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The Greatest Stories Ever Told!

Welcome to a new month-long feature here at Comics Should Be Good for the month of May!

Beginning today, each day you will get a chance to vote on the greatest ____ stories ever told!

The ____, of course, will be filled in by a different comic book character or creator each day!

You will have a week to vote each time (except for the first day, as I’m doing two voting entries – so you’ll have just six days for the first one) by sending your ten favorite comic book stories starring that character or written or drawn by the featured creator to bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

So starting May 1st, the first results will be up and then each day in May you’ll see a new The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Neat, huh? It’s like the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines, only A. It’s character/creator specific and B. It’s open to ALL stories – even one-shots!

Read on for more detailed rules and a list of the characters and creators who are currently open for voting!

Here’s how to vote and what constitutes a “story.”

1. Number a list from 1 to 10, with your favorite comic book story #1 and your tenth favorite comic book story #10. E-mail this list to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Only votes e-mailed to this address will count.

2. Since this is a lot shorter of a voting period than typical and the topics are much more narrow, I figure that there will be a lot more close calls, so I’ll be breaking all the ties as I see fit.

3. A comic book story can be as small as just a one-off story or a one-shot or an annual or an original graphic novel, and as long as a storyline that continues for up to 12 issues in one title (an exception to the “one title” thing includes instances like the Magus Saga beginning in Strange Tales and continuing to Warlock’s own (resurrected) book or Batman’s first battle with Ra’s Al Ghul taking place in both Detective Comics AND Batman).

4. A storyline can go over 12 issues if it specifically labeled as such. Stuff like Seven Soldiers, for instance, could count as one storyline, as that’s how it was intended (and how it was labeled).

5. However, since we’re being so specific to each creator here, you can’t just say stuff like “Warren Ellis’ Authority” – you have to pick one of his two Authority storylines. Similarly, you can’t say “Ellis’ Planetary.” In that case, just pick the story you liked best.

6. When listing your stories, just try to make it clear what you’re talking about.

7. I’ll make various other judgment calls as I see fit.

Here are the results of all the Greatest Stories Ever Told votes!

1. Batman!

2. Peter David.

3. Punisher.

4. Steve Englehart.

5. Darkseid.

6. Ed Brubaker.

7. Black Panther.

8. George Perez.

9. Joker.

10. Warren Ellis.

11. Thor.

12. Geoff Johns.

13. Beast Boy/Changeling.

14. Chuck Dixon.

15. Magneto.

16. Len Wein.

17. Supergirl.

18. Rogue.

19. Keith Giffen.

20. Marv Wolfman.

21. Flash (Wally West).

22. Roger Stern.

23. Kingpin.

24. Peter Milligan.

25. Green Arrow.

26. Mark Millar.

27. Hawkeye.

28. Kurt Busiek.

29. John Constantine.

30. Mark Waid.

31. The Thing

I hope you had fun!


Are there supposed to be rules 3 and 4? And just to be clear, even though something like Cataclysm in the various Batman titles is billed as one story, since (assuming I’m remembering this right) it spans multiple creators, that’d be no good, right?

Is it okay if we don’t manage the full ten entries in each list?

great idea Brian, this will be a great opportunity to showcase lesser known classics rather than the usual suspects…

I fear this is the one that’s going to break Brian, what with all the votes he’s going to get for that story where that guy and that other guy fight that thing with the stuff.

Oh Jeez, I gotta mull this over and do my part to prevent excretion like HUSH from taking the top spot on Batman.

I fear this is the one that’s going to break Brian, what with all the votes he’s going to get for that story where that guy and that other guy fight that thing with the stuff.

Yeah, that’s why I’m giving myself a ton of leeway here. A lot of judgment calls. ;)

This is just for comic-book stories, right? Because my favorite Peter David stuff is in novel form.

Are there gonna be exactly fifteen of each category?

Are there gonna be exactly fifteen of each category?

No, ten.

This is just for comic-book stories, right? Because my favorite Peter David stuff is in novel form.

Yes, just comics.

Whoops should have read this first before posting in the Peter David one….gotta amend my list a bit….sorry Brian

Do CSBG contributors (Cronin, Burgas, Hatcher, etc.) or well-known comics creators ever vote in these sort of things?

Do CSBG contributors (Cronin, Burgas, Hatcher, etc.) or well-known comics creators ever vote in these sort of things?


can i count jla: new world order as a batman story? he was definitely the most important character in the story, and it provided some defining batman moments.

Guessing Astro City: Confession doesn’t count as a Batman story. Which is a pity, because it really is one of the best Batman stories ever.

Ten Darkseid stories? Let alone good ones? Can’t really think of that many…

Same goes for the others… I don’t think I can list ten stories. That’s not to say there aren’t good stories out there, just not many which leap into my skull when I think about them.

Here’s a problem: Any story starring Superman becomes a Superman story.

Also, it would be nice to have separate posts for each category, so we can discuss “the best of…”

Yeah, I’m havin’ trouble too. I think in terms of “runs…” and I have a Godawful memory for individual plot points.

I’m sure I’ve read well over a hundred Punisher stories, but I don’t remember what happens in more than five or six of them.

Was the “what if I can’t come up with ten” question been answered yet? I think that’s been a staple of CSBG contests before – ballots with less than X number of entries won’t be counted – so I’d like to be sure.

It hasn’t been answered to my knowledge, but I’ve submitted a couple of lists with less than 10 entries and Brian hasn’t thrown them back at me yet.

goddamit stop voting batman year one before dark knight returns, its annoying.

You should do a best Marvel Max story list, and a best John Romita Jr.

I don’t vote in these because I don’t knw enough of the creators’ work, but I love reading them.

No number 6 ?

If there’s a “Best Darkseid”, can a “Best Dr Doom” be far behind? Best Justice League? Best Avengers? Best John Byrne? Best Mark Waid? Best Kurt Busiek? Best Spiderman? Best Fantastic Four? Best Alan Moore? Best Neil Gaiman? Best Iron Man? Best Captain America? Best Teen Titans? Best Legion? Best Lex Luthor? Best Green Lantern? Best Flash? This should go on for a year! :D

Two cool character lists (both Batman-themed) I would like to see are:

1. The Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told
2. The Greatest Ras Al’Ghul Stories Ever Told


So if they are out of print do they count? I mean if it’s impossible or unlikely to buy LEGAL copies of these comics to READ the STORY, shouldn’t we then IGNORE that particular story as bring OUT of continuity?

I’m speaking, of course, about The Great Darkness Saga.

Think about it. I t’s almost impossible to obtain LEGAL copies. Gosh, if ONLY there were a way to read comics without a physical piece of PAPER!!!



A copy of the Great Darkness Saga trade sold on eBay TODAY for $20.

i’d really love to see lists for chris claremont, john byrne, denny o’neil, mark waid, kurt busiek, alan davis, jim starlin, andy/adam kubert, john romita jr, chris bachalo, roger stern, and marv wolfman (creators), and superman, john constantine, flash, wolverine, daredevil, iron man, x-men, avengers, justice league, teen titans, and green lantern (characters)

I’m desperately waiting to be able to vote for a “Greatest Iron Man Stories Ever Told!” top.

Brian, so far the entries have all been for characters or creators. What about teams? Will we have the Greatest Avengers Stories? The Greatest Justice League?

Len Kaminski list

Sorry, but I’m still not clear. If we decide to vote, do we have to list ten entries? Can we just put, say, our top four or five or six?

I’d prefer you put ten, but if you really can’t come up with ten, then I won’t turn away votes containing less than ten.

Why didn’t you say so sooner?

Coming up with a top 5 wouldn’t be too distracting from the work I should be doing.


i totally understand if you want a break from this by the end of may, but i would love to do another month of this later on in the year, as the # of worthy creators and characters to create top ten lists for is surely not exhausted after 31 days.

I hope you do more of these greatest stories ever told lists… I’m finding several comics I’ve never read through it. More importantly, they’re fun! Maybe they’ll be a month this summer that you’ll bring them back?

Are you planning to add a Romita one? I´d´love to vote on that one.

This was awesome! I want more!

This was awesome. I think the rabble would love more Brian.

There could easily be a second list just as long for characters: Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, etc./creators: Kirby, Buscema, etc.,/and maybe even teams and genres?

In any regard, this list was an absolute treat. We appreciate your hard work compiling and writing these up.

If folks want more, they know how – follow us on Twitter. 3,000 followers gets you another Greatest Stories Ever Told month! :)

greatest stories of; doctor strange, man thing, dr doom, fantastic four, silver surfer, grendel, iron man, green lantern, superman, x men, captain america, wolverine, ghost rider, cable, mr freeze, the spectre, deadman, deadpool
some writer artists maybe being; garth ennis, alan moore, frank miller

i really hope you guys do more of these. its very helpful in getting readers interested into other writers/ artists/ characters other story arcs they might not have known about

and a list of great juggernaut stories

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