to present some elements to the character that are just a little more about actual women than perhaps some past stories may have included.

You can’t write the book and not be aware of it…Diana is different. A lot of people have superheroes they like. But Diana is different. I went to get my computer fixed a few days ago, the woman behind the counter adores Wonder Woman. I got my hair cut over the weekend and the stylist next to mine almost lost her mind, she loves Diana so much. Neither of these women read comics, but they adore the character—her appeal can be utterly lost on some readers, but it resonates deeply with people who have often never cracked open a comic in their lives.

Every convention I went to, every signing, I would meet these people with amazing stories—I’ve talked about it often, but women who used Wonder Woman to explain about might for right to their daughters, people who used Wonder Woman as an example to get out of abusive relationships, I’ve had several people tell me Wonder Woman helped them through chemotherapy, or to come out to their family and friends. Last month, someone told me that my Wonder Woman stories have helped get him off an extremely dark path of depression when he needed it most, and now he’s much, much better. Award-winning novelist and Wonder archivist supreme Andy Mangels told me a story about a woman who actually trained to become an astronaut after being inspired by classic Wonder Woman stories.

It’s…different. Wonder Woman is different.

I know not all readers get it. I know some actresses don’t get it. I know quite a few PROS who don’t get it.
What can I say? It’s their loss.

It was amazing to be a part of something like that.

So now I join a little community of ex-Wonder Woman writers and all I can do is hope I acquitted myself half as well as they did. This group, again, is different. I have never, and I mean never, met a group of past writers who have been so ridiculously encouraging, helpful, and generous. Every time I had a question, every time I sought advice, they were there, over and over. I would find kind notes from them about the latest issue, or message board posts that meant the world to me, from people I truly have admired. Many of them haven’t even worked in comics for years, and still never failed to take the time to be so giving. I think, to them, even when they’re not on the book, they want the new team to do right by Wonder Woman. I can’t thank them enough, but in particular, I have to give special thanks to Phil Jimenez, Greg Rucka, and the great George Perez. It would have been a far tougher road without those guys.

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And the biggest thanks go to the artists who put up with my crazy scripts and schedule, and did such phenomenal work…Aaron Lopresti, Bernard Chang, Terry and Rachel Dodson, Matt Ryan, Brad Anderson, Chris Batista, Fernando Dagnino and Nicola Scott. I think they produced some of the best looking Wonder Woman art in her entire history.

Lest this sound too bittersweet, I have to say, I’m pretty joyful. I got to write this book I loved for a decent-sized run, got to work with some amazing people, and got to meet an incredible group of Wonder Woman loyalists. We got to be part of the first animated Wonder Woman animated film. We created the biggest Wonder Woman message board in history, attracting readers and pros alike with over 70,000 posts in just a few months, right here at Comic Book Resources (click here to check it out). And we’ve started this very column, Wonder of Wonders, with four of the best and most talented Wonder commentators anywhere rotating on writing chores, making essential reading for Diana fans every time at bat.

We brought in some people to work on Wonder Woman on projects I’m hoping will still see the light of day, many of whom have never worked at DC before, and we’re handing over the reins to the best possible choice to take over. And there’s a little surprise in #600 that is a dream come true for me. So I’m happy for the book and for Diana. And we’re going out with a bang, with a big, crazy invasion story featuring the return of someone from WW history, and art by the mighty Nicola Scott.

I have the best and happiest schedule ever coming up, myself, continuing on the darkly funny Secret Six, a book I still can’t believe we get to publish every month, a new Welcome to Tranquility mini-series already in the can starting in July, and in May, my beloved Birds of Prey returns, with artist Ed Benes and some crazy, crazy dangerous chicks I happen to adore. Aside from some secret stuff we can’t talk about yet, I’m working with one of the industry’s biggest and best artists on something truly massive and just deviously fun. I can’t wait to talk about it.

That’s it, thanks for listening to me prattle on. There’s always stuff you wish you had been able to get to whether you’re on a book for one issue or fifty. I hope I gt to tell a couple of these stories in the future.
Thank you to everyone who gave the book a chance, and thank you for all the support and joy you have brought to the book and the character. Wonder Woman is different, and I think a lot of that is because the readers are different, too, in the best possible way.

Thanks for everything and don’t let the megalodons bite,

Gail Simone

Be sure to go visit the Wonder Woman forum right here at CBR! Here‘s a link!


I really hope they haven’t gone crazy and think best person to take over writing is Grant Morrison as rumored. I be scared to pick up an issue of Wonder Woman written by him.

But I JUST asked you not to leave only yesterday!!! ;-)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Gail. From start to finish, your run ranks among my top favourites in Wonder Woman history. It’s been a blast!

By the way also I am sad to see Gail leave Wonder Woman but I am looking forward to return of Birds Of Prey.

Thank you Gail, you have penned some of the most incredible and enjoyable Wonder Woman stories that I have ever read. I look forward to Birds and Secret Six, as always, but will miss the perspective you brought to everybody’s favorite Amazon.

This is the most heartfelt entry this column has had yet! Best wishes Gale! I can’t WAIT to see how Birds of Prey is.

Thanks Gail…Your writing was as bold as the character. Did I agree with everything? No, but you had the conviction to stick with your vision and direction making Wondy worth the reading. Good Luck with Birds 2.0!

Wow. I suppose it’s obvious how disappointed I am by this considering the column I published some five weeks ago, but I’d be lying if I said I expected it to last…especially with all the rumors swirling and the new projects, like Birds of Prey already announced for Gail. I’m excited of course to see Gail move on to other great stuff, and I’ll follow her anywhere, but I wonder and worry what this means for Diana and me. :(

Good luck to you Gail!

Man, I’ve just loved Gail’s run on WW. I’ve checked in on the title periodically over the years, but this was the first time I’ve picked it up regularly since the Gene Colan period in the early ’80s.

Thank you, guys. It’s really hard for me to say goodbye, but your kind words mean a lot.

I have so many amazing Wonder Woman memories. I’ll never forget all the art readers have given me, or the authentic amazon bracelets mega-Wonder fan Michael D’Allessio had made specially for me.

But even more, I will remember things like–when a very young hardcore Wonder Woman fan, just a little girl, was in the hospital fighting for her life, and her father wrote me, and someone from DC heard about it and sent a huge care package of Wonder Woman books and toys…I always think I’m pretty tough, but to be part of that kind of story in even a small way is one of the nicest things that’s ever happened in my crazy weird and un-ruddered career. And she made a full recovery!

It was a delight to get to guide what I consider one of the very best casts in comics for a little while, and I feel lucky every day I had that privilege.

Thank you again for the lovely thoughts.


Lord Paradise

March 5, 2010 at 2:37 pm

I wouldn’t even hesitate to read a Morrison-penned Wonder Woman series. I should really pick up the Simone run, though.

Gail is Wonder Woman.

Kevin Kuczynski

March 5, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Looks like I’ll be buying WW for the first time ever once Morrison gets put on this book.

And we’re going out with a bang, with a big, crazy invasion story featuring the return of someone from WW history

Mer-Boy, your time has come!

Though I’m still holding out for Wonder Tot.

I am completely gutted by this announcement. I had NEVER bought a WW comic book before Gail’s run. I felt compelled to check it out because of her A-level work on Birds of Prey and Secret Six. Gail, along with Geoff Johns, are my 2 favorite writers working in comics today. Why? They understand getting into the minds of characters and focusing on character-driven stories that have a huge impact and emotional resonance. Further, Gail (although I’ve never met her), just strikes me as a very compassionate and loving person (her work with John O.) and dedicated to her craft and the comics community at large. I’m just going to say it now–please, PLEASE let Gail write the Wonder Woman film. Gail, you will be hugely missed on the title. Your work on Secret Six is my highlight of my comics reading experience each and every single month. I can not wait for you to return to Birds of Prey. Please be well and thank you so very much for sharing a bit of your heart and passion for comics with all of us. *hugs* –Julien

Gracias Gail. Thanks for one of the best Wonder Woman runs ever.

Well, it’s been fun. Prior to this run, I was one of those who never really *got* Wonder Woman, but that’s changed. So thanks for that, Gail.

Just to clarify: 600 is your last issue?

Bring on the return of Egg Fu!

Seriously, happy trails Ms. Simone. You work has been a pleasure to read on WW and I’ll still be along for the ride on Secret Six AND looking forward to rejoing Birds of Prey when it comes back.

Please, please let this be JMS.

Joss Whedon as the new writer. I’m calling it.

I’d kind of figured it would happen once the BoP book got announced, but was hoping!

I am glad that they did not take you off of Secret Six, for that book is made of awesome wrapped in layers of the weird and twisted.

I think this will go down as one of the all-time great Wonder Woman runs.

The current series started off decent enough, but spiraled downward quickly. Gail picked up the totally disheveled bits left after Amazons Attack and used them to rebuild and present us with an epic and authentic Wonder Woman story.

I think that Gail and the awesome Aaron Lopresti really honed in on the core of the character and provided the readers with a Wonder Woman that Marston would recognize, yet who is valid for a modern audience. Thanks WW team!


March 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm

My wife has only read a few comics in her life, but she’s adored Wonder Woman since she was a child.
Every time we watch a Justice League episode (which is quite often) she always cheers when WW does something awesome. One of my happiest memories is going into a comics shop with her, I left empty handed, she left with a Wonder Woman graphic novel and a WW pin. I felt very lucky indeed.

I know some people don’t “get” her, I’m not a huge fan of her myself. But I’m glad to know that the character is out there acting as a bridge for women into our sometimes male centric comic book obsession.

She’s also recently expressed an interest in Kirby’s 4th World concetps – hell yeah!

Jonathan Ehrich

March 5, 2010 at 3:53 pm

I can’t read the phrase “wonder of wonders” without thinking of Fiddler on the Roof.

Gail you fit Wonder Woman like a well-tailored star-spangled skirt (not that I’ve ever tried one on!) . After reading the first two story arcs I knew I wanted to preserve your run in a better format, so I decided to trade wait the rest of the series (except for the 2-parter with Canary, I mean, it was Dinah!). I’ll make room on my shelf beside the Perez/Jimenez/Rucka volumes.

and remember…

All our hopes are pinned upon you
and the magic that you do
Stop a bullet cold
make the axis fold
change their minds and change the world

You’re a wonder Gail Simone.

[…] not revealed the next writer for the series, but in an open letter to Comic Book Resources, Simone said, “I have to say in complete honestly, I am genuinely thrilled by who is taking over the book. […]

Hey! Gail! No!

But, yes. Your run on Diana will go down as its most underrated. I didn’t buy any Wonder Woman comics ’til you jumped aboard, then I went back and purchased some of Rucka’s run, ’cause, hey, he did a good job too.

Now, it’s only fitting upon this news that my first Wonder Woman review (#44) at comicsbulletin.com received my highest score yet. Reading such a great ish also makes it harder to take in this announcement. As many have said, the good news is that Birds of Prey lives on. Within the past 3 days I’ve read your entire run on the series–thanks to my day job as co-pilot to delivering electronics–and it’s geared me for the second volume.

Best of luck on your new projects; I know they’ll kick butt.

Why does Wonder Woman never just get canceled when the sales slip, the way other books would?

I mean, it’s great that the character appeals to a bunch of women in a hair salon who would never read a comic book, but what does that have to do with the comic book?

Where is the top image (the one with WW poster and two little girls plus cat) from? Who is the artist? It’s wonderful.

Sinnycal, I think there are plenty of COMIC fans on this board right now who clearly love Wonder Woman comics. Not to mention that WW is far, far away from being the lowest-selling ongoing title DC publishes. Your comment is just indicative of the misogyny among a certain group of comic fans, and that very misogyny is just what makes having a character like Wonder Woman around so important.

There are plenty of comic fans on this board right now who love, I dunno, Cannonball. Pick a comic character and you’ll find a devoted internet fanbase. That’s more or less beside the point. The point is that I can never wrap my head around why Wonder Woman is in a CONSTANT downward slide in sales, and a steep one at that, and where other books would be canceled outright, Wonder Woman always just gets a new all-star creative team. I’ve brought this topic up numerous times over the years, and the answer is always either “lots of people who don’t read comics love her” or “YOU MISOGYNIST PIG!!!” Neither of which I find all that compelling.

Definitely very sad to hear the news. Read Deadpool, Agent X, BoP, and Secret Six. I didn’t think many runs could come close to Agent X, but I was pleasantly surprised by all of Gail’s work at DC. Especially WW. It was a very enjoyable run and I will miss Gail’s voice on the title. DC will be hard pressed to find a suitable replacement . At least we still have Secret Six and the return of BoP. Best of luck, Gail. Can’t wait to read what’s next.

i was one of the animators of ww (as one of the superfriends) for a number of years, having read the comics before that, particularly loving mike sekowsky’s run. other writers have come and gone, leaving work of various qualities, but gail’s the first ww that made me laugh out loud, as she gave us a ww who didn’t take herself seriously, even when she did. her and aaron lopresti made a kickbutt team that not only turned out some dynamic stories, but got them out on time most of the time, exceedingly rare in comics these days. am looking forward to her return with the magnificent ed benes on the ‘birds’ and, if it is true that grant morrison’s the new ww writer well, a new age of wonder is about to dawn. oh, and the ww pic was drawn by bernard chang, i believe, for an issue of ww in the mid-twenties, (of this current run).

You’d really have to ask DC that question, Synnical. They’re obviously committed to the character and the book, but their reasons are their own.

[…] Simone Leaves Wonder Woman In a wonderfully touching farewell letter, writer Gail Simone says her goodbyes and thank yous to all the faithful readers, and new fans who […]

The reason isn’t difficult to guess. She’s a pop culture icon. I’ve just never understood why they feel as though they need to keep the monthly title going to preserve that pop culture status. It’s firmly established. Canceling her comic wouldn’t cause a drop in Halloween costume sales.

Schnitzy Pretzlepants

March 5, 2010 at 6:48 pm

If Gail is excited about the incoming writer then I can’t wait.

All the same I have my hopes: JMS or Joss Whedon.

I digress from the column itself but…

“couple of years back… told me to always remember that the characters we write that are not creator-owned don’t belong to us, and that it was always wise to keep a little distance.”
-Gail Simone

“There’s a saying that I think Bendis coined, and I could be misquoting it, “write it like you own it.””
-Rick Remender,

Interesting dichotomy here, that I think describes the current differences between DC and Marvel. I also have a feeling that the majority of Internet fans would agree with Gail even though I might agree with Rick.

David PiperI \

March 5, 2010 at 7:09 pm


I’m very said that this rumor has been confirmed. I haven’t enjoyed many comics in several years, but yours has been one of the few. I was hoping you would have long, long run, for it was quite obvious that you had strong and unique view of this terrific character, and wanted to move her forward (which you most certainly have). The only thing that i hope comes from all of this is: That you will also be one of the future writers of Wonder Woman, not just one of the past writers.

I’ve just been introduced to your run, Gail, and I think its fantastic. I don’t think I gave it a fair chance when you first started writing it. Now I love it.

And now you’re leaving. :(

Oh well, it was a fantastic couple of runs (that I’ve yet to finish reading btw) and I can’t wait to see what you move on to next.

And this secret new writer for the next run has me intrigued… I’ve no clue who it is. Is it a woman or a man? Can you tell us who its not? When are they announcing it? Bah! I can’t handle any kind of mystery or suspense.

I never really got into Wonder Woman, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because the comics I read with her when I was young weren’t very good. Or maybe she was just too perfect for me (at least when written badly). I tended to gravitate more towards the flawed heroes with lots of personal problems. But I can definitely see why Wonder Woman means so much to a lot of people.
I wish now I’d read some of the stories you wrote. I did like what I saw when Kelly did the column a while back. Maybe I’ll be able to find one of the trades at the library.

Good luck with all your new projects.

Daniel O' Dreams

March 5, 2010 at 8:17 pm

It’ll be sad to see you go Gail, but It’ll be great to have you back on Birds Of Prey.

Wondy could certainly do worse than Grant Morrison as a replacement, as unlikely as I think that is.

WOW I am seriously bummed.

Gail, your work on the title has been stellar, and one of my absolute favourite reads every month. All I can say is that the next writer has some huge footwear to fill. (like size 22 grecian sandals)

At least BoP is coming back though…

@ Gail Simone:

I hope that you got a chance to tell the stories that you wanted to tell. You’ve done more for Diana than anyone has in a long, long time.

wait…. why is she leaving?

[…] the Wonder Woman  sometime before June’s #600. Gail wrote an extensive column over at “Comics Should Be Good!” about her time on the title: You can’t write the book and not be aware of it…Diana is […]

Sinnycal asked:

“Why does Wonder Woman never just get canceled when the sales slip, the way other books would?”

Licensing. Wonder Woman is worth a lot of money for licensing purposes, so the comic stays in constant publication.

They should get another woman to write it. Like maybe Valerie D’Orazio.

Looking forward to what’s next.

If it is Grant Morrison following Gail, I will be dropping Wonder Woman as a monthly pull for the first time since I started reading the comic (Greg Rucka’s first issue).

[…] addition, Simone expanded on her thoughts on leaving “Wonder Woman” in a new “Wonder of Wonders” column on CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog. “I have a feeling I’m going to miss Wonder Woman for a long, long time. But […]

Gail, thank you for an amazing run. I recently purchased all the back issues you wrote, and reading them all together gives me a new appreciation of what you accomplished. Wonder Woman has been my favorite title for a while now, and I hope the next creative team continues in the same vein as you. A lot of WW fans strongly believe that you saved this series after a shakey start, and the Amazons Attack storyline, and I am one of those. Good luck on your next project. You will be missed!

RE Sinnycal: If you want to discuss the merits of Wonder Woman as a character, you could have created a forum on the DC or WW boards. It seems like you are not a fan of the character, and that’s fine, but it’s pretty rude to post a comment like that after Gail is saying goodbye. You’re only going to piss off WW fans who do “get” the character and want to thank Gail for her hard work. Not the time or place, my friend.

Quoted for truth Morlock50…..and isn’t it amazing that you always get these type of posters that want to rain on the parade?

In an age where hit and run writers are the norm rather than the exception on books, shouldn’t we be glad that Gail got a chance to tell her story on the book after a rather aborted attempt from the writer that started this latest run. (Sorry I had my hopes up for his interpretation only to be let down)

I view Gail akin to Keith Giffen and Brian Azzerello, I may not like all the directions the stories go into but given enough time they delve into what makes the key characters tick and by the end of the run you can go back and see clearly where the beats showed they were taking the story, making it even more enjoyable.

Dear Gail,

Thanks for a great run on the book. I’d be lying if I said I was not disappointed in your leaving and that (despite your endorsement) I’m not nervous about whoever is taking over after you’re gone. Your love for WW and her supporting cast was evident in everything you did and I’m not sure how many other writers will ‘get” the character in the way that you have.

Even so, thanks for what you have done. I’m really looking forward to the new “Birds of Prey” and I’ll even pick up the “Tranquility” mini-series just because you’re doing it.

Congrats on a great run, Gail!

You’re one of the most talented, classiest, and well-spoken and thoughtful writers in the business. It’s always a pleasure reading what you write and hearing from you.

Can’t wait to see how you make your mark on what’s next!

Gail, you will be missed! You picked up this series when it was in turmoil following the excellent Rucka run and made it shine anew. I love your stuff and will follow you to the new Birds of Prey or anywhere else, You may well be the best writer in comics today. (As for the possibility of Grant Morrison … ugh. I am so sick of DC tossing him the keys to the DCU and letting him crash it wherever he wants by being so self-indulgent. I have followed his Batman work because I feel like I “need to” for continuity’s sake; but I hate to say I’d probably drop a Morrison-penned WW after an issue or two if I don’t like what I see.)

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Wonder Woman, so I’m going to be quite distraught at your leaving her. On the other hand, I’m over the moon, that you are going to be writing Birds of Prey again. I guess you win some, and you lose some. But whatever books you will be writing, I’ll be reading (and buying) them.

Yesterday was an emotional day, even though I’ve known this was coming for a while. Like I said, I think there’s good news both ways, because the new writer will kick ass, and because I’m doing some books that are just a stone cold pleasure to work on. But it’s still no fun to say goodbye.

But jeez, when I got up this morning, my email addresses are flooded and there’s hundreds and hundreds of kind comments like these here, it reminds me how truly fortunate I am and I can’t be down in the face of it. Thank you so much, everyone. I don’t want to get all sappy, but…well, it makes me all sappy. :)

And I don’t think sinnycal was being mean or rude or anything, he’s just asking a question. Sinnycal, WW is profitable. The tpbs and foreign editions make it more profitable than some books that are higher up the charts. So no worries there.

Thank you again, everyone. I wish I could respond personally to everyone.

And while we’re at it, how cool is it to have one of the Superfriends animators show up on this thread? That is really, really kind of awesome. Nice to meet you, Jack!

All I can really say is, this last WW story is hugely fun and mean, and Welcome to Tranquility starts up again in July, and Secret Six has an incredible Catman story coming up, and man, wait’ll you see the art for the new Birds of Prey. So people who miss me on Wonder Woman can still be totally sick of me elsewhere. ;)

You guys made my day…thank you!

gail, i’ll miss you! i was shocked when i learned you were leaving wonder woman. I’m relatively new to reading the book but you did an amazing job :)

@Gail: No words to describe how awesome your run on WW was….

I will miss you like hell on WW… But I will definitely see you on BOP! Best wishes!

Sinnycal asked:

“Why does Wonder Woman never just get canceled when the sales slip, the way other books would?”

Licensing. Wonder Woman is worth a lot of money for licensing purposes, so the comic stays in constant publication.

No, that’s not why. DC signed a very unique contract with WW creator Marston. If DC does not publish a Wonder Woman book for a single month…just one…the rights revert back to the Marston heirs.

Gail, your departure from WW saddens me deeply. Your writing of my favorite heroine’s life and adventures did more than bring me enjoyment — you made me proud to be a (male) Wonder Woman fan in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time.

Thank you for your contributions to Diana’s history. From the depths of my heart — thank you.

Sad to see Gail leave wonder woman but something with all her other work had to give and at least as she said she is leaving wonder woman is some one hands she ibelieves worthy of the female version of supes and batman. and at least Gail is going back to birds of prey and also still is doing secret six. as for gail ending with some one from Diana’s past could that mean Steve Trevor. still sad to see Gail leave wonder woman for she did her right even if she added the most creepiest Villain to her Rogues. for still can not get over Genocide being made from Diana’s corpse.

I freely admit that I am one of those who don’t get it.

Diana just seems like a token female superhero. I was very happy when Black Canary replaced her in JLA Year One, I preferred Polly in the JSA, and I was sad to see Diana pushed to prominence as part of the “trinity,” which I feel came at the expense of other characters.

Wonder Woman is totally lost on me.

But that is fine.

I’ll take the loss.

I get to read Birds of Prey again and I get to keep reading Secret Six.

Comics with some of the best written, most interesting, and completely kick ass female (an male) characters in any book, video game, movie, or tv show ever.

Wonder Woman has consistently one of the books I looked forward to each month during Gail’s tenure. I am very saddened to hear that she is leaving this book. In her hands, Diana became so much more as a character. I never had any interest in what went on in WW’s world before – she was just a main player in the JLA, one third of the Trinity. Gail Simone gave Diana great stories, a rich environment and dynamic characters to interact with.

It wasn’t just the stories. Gail built up DIana’s character with subtle background plots and an internal monologue that explored how Diana struggled with her heritage and her place in the world. She really had captured Wonder Woman’s “voice”. I enjoyed the Nemesis/WW ‘courtship’ as much as the epic battles with Genocide or the fight alongside Beowulf. And the gorillas…. I’m going to miss the gorillas.

Thank you for a fantastic run, Ms. Simone. I’m hoping your replacement can capture half of the magic you did with this book.

Thanks for a great run on Wonder Woman, Ms. Simone. Here’s hoping DC collects the whole thing in an omnibus or two — I’d love to have that on my bookshelf.

Have a good day.
John Cage

Torsten Adair

March 7, 2010 at 2:24 am

Wonder Woman isn’t one of my faves, but I do understand how difficult it is to write her well.

I read the latest arc, and the dichotomy Diana has between peace and war is one that I never thought about until this arc.

I do hope for more success with Tranquility… such a great idea!

And… one request… I gave my nieces copies of the Johnny DC Supergirl trade. If you have the time Ms. Simone, could you do something similar with Wonder Woman? A nice all ages story that isn’t tied into JLU or DCU?

Who’s my guess for the next writer? Frank Miller. Dave Sim?

Wonder Woman continues because there is a pop-cultural following, and because female readers are reading comics. Look at the “girlie” books DC has now… WW, Supergirl, Power Girl, Gotham City Sirens, Bat-Girl, Detective… Yeah, some of us guys read them too, but that’s just because the stories are GOOD.

Now… when will DC announce Wonder Woman: Earth One? Or a secret origins miniseries us booksellers can sell to those hairdressers and teens and mothers and nieces?

If Morrison is the new writer I will be dropping the Wonder Woman title for the first time in over 20 year. Please DC.. ANYONE else.

Noel Schornhorst

March 7, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Ms. Simone, thank you for your great work on Wonder Woman. You will be missed. Thank you also for being so accessible to your fans. I look forward to seeing your work continue on Secret Six and BoP. If you say we’ll like the next writer, I have faith that we will. :) Take care, and hopefully, you can work with Wonder Woman again soon. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it when that day comes.

Thanks Gail!

As a seasoned comics reader, I can easily say that your Wonder Woman was probably the most integrated version as a character. During your run, we got to see her in all her aspects as goddess, a human, a warrior, a diplomat, a fighter and a forgiver. And we also got to see her in her few moments of weakness and doubt, which really grounded the character for me. And all of this was integrated so well that none of it felt contradictory or incongruous – you’re a glorious writer and you brought a reality to the character that I never really “got” from her before.

More importantly though – it will always be your Wonder Woman that got my now 5 year old daughter hooked on the world of superheroes. It will always be your Wonder Woman that I will remember reading to her and talking to her about. And it will probably be your Wonder Woman that she will remember and measure herself against as she makes her own way to womanhood. You have my immeasurable gratitude for that.

And while we’ll miss you in the pages of WW, I look forward to following you over to BOP (which I have never read before). My daughter has been ferociously loyal to WW (the only other character I’ve been able to get her interested in is Storm over in the MU), but I look at this as an opportunity to introduce her new characters and even more fun in the DCU.

Thanks again for a great run on WW, and we’ll keep an eye out for you in other works to come.

Im with GH, where can I find that amazing first picture? Is it a cover? Pin up art? I want it on the wall of my 1 year old daughters room ASAP!

Im with GH, where can I find that amazing first picture? Is it a cover? Pin up art? I want it on the wall of my 1 year old daughters room ASAP!

That’s Aaron Lopresti’s cover art from issue #25 of the current WW monthly.

[…] 6. CBR – “ROBOT SIX: WONDER OF WONDERS “: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2010/03/05/wonder-of-wonders-3510/ […]

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