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Scott Harris’ Quest for FFF!

Scott Harris, who is a great commenter on the blog and has his own nifty blog, The Vault, is trying to fulfill something he began years ago – reach every one of the “Hallowed Ranks of Marveldom” from Marvel’s first official fan club, the Merry Marvel Marching Society.

Only Fearless Front Facer remains, so join Scott as he tries to gain this very rare honor!

Click here to check out the beginning of his quest for FFF!


The fact that I will never know the the honor of receiving a No-Prize fills me with a deep and abiding sorrow. On a lighter noter, why can’t Marvel reprint the Letters’ Page and Bullpen bulletins in the Marvel Essentials line? Half the fun of owning an old Marvel comes from reading the Letters’ page.

Thanks for the support, Brian. I haven’t heard back from Marvel yet but I’ve been getting some nice comments form people about it so farm, so I’ll be sure to update everyone with my progress. Thanks all.

And I agree completely about the Bullpen Bulletins and the lettercolumns in particular. Some of those letter pages are almost more interesting than the comics they appear in.

I agree about the Bullpen, then again, I wish that they’d do what they did with those Silver “Masterworks” reprints from the 90s and reprint EVERYTHING, ads included.

Part of the reason I still try to pick up original runs of stories vs. TPBs is for the ads, Bullpen and letter columns. If they included even just the last two in reprints, I’d buy a lot more.

And good luck, Scott.

Just a quick follow up. I received a response from Tom Brevoort. He said that he will need to consult on this matter… with Stan Lee. So I guess my quest is heading to a higher power. I responded on my website by making possibly the most amateurish video ever where I reveal my Marvel geek credentials and my made for Hollywood face. So if anyone wants to see Tom’s response and my video, you can check it through my link above.

I’ll update again when I hear back from Tom and Stan The Man.

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