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The Greatest Beast Boy/Changeling Stories Ever Told!

Every day in May we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Beast Boy/Changeling Stories Ever Told! I must say, I think you folks came up with a solid list!


10. Tiny Titans

Technically the vote here is for the first trade collection, Welcome to the Treehouse, but I really don’t think Tiny Titans necessarily qualifies for an ongoing story arc, so I figured I’d just put the book itself here. Beast Boy has had plenty of cute solo stuff in this series.

9. Doom Patrol #112-115

Sadly, Beast Boy does not show up on the covers of any of these issues. Ah well, these issues have a four-part extended look at Beast Boy’s origins.

8. Teen Titans (current volume) #13-15 “Beast Boys and Girls”

Gar loses his Beast Boy powers, but lots of other children begin to get infected with the virus that gave him his powers!

7. Doom Patrol #99-100

These two issues introduced Beast Boy to the Doom Patrol and then gave him his origin.

6. JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative

Gar is the one who figures out that a seeming alien “invasion” is really his old friend Cyborg trying to get back to normal. Gar helps save Cyborg’s life (and causes a JLA/Titans clash in the process, but hey, nobody’s perfect!).

5. Tales of the New Teen Titans #3

This was Changeling’s spotlight issue of this acclaimed mini-series that offered origins/spotlights on the four new members of the Teen Titans.

4. Beast Boy

Geoff Johns and Ben Raab team-up for this story of Gar trying to make it as an actor in Los Angeles (hi-jinx ensure, naturally).

3. Tales of the Teen Titans #54-55 “The Trial of the Terminator”

Gar confronts Slade Wilson over his role in the death of Tara Markov. Gar wants to kill him, but does he have that in him?

2. New Teen Titans #13-15 “The Search for the Doom Patrol’s Killers”

Gar and the Titans hunt down the killers of Gar’s former team.

1. Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #1 “The Judas Contract”

Gar is shocked to learn that his girlfriend is, well, a bit of a super-villain.

That’s the list! I’m sure there is a lot of agreement and disagreement with the list out there! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

And please vote for the lists that are still up for grabs here!


Excellent, Tiny Titans is great fun!

Somewhat surprised the Captain Carrot issue didn’t make it, but really glad NTT #13-15 ranked so high.

Heh. This is a surprisingly reasonable list.

Never heard of Beast Boy before this post.

wow now this was a pretty obscure choice!

# 5 That mini series which focused on 4 teen titan members was EXCELLENT.

I didn’t know Beast Boy had been in Doom Patrol. I agree with the others, this was an obscure choice.

If Beast Boy gets one, you need to have a Speedball list!

I haven’t read anything on this list that came out later than the Wolfman run (except JLA/Titans, which just didn’t interest me much), but I’m especially happy the original Doom Patrol is well represented.

Sure, I would have liked to see his Captain Carrot and original Teen Titans guest spots represented, but it’s generally a solid list.

Great list! A lot of those Titans issues are my favorite storylines in the whole series, especially the top three choices.

The Gene Lantern

May 14, 2010 at 10:43 am

Never heard of Beast Boy? How is that possible; he had wide exposure when the Teen Titans toon was airing…

And saying Speedball deserves a list because Beast Boy was highlighted to me is the same logic as “You did Kitty Pryde, so you *have* to do Squirrel Girl! * :D

Let me also chime in support for the Captain Carrot issue.

What’s the scraping I hear?

It sounds like the bottom of the barrel.

I totally forgot about Tiny Titans! Little Beast Boy is the cutest. My niece and nephew are still really into the cartoon and play their DVDs every day – they love the one where Beast Boy switches places with the green alien dog the most. I should get them Tiny Titans, I bet they’d really like it.

I knew about Beast Boy before I ever started reading the comics from the cartoon, so I don’t get it when people say they never heard of him before today. Do they not have televisions??

For a long time he was known as Changeling in the comics. In fact, until I read something obscure and before Johns or whomever (Grayson?) resurged the name via Titans, I had no idea he had any other codename.

Yeah, the last I read anything with Gar in it he was still Changeling, but I was familiar with him as Beast Boy from his ’60s and ’70s appearances.

@ The Gene Lantern: I actually only said Speedball because it was the first name that popped in my head :-)

But I still think he deserves a list. I’ve always had a soft spot for Speedball (and let’s forget that whole Penance thing)

There was an early NTT where Gar was thought to have been killed. It’s been bucketloads of years since I read it, but it was post Dark Phoenix (well, I THINK) and it had me going. Anyhow. Number 10 or such, as I remember.

…and Changeling is still a better name.
Didn’t vote here, but I have to note that I put the Doom Patrol story arc in New Teen Titans #13-15 in both my best Perez and Wolfman story lists. Since I doubt it’ll make the cut in the Wolfman top 10, either, I’m glad it appeared somewhere.

#2 was what I had in mind when I suggested Gar Logan. Great list, gang!

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