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Exclusive Preview Pages from Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1!

Think of it as an early Van Lente Day present, but Marvel thought all of us Van Lente fans here would appreciate an exclusive first look at some preview pages (sans dialogue) from Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1, by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Reilly Brown.

Check it out (as well as a larger version of the Humberto Ramos cover for #1)!

Click on each of the images to enlarge them (in the case of the cover, REALLY enlarge them!)…






Pretty cool looking, huh?

The comic is due in stores May 12, 2010!


A *really* early Van Lente Day present.

But thanks anyway, Marvel!

This looks fantastic… but I’m disappointed to see Amadeus Cho with generic superpowers. He’s super-smart and has powerful allies. That should be his power– not super-strength, a forcefield, and energy blasts. (Then again, I can never really argue with Kirby Dots.)

Pretty cool. It’s nice to see how what could have been a terrible, silly move on Marvel’s part to turn over the Incredible Hulk title to Hercules has turned out to be anything but. The Amadeus character could easily shine in his own title, and I know I’ll be first in line to find out.

So that is Amadeus Cho, then? I don’t know much about him– I’ve only seen him in a few Mighty Avengers stories– but I also think it’s a mistake to give him powers. But maybe it’s only temporary.

I didn’t know the Griffin had horns now. (He changes regularly, so I have no objections,) I see he has the full lion-face again. Does that mean he’s all bestial again, or does he still have human intelligence? I prefer the animalistic Griffin. That’s how I first got to know him in the ’80s.

I hope the powers are just temporary due to the artifact/whatever he’s holding(Herc’s mace from when he impersonated Thor?). Why the fuck does everything have to be so over-powered now?

he doesnt have powers,,,it looks like he is using Bruce Banner’s shielding….and that weapon Hercules uses….

That cover is surprisingly restrained for Ramos.

I think people are probably right that the powers are temporary. The shields make sense as BannerTech. I don’t remember Hercules’ mace having blast powers, Kirby-style or otherwise, though.

Makes sense that he’d give himself superpowers; his various missions with Herc in the past always required some generous application of brute force. Frankly, the only reason all the ‘genius’ characters in superhero comics don’t do the smart thing and outfit themselves like that is to maintain a certain character concept.

I still think that Cho worked better as a foil for Hercules (and vice versa) and that killing Herc was a mistake. Not that it will last of course.

I really missed most of the Incredible Hercules material… must catch it on reprint sometime.

PS- Nice to see I’m not the only one who remembers The Griffin! :D (Though he always looked more like a sphinx to me- but Marvel already had a villain named The Sphinx.)

The Griffin has also been in recent issues of New Avengers.

Yeah, I was just thinking that I don’t remember Herc’s mace having any blasting powers — but honestly, when you’re Hercules, you can do just fine just hitting stuff with it.

Is this gonna be an ongoing? It looks pretty swell.

[…] salvar al universo, pero a pesar de que todos parecen resignados a aceptar su muerte, Amadeus Cho esta dispuesto a hacer lo imposible con tal de traer a su amigo de […]

Herc’s mace doesnt have red lights on it, im 90% sure thats a tech item.
Its creating shields and absorbing/redirecting energy (the red energy is coming off griffin) aswell which are not abilities of the golden mace.

Sir Manley Johnson

April 27, 2010 at 5:27 am

I guess this is where I step off the train. I liked the Hercules series and Cho was an interesting partner but without Herc to play off of I don’t have much interest in this series. At best it’s going to be wait and see.

>>Is this gonna be an ongoing? It looks pretty swell.

4-issue limited series. Then (presumably) Herc comes back.

love the art work. and amedus using some tricks of thor with his new powers. and that one guy looking at the blue prints of the place looks like Banner. will check it out.

I also agree that without Herc this probably won’t be as good, but Pak and Van Lente have already proved that they can make Amadeus entertaining by himself.

I’m just glad that Humberto Ramos isn’t handling the interiors, even though (like Apodaca said) the cover isn’t as bad as usual.

These pages kick ass. I’ve been a fan of Brown’s work since his days on Deadpool and it really looks like he’s stepped up his game here. I love watching artistic development via funnybooks.

I’m not interested in this title without Herc on board.

If they bring him back during the miniseries though, I might pick it up as a trade….

The name Reilly E. Brown sounds very familiar…wasn’t he a guy in the 90s who was a really awful, blatant Todd McFarlane clone?

If this is him, this is almost as dramatic an improvement as Dan Panosian’s post-90s quality improvement.

Nah, must be different Reilly Brown’s. This Reilly is in his mid 20’s or close to it.

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