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Comics Are Awesome #33

Fat and Slat 4

One of these days, I’ll get back to writing actual content. Until then? Octopus heads.


I am a fan of people with things-that-are-not-heads for a head, and Octopus Man is an inspired visual, but I think it’s hard to top this old cover of Strange Adventures in my heart:


It’s an image I just find … inspiring, you know? I say this with no trace of irony: I want to read an ongoing series about the character suggested by that one picture. Like, a Vertigo comic from the 90s.

@ Justin:

Take a look at almost any Doom Patrol writen by Grant Morrison. You’ll appriciate all the weirdness & other-head-ness.

I like that “Gag” is in quotation marks.

Danjack: I’m a big fan of the run, actually, and on my worst days I feverishly believe several issues were actually written solely for me.

@ Justin:

That can’t be! They were written for me! Man, Morrison’s a trip!


Is it just me, or does this costume looks eerily like the Spider-Man costume, mixed with the powers of Dr Octopus?

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