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DC/Marvel Character Tourney Modern Age Region, Round 1

The first round of voting begins now!

Simply choose your favorite (whether it be that you think they’re more interesting, more appealing, whatever criteria you want to use) in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

The seeding was mostly based on the results of our 2007 DC/Marvel Character Poll and then split into brackets based on when each character was introduced!


Check back Saturday to see who advanced to the next round!


Hooray, all of my choices are winning!

Gambit doesn’t stand a chance

How can you tell who’s winning?

I felt confident with most of my Golen Age votes, but I think I could quite easily lose every single one of the ones I just voted for.

Never underestimate the quantity of X-Men fans out there!

Eat open elevator shaft, Gambit.

I voted first, Dan!

That DreamMorpheus vs Jesse Custer threw me a bit

Geez, these are hard!

I voted for Gambit. Wanna make something of it?

darn some of these pairings – I have favorite characters vs favorite characters and I don’t want to knock either of them off. :(

Daniel O' Dreams

March 18, 2010 at 11:04 am

Tim Drake vs Jessica Jones was the hardest so far. Two characters I used to love that I find myself indifferent to now. Both were great characters in their own series (the original version of Tim’s series anyway) who get lost in the shuffle when put in with other characters.

I don’t know, I loved Gambit when I was a kid and I still voted for Rorschach. :)

Here are my votes, using the same criteria ( character interest combined with story engine potential):

1. Jessica Jones: the most “real” person in mainstream comics. Tim is just not as well developed.

2. DEath; There are 8 million ways to die. Combine that with immortality and you have story engine gold. Booster is just not as versatile.

3. Kyle Raynor: Kyle can function well in any environment. Spider, in contrast, depends on the 20 minutes in the future meets Hunter S Thompson meets Warren Ellis combo to work.

4. Deadpool: Deadpool’s potential as a story engine is limitless. Yorick only has so many tales to tell.

5. Constantine: Trenchcoat wearing supernatural investigators can go on forever. Connor Kent has an horizon.

6. Starman: Combine legacy Character with the Opal City setting and you have a fabulous story engine. Bart Allen is just not as open ended.

7. Dream: E verything that DEath has, Dream has in spades.

8. Rorschach: A twisted psyche that would take 1,000 issues to fully explore. Gambit, in contrast, is just a cool visual gimmick.

Willie Everstop

March 18, 2010 at 11:29 am

Raw Shark!

Only tough one for me here was Dream vs. Jesse Custer. I liked Sandman better than Preacher overall, but as far as the actual character goes Jesse has much more personality.

Deadpool and Booster were each great for very short periods under very particular writers, and otherwise just irritating, whereas Yorick and Death have always been terrific.

I have mixed feelings about Spider and Jessica, but they’re just way more interesting than Kyle and Tim. I love Jack Knight, Rorschach and Constantine, and I’m not particularly interested in Connor and don’t like Bart and Gambit, so those were easy calls.

I have no idea who Jewel is, but I voted for her.

The funny thing for me was that I voted with the more mature/Vertigo characters even though I didn’t read them regularly because I felt the more mainstream super-hero characters simply hadn’t lived up to their potential.

Okay, I voted for Jessica Jones because I like her in the Avengers, Rorschach because I’ve never seen anything good about Gambit in any way, and Deadpool because I have read a couple of good stories with him.
I’ve never read anything with any of the others and I barely know anything about them.
Boy, there really aren’t very many good modern characters, are there?
Where’s Jubilee?

Wow, apart from the easy win for Rorschach, I found this bracket way harder than the first one. Picking Dream over Jesse was a tough call.

Not having read anything with the others is really no basis to say that they’re not good characters. But then I can’t stand Jubilee, and I voted for Jessica despite Bendis’s Avengers run.

Surprised myself by voting for Kyle Rayner, a character I never cared about. It’s just that Spider Jerusalem is one of the most irritatingly pseudo-cool characters ever in comic book history, so I simply had to vote against him. The same for Jesse Custer. I’m not a big fan of Dream, but Jesse was easily the blandest, least interesting character in Preacher, and I hated how Ennis wrote him as if we should admire his macho chauvinist bullshit.

That Sandman/Jesse Custer was a tough one!

Tim Drake, Booster Gold, Spider Jerusalem, Deadpool, Bart Allen, John Constantine, Jesse Custer, and Rorschach.

Hey, all. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I love this, but it’s a bit schizophrenic. I mean, Booster Gold vs. Death? Constantine vs. Superboy? I’d actually love to read some of these matchups…

Slightly regretting voting for Deadpool now. I think that Y is highly overrated, but that isn’t Yorick’s fault. Yorick was consistently a good character.

This is too strange. Some of these characters are so wildly different. Death vs. Booster Gold?

A further difficulty for me it’s that I’m not much of fan of specific characters in comics, but of the way writers have used them. I’m the sort of fan that follows the creators instead of the characters.

But I did my best.

Reasons for voting:

1) Jessica Jones over Tim Drake – ALIAS is one of my all-time favorite comics. THE PULSE was good too. I’m don’t like Bendis’s New Avengers, but I’ll try not to hold that against Jessica. Tim Drake is not a bad character, but I think I’m not much of a bat-fan.

2) Booster Gold over Death – I think I have a crush on Booster Gold, as the lovable scoundrel that is eternally trying to be a true hero while being looked down by most other heroes. I love Sandman, but I don’t think I ever loved the oh-so-cute Death as much as everyone else.

3) Kyle over Spider Jerusalem – That is a sacrilege for you. Kyle isn’t particularly unique. He is just the everyman trying to be a hero. It’s just that I never warmed to Spider Jerusalem, the utmost Mary Sue for Warren Ellis. I think I liked Transmetropolitan despite Spider, not because of him.

4) Yorick over Deadpool – I never read Y: The Last Man, but I’m tired and sick of Deadpool. So, anyone but Deadpool.

5) Jack Knight over Impulse – Jack is one of comics best realized, complex, human characters. He can give Jessica Jones a run for her money in that aspect. Impulse is just a kid. I’m really not into fiction with kids in it.

6) Dream over Jesse Custer – I’ll take the goth over the macho. Thank you.

7) Constantine over Superboy – Another complex, very human character, and he’s been written by lots of the greatest writers in comics. Superboy is not bad, but not in that league.

8) Rorschach over Gambit – He is Rorschach! I don’t hate Gambit or anything (superhero comics are very male-oriented and surprisingly devoid of seductive scoundrels, so Gambit is a worthy addition), but Rorschach is Rorschach. No comparision.

tim, bart, and conner because young justice was great! also shied away from vertigo because i was more into capes in the 90’s

Kyle v Spider!?!?!?!


‘1. Jessica Jones: the most “boring” person in mainstream comics. Tim is just not as well developed.’
*tum te tum*

Love these – in fact I started my own (http://hoopertriplett.wordpress.com/) a couple days ago.

I REALLY hope Yorrick beats Deadpool. Deadpool IS a variant cover.

In keeping with the metallic nomenclature, shouldn’t this be the Iron Age?

Okay, here are my votes and if applicable the reasons why. My criteria was the simplest of all — which character I like better. No bells or whistles.

1 defeats 16. Tim Drake is fine though I never really read much with him. My only exposure to Jessica Jones is through New Avengers, so… yeah. Couldn’t get rid of her fast enough.

8 defeats 9. Death — Pretty cool. Booster Gold is cooler now than he has ever been but sadly that isn’t saying a lot.

12 defeats 5. Spider Jerusalem — Don’t like either of these characters but I dislike Kyle Rayner more.

13 defeats 4. Yorick Brown — Again, indifferent to Yorick but Deadpool is way over done.

6 defeats 11. Starman — Probably the only character in this whole region of the bracket that i care at all about.

3 defeats 14. John Constantine — I actually liked the movie? Maybe I shouldn’t say that. But Conner can go die. Oh… wait.

7 defeats 10. Morpheus — Both characters can get dumped in a volcano for all I care.

2 defeats 15. Rorschach — Very cool character. Gambit wears, like, a purple paisley breastplate under a trenchcoat. WTF?

This whole bracket is made of fail. Not Brian’s fault, of course, but seriously. Ugh.

This bracket needed Hitman. He would have mopped the floor wwith most of these mooks!

these were kind of a joke. im hoping for a starman vs preacher final those are my two favorite books of all time

Kyle Rayner vs Spider Jerusalem, two of the most annoying characters ever. Though to choose!

I don’t want to see the winners of this round. Nearly every match up is an awesome character against an annoying/lame character and I don’t know if I trust the group to tell the difference.

Jessie Custer and Sandman is such an epic battle. Word of God versus Master of Dreams. That’s crazy, b.

Yorrick Brown >>> Deadpool.

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