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Picking the NBA Playoffs, Comic Book Style

Over at Pop Culture Shock, Jon Haehnle put together a “NBA Playoff Smackdown,” where a group of basketball fans who write about comics on the web make their predictions as to who will win each series throughout the NBA playoffs.

At the end of the playoffs, whoever has picked the most series correctly (with extra points for predicting how many games each series will take) gets bragging rights.

And seeing as how I write for the awesome New York Knicks blog (part of ESPN’s True Hoop Network of NBA blogs), Knickerblogger, I was asked to contribute picks, as well.

Check out the picks here.

Heck, feel free to play along in the comments if you’d like!


As a die hard Cavs fan, I can’t wait to give the Bulls a taste of their own medicine and boot them from the playoffs with our version of “Michael Jordan”.

I picked the Cavs in 5 for 2 reasons:

1) I would like to see the Cavs lose one in order to keep them humble and to cause them to remember last year’s sting against Orlando- gotta keep them hungry. I think those 2 sweeps in a row last year got them to be too cocky.

2) The Bulls talent is vastly underrated and that scrappy young team will probably pull one out in Chicago.

i like:

cavs 4-0 over bulls
magic 4-1 over bobcats
hawks 4-1 over bucks
celtics 4-3 over heat

lakers 4-2 over zombies
mavs 4-1 over spurs
suns 4-3 over blazers
nuggets 4-2 over jazz

cavs 4-1 over celtics
magic 4-3 over hawks
lakers 4-3 over nuggets
mavs 4-2 over suns

cavs 4-2 over magic
mavs 4-2 over lakers

cavs 4-2 over mavs

I expect the Magic to win, when Zatanna says “drawoH kcolb lla rieht sthos”.

(OK, I like the Magic anyways, but I felt obliged to have something resembling a comic book reference in the comments.)

I’m a little surprised that you have the Mavs going out in Round 1. They have dark horse potential to me.

So, you are a Knicks guy? I always assumed that rooting for the Knicks is like rooting for my beloved Dodgers. The market is large enough and the fans are devoted enough to support truly horrific management. You had the Isaiah era and now we have the Divorce Era. Also, both teams share a city (and, in large measure, a fan-base) with the premiere franchise in another sport. For some reason that makes the home crowd a little edgier.

I trust you mean that the actual blog is awesome, and not … you know, the team.

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