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DC/Marvel Character Tourney Finals Voting!

The final round of voting begins now!

Simply choose your favorite (whether it be that you think they’re more interesting, more appealing, whatever criteria you want to use) in the following match-up. The voting concludes at 10pm (Eastern) Monday night!

The seeding was mostly based on the results of our 2007 DC/Marvel Character Poll and then split into brackets based on when each character was introduced!


See who wins this Monday night (I figure I’ll wait until the basketball game ends on Monday to announce the winner here)! Have fun voting!


There. I have contributed to the inevitability.

Voted for Spider-Man. Batman is awesome and all that, but Spider-Man in my mind has always been the most endearing character from any age. Besides, Batman can go home and cry into a pile of money if he loses

Batman. Always Batman. Always driving voters bats!


April 4, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Batman for the win!

This year’s going to be different, I can feel it.

Go Spidey!

Petey pulverizes Bruce!

Both Options are so……. Terrible. I guess I’ll go with Bruce….

Sorry Spidey, but I would probably vote Batman over any other fictional character(well, maaaaybe not against Indiana Jones).

Batman, you can thank Mephisto for this one.

Predictable but great final. I’m voting for Batman, though. To me is the greatest, most malleable, most resilient character in modern fiction.

I voted all the way up to here, but now I am done. My all time 2 favorite characters and I love them so much I can’t choose. I know Batman is going to wind up winning, but I will be happy either way at this point. As far as the guy who said both options are terrible, we are all entitled to our opinions, but if these two characters are terrible, who do you consider great?

Fascinating. Especially since I’ve been reading comics since around 1963. What if this poll had been taken in the past?

In 1970; Spidey would have won in a landslide.

In 1980; Batman, easily.

In 1990, Batman by a mile.

In 2000; Spider-Man would have won in a squeaker.

In 2010? Wow. Batman’s dead and Spider-Man has sold his soul to the devil. I don’t have a clue. No prediction.

I’ll be watching Enemy Ace vs Tommy Monaghan in the NIT.

Voted Spider-Man, but Batman will win.

Shouldn’t even bother voting, everyone knows Bats will win. What’s the point of this if it’s just Batman and Spider-Man every time? Also, could two nastier creatures have been the inspiration for two of modern comics greatest heroes?

i cant think of a tougher tossup right now……..batman is the ultimate strategist and already knows how to beat his opponet……..but when peters not fightin some of the stupidest gimmick villains ever created hes perseverin over some of the baddest in the marvel u. though they both have unbreakable wills….but i think in the long run im votin for ol spidey. this guy can never find a silver lining…..hes hard on cash…..has terrible luck with girls……most of his friends he sees as a liability…and he has to balance bein spidey between this…..and yet he always finds a way to get past this…..while i could just as easily vote for bruce i think im goin with spidey

The Crazed Spruce

April 4, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Wow. The man who always knows how to defeat any foe, against the man who always finds the courage to keep fighting, no matter how outmatched he might be.

Ridiculously tough call, but I went with the one that I like better as a character, and that’s Spidey. By a hair.


April 4, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Well said Spruce.

I could go either way, both characters are great, but I went with Spidey. At the end of the day he has more heart. Maybe it’s because of Easter or something, but I’m just feeling more like voting for the hopefull character at the moment.

Plus, I just simply love the Marvel Universe (well my version at least) a little more than the DCU.

And yeah, I’m sure he’s going to get stomped by Batman. Like I said, at least both are great characters.

Whenever I feel like I’ve had enough with superheroes, a good Spidey story always brings me back; so it’s him for me.

Sings “Worlds Greatest Detective, Beating Every Evil Fiend” tralalalala

Voted Plutonian.

Peter Parker was the first super-hero who seemed like a real person, and to this day he still feels more real than practically anybody. He’s also one of the few characters that nearly every writer gets right.
Batman has a lot of great qualities, but he’s never felt nearly as real to me (and far, far less relatable). I might feel differently if I’d read more modern stories with him, but I haven’t.

The DC-bias of internet sites like this one seems unbeatable, though. So I’m not very optimistic.

Tom Fitzpatrick

April 5, 2010 at 5:32 am

The Bat carries RAID and squashes the Spider.

There is absolutely NO doubt about the outcome of this voting.

I STILL would have voted for Rorschach even IF the other was Wolverine.

It might be nice to have a tournament where Spidey and Bats are disqualified, since it always seems to come down to this. I mean, we already know these guys are the two most popular characters. I’m imagining many of us just can’t take seriously voting for anybody else when he or she is up against one of these two just by virtue of the sheer weight of awesomeness developed over all those decades. But it’d be nice to know who would really win among the anybody elses. (Maybe Superman and/or Wolverine should be disqualified too…)

So dull. Perhaps the next tournament could be between lower tier characters to make it more interesting. Like is Blackout from Ghost Rider better than that guy who helped out Blue Beetle.

@Tim — maybe something like “favorite character who has never had a solo title of his own go over 50 issues at a stretch before it was cancelled?” That would eliminate such big names as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman from DC, and Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America from Marvel, while still leaving plenty of room for cult favorites who only lasted a couple of years as a solo act, and/or have distinguished themselves as stalwart members of a team effort. (There are lots of good characters who have been X-Men or Titans, for instance, who seem to function best as part of a group instead of trying to solve every case by themselves.)

Frankly, I don’t know who will get my vote in this round. When this began, I’d been hoping for some sort of surprise upset instead of a choice of such obvious celebrities as Bats and Spidey.

I voted for Spider-Man because he always wins when he is the underdog. ;-)

But I still think are more interesting match would be Batman vs Doom.

They need to pit Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine in one group where they can all just eliminate each other…

So maybe we could end with a bracket that has, say… Green Lantern VS Iron Man which is tougher to predict and a FRESHER discussion. Not too mention more relevant.

We could even end with some obscure pairings like Booster Gold VS Irredeemable Ant Man or cool and amusing match ups like Mr. Terrific VS Mr. Fantastic. I

So sick of Batman. He’s a walking plot-device

One problem with this bracket is that it intends to account for these characters over their entire history. Given that, the individuals will change very little year to year. (2009 represented only ~1/50th of Spider-Man’s history, for example.) Thus, the characters will not change appreciably enough between years for the results to change appreciably either. I think we all guessed that it would be Batman vs. Spider-Man at the end. And I think we all would guess that Batman will win. Does that eliminate the fun? No, not entirely, but I would like to see a best character of 2009 bracket that only considered appearances in that specific year. That way, a wonderful character like Batman, who simply wasn’t around a lot, would not automatically win. Tony Stark may have a chance in 2009, though his chances during the Civil War years would have been zero. Just a thought.


April 5, 2010 at 10:16 am

I love both, but I’m voting Spidey.

This is a tough call, these are clearly my two favorites. It came down to which one I had the most posters of on my wall as a kid…and the winner is Spiderman!


Can’t decide, these two are absolutely best comic characters of all time, and they both are my role models, so i won’t vote.

“I have given a name to my pain, and it is Batman.”

I’m more of a DC guy, but I still like Spidey better.


Willie Everstop

April 5, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Batman would keep a sample of web fluid and take it back to his cave for analysis. He would discover that the biggest purchaser of the main ingredients is also the photographer who takes pictures of Spider-Man.

Batman follows Peter Parker around while Alfred tails his Aunt. The best way to take down Spider-Man is to do it in a public place while he is still in his civilian identity which Batman does easily. Meanwhile Alfred and Aunt May have found out they really enjoy each others company and have to decided to get married.

Batman and Spider-Man become wacky stepbrothers. Peter gets a cool uncle who specializes in washing blood in out of tights. Bruce gets someone to pat him on the head and say, “You worry too much. You’re not Superman you know.”

Winner: Spider-Man

Batman. Thank Mephisto for that.

Here is my vote, same criteria as before (character interest plus story engine potential). However, unlike previously, I will now base my vote upon the complete continuity of the character.

1. Spider-Man: Tough call. The match up betwen Spider-Man and Batman essentially comes down to the perfect story engine (Batman) vs. the most psychologically realistic character in mainsteam superhero comics (Spider-Man). Both characters get an A+ in their respective domains. Spider-Man, however, has an A level story engine (For Example, as Kevin Smith has observed, Spider-Man has the second best Rogue’s gallery in Comics, right after Batman’s). Batman, although he has benefited enormously from the character work that he has received since the 70s (E.g., from such writers as Denny O’Neil, Englehart, Frank Miller, etc.) is not the psychological equal of Spidey. Batman only gets a B to B+ for character interest. Batman, then, gets an A+ for story engine and a B to B plus for character interest. Spider-Man edges past Batman with an A for story engine and an A+ for character interest.

Anybody but Obama…………………………………………………Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know about better character? I could debate that for a long time. But who I like/think is better? Spider-Man easily. Bruce beinvg a spoiled rich kid versus peter scraping every nickel together is part of it but it goes much deeper than that.

With great power comes greatest character!

Marvel Zombie

April 5, 2010 at 7:18 pm

Opps thats my comment above. I got so worked up I forgot my name. Thats how much I love Spidey.

Batman. Would have been much harder to call before One More Day. Also, I can still clearly hear Kevin Conroy’s voice in my head.

I like them both but Spider-Man got me into comics in the first place while all I knew about Batman as a kid was that guy from Superfriends and the 60’s TV show. UGH… Bats didn’t get cool until Dark Knight Returns and much later Batman The Animated Series. Spidey was always Spidey.

I may not like what’s going on with Spidey in the comics right now while I like what DC’s doing with Batman, but the Web-Slinger will always be tops with me.

Where’s the results?

Love Peter, but he is a loser

Batman… Tha dark knight… the biggest comic book hero ever !!! He can defeat Marvel characters just by himself !

@ Willie Everstop

Best Comment Ever!

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