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Comics Are Awesome #34

Tales of Suspense 29

No jokes this week. This is just plain awesome.


Pretty much.

Is that Kirby?

it was a lot more awesome when Brainiac did it…

Apparently he took away the sky and made the earth hollow too…

That really looks like Kirby. (The monster, the complex buildings, maybe 1960 or so))

And that is awesome.

Has to be Kirby. The Martian reminds me of early versions of The Thing

And not too far away from the monster on FF #1.

When did comics go to 12 cents? 1961? Can’t be an earlier than that, but Iron Man hasn’t taken over Suspense yet. So `961-63, probably. Kirby looking very good here, I think.

The Martian does look very much like the early Thing, so it probably predates FF #1. That must narrow date of publication pretty much.

According to the Grand Comics Database, it’s penciled by Kirby, inked by Ditko, and published in February 1962.

It is TS #29, while Iron Man debuted in #39 (cover dated April 1963). Wikipedia claims that #1 was dated January 1959, #9 was May 1960 (hinting of a bimonthly format) and #38 was August 1962, so this #29 would appear to be from sometime in 1961. But see below.

Also, the Mile High Comics info tells us that the story itself is by Lee and Kirby, so the cover is indeed probably his.

The GCD believes this to be a Kirby cover as well. And claims a vendor-arrival date of February 1962, incidentally (which looks just about right). The wikipedia info about #38 being from 1962 must be wrong.



62? So it’s almost time for them to bring him back to help take down Thanos.

What’s coolest is that the Martian seems to have dug the city up with his hand, and is now tossing it into the air. THAT’S how you steal a city!

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