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Comics Are Awesome #30

Triple feature!

Saddle Romances 9Saddle Romances 10Saddle Romances 11

Sorry, Western Romance Genre, readers did know how to quit you.


Wow, there is a ton of word balloon text on those covers.

Comics that hit the sweet spot! With horses and guns for boys, and that icky love stuff for girls!

I could see a whole line of such comics to attract boys and girls. SPORTS ROMANCES! WAR ROMANCES! HORROR ROMANCES! Was anyone smart enough to publish these surefire winners?

The Mad Monkey

March 27, 2010 at 9:11 am

I gotta agree with Ian.
It’s like J. Michael Straczynski wrote for those covers.

Ha ha! 2003-era meme cheap shots.

HORROR ROMANCES are very popular these days, at least.

The All-Smelling Nose of Agamotto

March 27, 2010 at 1:13 pm

“Sorry, Western Romance Genre, readers did know how to quit you.”

Uhh, who are you apologizing to, Bill?

It might have been a problem that two-thirds of those covers describe the basic set-up of Archie Comics, but with a LOT more words.

“Saddle Romances,” for some reason, I really like that name. hmmm…

I thought covers had too much dialogue when I was a kid!

To Rob Schmidt– You said ‘ … horses and guns for boys, and that icky love stuff for girls!’ I really feel I have to correct you there. Horses are for GIRLS! I thought everyone knew that!

Go Mary, Go Mary.

The guy in the center cover looks like an early incarnation of Jesse Custer. Looks like he was a badass Daddy-murderer back in the day (and, if her Daddy was an ex-Nazi, that would explain everything)!

With some hard work, a little luck… and my helicopter… you can make this ranch a success!

Can someone explain to me how an helicopter would help in this case?

A lot of large ranches use helicopters for herding cattle. At least I’ve seen it on TV. The ranches around here are really small and don’t do things like that.

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