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She Has No Head! – 10 Webcomics I Love

I have a love/hate thing with webcomics.

On the one hand there are some damn fine cartoonists and writers putting out some damn fine comics for free and what could be better than that?  On the other hand there are about a zillion webcomics out there that are really really bad and it can be frustrating to sort through them to find the gems.  Having done a webcomic myself for a year (a crappy journal comic that updated daily Monday through Friday no less…daily!) I know how hard it is to put out a quality piece of work on a regular schedule for free.  Okay, I don’t know anything about quality – but I DO know about the schedule stuff and the free stuff and how time consuming and absolutely unrewarding it can be – but with no disrespect intended to any hard working creators out there – I think we can all agree that not all webcomics are created equal.

Gabrielle Bell Batman

Laura Park's great take on Gabrielle Bell drawing Batman

One of the great things that webcomics do offer readers – certainly more than mainstream comics in many respects – is a really wide variety – everything from single panel gag strips to journal comics to superhero comics.  It’s all out there, nearly anything you can imagine and most of it is free…and in this new market of $3.99 for 32 freaking pages (and really that’s only 22-pages of story) it’s kind of mind blowing to see so many truly talented people essentially giving their work away for free.

I was struck as I researched and wrote this post by the whole iPad/comics reader advent and how in a way it means nothing to webcomics…except maybe even more traffic?  Many of the webcomics I read and many listed here have pretty successful print versions of their online material that sell well, despite the original content being available for free.  What does that say?  What does that mean?  Does it give us hope that at the end of the day readers are interested in supporting talented creators and will continue to do so regardless of new technologies.  Or maybe it means that it’s fundamentally ingrained into our comics collecting brains to want print version of things we love…so that we can touch them and covet them forever on something other than a jump drive?  That curling up with an iPad just won’t ever be the same as curling up with a book?  Lucy Knisley mentioned in one of her web strips that books were viewed as the enemy when we migrated from scrolls to books…is this the same thing?  Will the print vs. digital war really just be growing pains that will one day (sooner than we all think) be laughed about and then all but forgotten?

Well…existential questions aside (to be answered by those far more qualified and intelligent than I) here’s a list of 10 webcomics I love (in no particular order).  There’s everything from single panel gag strips to fully realized serialized stories here, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

I think it goes without saying (but apparently I’ll say it anyway) that these webcomics all meet a basic “female positive criteria” sometimes just by being pretty gender neutral, like the first webcomic on our list – the brilliant Karl Kerschl’s The Abominable Charles Christopher


The Abominable Charles Christopher 2010-04-07

click to enlarge

What it is: A weekly strip of varying sizes that updates every Wednesday, set in a woodland and populated by a variety of woodland creatures, including the titular (and mute) Charles Christopher, a gentle abominable snowman.  The Abominable Charles Christopher has also had some amazing guest artists, including this awesome strip by Skottie Young.

Why I love it: The story varies wildly from hilarious to heartbreaking (yes, this webcomic has made me cry…more than once) and is one of the best-drawn comics you will find online or off.  Kerschl’s characters (whether bird, bee, or abominable snowman) are undeniably relatable and it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love once you start reading.  Oh Townsen, I miss you.

The Abominable Charles Christopher 2008-06-04

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://www.abominable.cc

You can follow Kerschl on twitter here.  And on Facebook here.

Story continues below

If FREE just isn’t good enough: An absolutely amazing looking collected edition of the strip: The Abominable Charles Christopher Book One was recently released.  The 144-page tome collects the first two years of the comics plus some bonus material and is forty to sixty dollars depending on the edition you pick.  You can buy it here.  Other prints and shirts are available here.


Invade Everything HollywoodParty

Excerpt from the strip Hollywood Party

What it is: A long black and white strip that generally posts monthly (except for the month of February 2010 when they went crazy and posted weekly – it was awesome!) about two best friends and their adventures in Los Angeles.

Why I love it: It’s freaking hilarious.  Though it has a journal/autobio vibe to it, the material is funny enough that it feels fictional (that or Ariel and Kevin are truly hilarious and epic to hang out with). Also, though it only posts monthly (except that crazy February) the strips are quite long and detailed so you’re getting a lot of bang for your non-buck.  From an illustration point of view, Shrag’s really turning into a hell of a cartoonist.  She’s always been talented and prolific but this (to me) is her strongest cartooning work yet by far.

Invade Everything ComicConPart2

The rutabaga line makes sense if you read the whole strip, this is just an excerpt

Where you can find it: http://invadeeverything.com

You can learn more about Ariel Schrag here:  http://arielschrag.com

And more about Kevin Seccia here:  http://howtobeatupanything.com and you can also follow Kevin on twitter here.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: Because Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything is still relatively new there’s no collected edition as yet (though I hope there will be one eventually) but Schrag has original art for sale on her website and her books are available on Amazon and in bookshops and comic stores everywhere.


Kate Beaton Great Gatsby

click to enlarge

What it is: A (mostly) black and white webcomic strip that is published roughly twice weekly and generally focuses on history or literary figures in some way – whether it be a four panel strip about Jane Austen’s “new book” or a series of three panel strips about The Great Gatsby – one thing that’s never missing?  The funny.  Tons of people have been talking about Hark A Vagrant! lately…and if you’re not already on board, get on now!

Why I love it: I think what appeals to me most about Beaton’s work, beyond her hilarious sense of humor is that her education is in history, not art or comics or the same kind of stuff you so often see covered in webcomics and so it makes her strip terribly original and a real breath of fresh air on the webcomics scene.

Kate Beaton younger self

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://www.harkavagrant.com

Learn more about Kate Beaton here and follow her on twitter here.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: Beaton has a book, Never Learn Anything From History: A Collection Of Comics which is available here.


see mike draw oil-solution1

click to enlarge

What it is: A usually full color strip or single panel comic that is heavy on the hilarious but updates intermittently at best.

Why I love it: Jacobsen has mad cartooning skills, but really it’s the joke that gets me every time – from raucously funny to disturbingly twisted – he nails the punch line beautifully on every strip.  Unfortunately this kind of brilliance rarely shows up with any regularity.  I was hesitant to include See Mike Draw as it has been on hiatus for a very long time – but it has recently been showing up again and it’s as good as ever.  Also, there’s a decent sized archive to explore, so get over there and maybe the influx of new fans will encourage Jacobsen to keep plying us with hilarious free entertainment.

See Mike Draw Alice

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://seemikedraw.wordpress.com

You can also follow Mike’s work with fellow cartoonist Phil Selby (the rut @ http://bigeyedeer.wordpress.com) and on their co-projects URF and Pencils at Dawn.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: No collections of Mike’s work that I can find (why not Mike?!) but there are a lot of great shirts here and shirts, cards, and mugs on Cafepress.


Cleopatra In Spaaaace! 2009-09-14

Cleopatra, cats, and robots? I'm in!

What it is: A great black and white sci-fi adventure comic that updates weekly on Mondays.  Cleopatra In Spaaaace! stars Cleopatra as an agent of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D by way of being a displaced teenager from 52 BC.  She’s just a girl (and her best friend/teacher/cat sidekick Khensu) trying to save the world, avoid curfew, and fulfill her prophesized roll as savior of the galaxy.

Story continues below

Why I love it: It’s just good clean adventure sci-fi fun with an awesome female protagonist.  I mean…Cleopatra and her badass cat in space?  Plus giant robots and prophecy crap?  What’s not to love?

Cleopatra In Spaaaace! 2009-08-31

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://www.cowshell.com/cleopatra

You can also follow Mike Maihack on twitter, on livejournal, and on deviant art.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: No collections as yet, but Cleopatra In Spaaaace! prints are available here.


Lucy Knisley Naps

Excerpt of a strip about Lucy's obsession with naps after Con season...

What it is: A color journal webcomic that shows up on a somewhat intermittent schedule (sort of twice monthly) in beautiful full-page glory.  Chock full of stories about relationships, growing up, making comics, playing with her cat, and all the stuff that happens in between, it’s beautiful insightful stuff that also knows how to just be funny.

Why I love it: Knisley is one of those artists that manages to make even the most mundane things interesting.  Between her excellent cartooning (her cat is fraking adorable) and her honesty in sharing parts of her life with her audience (whether they’re pretty or not) she has created a really wonderful humorous strip that doesn’t get bogged down in narcissistic navel gazing the way some journal comics do.  She keeps a perspective on her life that is both interesting and insightful…and pretty freaking relatable.  The only downside to Stop Paying Attention is that there are TONS more comics than what are posted at the link…but you’ll have to go trolling through her livejournal to find them all, as only certain large pieces have been collected on Stop Paying Attention…so funny bits like the naps strip above have to be discovered individually.

Lucy Knisley 2010-03-29

click to enlarge

Where you can find ithttp://comics.lucyknisley.com

You can find out all about Knisley here, which links to just about everything Knisley…except twitter, which you can follow here.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: You can buy any of Knisley’s books, including Radiator Days (a collection of journal comics and fictional short comic stories) and her new collection of journal, travel, and 24 hour comics – Make Yourself Happy here.


Freak Angels 0098-1

click to enlarge...do you really want to?

What it is: Is there anyone that knows comics that doesn’t know FreakAngels?  Well, just in case – it’s a full color/full page ongoing comic updated weekly.  FreakAngels updates on Fridays with surprising regularity considering that – at a minimum – I’ve heard that guy Ellis has a few other things on his plate.  Started in early 2008, the strip just recently hit #600 (100 episodes with 6 pages each) which is incredibly impressive.  The story follows 12 young kids from England all with incredible (and similar) powers in a now dystopian England.

Why I love it: What’s not to love? Ellis’ dystopian England (Whitechapel specifically) is run by 11 gifted 23 year-olds with a hell of a lot of power who also happen to be the ones that accidentally on purpose caused the dystopian state of the world in the first place.  By turns funny, sweet, sad, and completely badass the comic is undeniably cool from concept down to character design and it’s absolutely better than most print comics I read.  If you haven’t been reading it, I highly recommend taking the better part of a day and reading the whole damn thing – which is what I did not too long ago – and now crave it like crack.  It’s a problem.  Also, beware of F bombs which appear about 30 to a page (i’m exaggerating…but not by much) and definite violence, if the head with a hole in it didn’t clue you in.  :)

Freak Angels 0031-4

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://freakangels.com

More about Warren Ellis:  http://www.warrenellis.com and follow him on twitter here.

More about Paul Duffield:  http://spoonbard.com and follow him on twitter here.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: FreakAngels currently has four printed volumes in stores everywhere via Avatar Press and content wise they’re superior to most stuff on your LCS shelves.  You can also buy books, shirts, prints, and other stuff here.


Gronk 2010-05-21

click to enlarge

What it is: Well after all that cussing from Ellis, you’re probably nice and ready for something sweet and innocent…right?  So here you go, a wonderful, fairly new all-ages weekly strip about a monster named Gronk that doesn’t like being a monster.  Currently in the Friday updating slot of SD7 (Space Dock 7 – all good looking strips by the way) Gronk is one of the few all-ages strips I’ve run across, which is nice as for some reason the internet seems filled to the brim with porn all the time (anyone know why that is by the way?  Anyone?  Hmm…okay, moving on…mystery for another day!).  Anyway, the strip is equal parts sweet and adorable without ever feeling cloying or lame and I can’t wait to see where Cook takes it.

Story continues below

Why I love it: Kitties!  Okay, well, not really.  Well, sorta.  Everything Cook has drawn for this strip so far from monsters to kitties to kitty plushy is freaking adorable and sometimes in the harsh world of webcomics I just need some straight up adorable shit as a palate cleanser.  THIS is my adorable webcomic palate cleanser.

Gronk 2010-05-28

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://www.gronkcomic.com/

And you can follow Katie Cook on her blog:  http://katiecandraw.typepad.com.  She can also be found on livejournal, Facebook, and Deviant Art.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: As Gronk is new there’s not much to buy yet, but you can buy her work as an illustrator via her blog.


Gabrielle Bell Lucky 21.1

When Bell does strips like this I wonder where she has the hidden videocamera taping me...and how she's reading my thoughts

What it is: Described as a “semi-autobiographical ‘clog’ (comic-web-log) about Bell that is updated in semi-real time every Monday”, this black and white strip updates in huge awesome chunks of story.  Bell’s strip, like her collected work has a sense of humor about it that just works for me.  The format is not ideal for webcomics reading, especially if you want to read sequentially, but the final product is well worth the minor hassle.  The strip is actually currently (as of 6/9/10) on a hiatus, which I hope will be brief, come back Bell!

Why I love it: Well, everything I said in my spotlight post about Bell’s work is still true, but if I had to whittle it down to one idea it would be this:  Bell’s ability to take run off the mill day to day things and make astute observations about life that are at once both poignant and completely mundane (as life tends to be) never ceases to amaze me.  Also, she often makes me feel better about my reclusive nature and anything that makes me feel better about not wanting to leave my apartment is a good thing.

Gabrielle Bell Lucky 21.2

Again, I don't know where she got this footage of me...but this has got to stop!

Where you can find ithttp://gabriellebell.com

You can follow Bell on twitter here.

If FREE just isn’t good enough: You can find Bell’s books at both Drawn & Quarterly and Amazon as well as at book and comics stores everywhere.  Her mini-comic L.A. Diary is available here.


Octopus Pie 2007-05-28

Excerpt from an early strip

What it is: A black and white slice of life strip following the lives of two women (Eve and Hanna) living in Brooklyn.

Why I love it: I’m always a bit partial to comics set in places I live, or have lived, so like Bell’s work, Octopus Pie already has that going for it, but it’s really the great Odd Couple style chemistry of uptight somewhat miserable Eve and free-spirited Hanna that works to such good effect in Gran’s strip and keeps me coming back for more.

Octopus Pie 2010-02-02

click to enlarge

Where you can find it: http://www.octopuspie.com

If FREE just isn’t good enough: Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars In Brooklyn, which collects the first two years of strips plus bonus materials is available at your LCS and on Amazon in June 2010.  There’s also everything from shirts to glassware available at the Octopus Pie Store.  

I tried to keep the list at 10, but I couldn’t help adding at least an “honorable mention” or two…

Johnny Lin’s fairly new WE COULD BE HAPPY, a hilarious strip that is updated irregularly a few times a week @ http://www.wecouldbehappy.com has had me cracking up lately.

We Could Be Happy 2010-05-28

click to enlarge

And Danielle Corsetto’s GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS is still out there and running strong and updating five times a week…since 2004 (that is AMAZING) and is certainly worth mention:  http://www.gwscomic.com/

GWS 947

click to enlarge

What about you ladies and gents?  Any favorite webcomics to share?


[…] list of 10 Webcomics I love and why on today’s SHE HAS NO HEAD.  Check it out! twitterError: Twitter did […]

My favorite things about webcomics in general is the fact that having instant archiving makes serialization/running jokes/… dare I say it, continuity almost easy. If something runs for a few years as anything other than a purely gag strip (and sometimes even then), you almost need a wiki to follow it. And that’s totally down my shared universe alley.

I just usually have stuff fall under my radar because I’m not checking them as much as I was ten years ago in college when I’d read Sluggy Freelance and Sinfest and It’sWalky/Roomies/Shortpacked and College Roommates From Hell and Megatokyo and GPF and whatever the heck else I liked.

I’ll probably give The Abominable Charles Christopher and Cleopatra In Spaaaace! a look.


I’m a big fan of Something Positive and Doctor McNinja

My favorite webcomics are Shortpacked!, City of Reality, Heroes Inc., Asperchu, Cleopatra in Space, Contropussy, and Penny Arcade. Oh, and my own webcomic, Ruby’s World ( see link from screenname ), but there’s a bit of a bias there :P

No Doctor McNinja? C’mon!

Questionable Content, Dr. McNinja, Axe Cop, Multiplex, Least I Could Do are the 5 I check daily (or when they update). Love ‘em!

GWS is a fav of mine too.

Another brilliant one: Questionable Content http://www.questionablecontent.net/ by Jeph Jacques. Daily and terrific. The evolution of his art skills since the early days is impressive, and the writing has been consistently great. Remarkably consistent publisher who is great about finding guest artists and filler for when he needs a break.

Col Michael J Rossi

June 14, 2010 at 10:17 am

Another thumbs up for Questionable content.

No love for Girl Genius? For shame… http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php

A good, often comics related, web comic: http://www.leadpaintcomics.com/

and the always lovely http://www.johnnywander.com/

I knew Kate Beaton would show up on your list– and rightfully so, because she’s brilliant. I wondered if you’d go for Cleopatra in Space– it’s a cute, fun adventure so far. I’ll have to check out some of these other ones. My webcomic-fu is considerably weak.

thank so much for including “gronk” on this list!
i’m honored that you like it so much… whatta’ treat for such a new comic! :)
(and i have a big story in store for the little monster! …and her new kitty friend!)

Definitely going to have to check some of those titles out, thanks! I read a ridiculous number of webcomics, including several that I couldn’t really recommend to anyone – I just get hooked on them so easily. At least blog readers have cut down on the amount of time I’d spend surfing around to check each one.

Favorites that I CAN recommend would have to include Family Man (lutherlevy.com) (and also its predecessor, Bite Me!, at bitemecomic.com), Gunnerkrigg Court (gunnerkrigg.com), Dicebox (dicebox.net), The Meek (meekcomic.com), Bad Machinery (scarygoround.com), and several of the ones you’ve listed above (Stop Paying Attention, Hark! A Vagrant, Girls With Slingshots, Freakangels).

Also Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder technically counts as a webcomic, I guess, though I vastly prefer reading that one in trade. (Actually, I prefer reading Finder in trade to reading almost anything else in any form.)

Personally, I think that Girl Genius (girlgeniusonline.com), Freefall (freefall.purrsia.com) and xkcd (xkcd.com) completely rock my socks. S*P and QC mentioned above are also great.

I have lost whole days reading through newly discovered webcomics sites.

Some others worth a look at are Roosterteeth.com, Ctl-Alt-Del, Least I Could Do, Looking for Group and Lilformers.

The Abominable Charles Christopher has been a bookmark since I’d read Teen Titans: Year One. My top five, in no particular order – Evil, Inc.; Max VS. Max; Pinkerton Place; Misery Loves Sherman; and 1977 The Comic. I think Pinkerton and 1977 are on a break.

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is excellent. Check it out.

I enjoy The Non Adventures of Wonderella.


Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life


Axe Cop




Good to see some of the better webcomics given some space on a site mainly dedicated to print comics. As a former comic book letterhack (Al Schroeder III) and webcomics-author MINDMISTRESS, FLICKERFLAME, and, with others, CROSSOVERLORD, I approve. I’m especially fond of FREAKANGELS and the posters who suggested both QUESTIONABLE CONTENT and SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Miss (Mrs?) Thompson, I feel the exact same way towards webcomics; while a lot of them are amateurish there’s plenty of good ones, heck some are even better than most published comics. Problem is there’s SO many out there it’s hard to find ones that I like enough to follow regularly. So far I’ve followed Kidd Radd (it’s over now, but man that was *THE* most impressive webcomic I’ve seen yet), Girl Genius, The Order of the Stick and The Gods of Arr-Kelaan.

However, I’m afraid I didn’t like any of your choices (some were even disturbing) though I love the artwork in The Abominable Charles. But hey, different strokes and all that. Thanks for sharing them with us anyway.

Your comment about missing Townsen now has me afraid to read The Abominable Charles Christopher.

I a fan of Least I Could Do, GWS, S*P, Penny Arcade, PvP, Looking for Group, and Ques. Content which have been mentioned

Let me add Hijinks Ensue to the list of fun weirdness…

@Michael P: Be afraid. But read it anyway, it’s worth the horrible heartache.

@Sijo: Miss. Thanks for asking :)

I am a huge fan of webcomics! I love Girl Genius, Penny Arcade and The Abominable Charles Christopher. But my favorite of all time is the Questionable Content. Very funny!

Danielle Leigh

June 14, 2010 at 12:53 pm

oh this is awesome! I’ll (slowly) be checking these out over the course of the week…thanks for such a great column!

http://www.asofterworld.com is one of m favs. all though the panels are photgraphs so i don’t know if it counts

Omg, now I instantly love Townsen, too.

You put Octopus Pie at the end just to torment me, didn’t you? :)

I’m sitting there, thinking, “She has to have it on her list. She has to” then “Well, there ARE a lot of great web comics out there, maybe she DOESN’T have to” then “Yay, there it is!”

And I presume Achewood’s absence is one of those “Why bother wasting people’s time reminding them of something they all already know is awesome?” type things.

I’ll second A Softer World and third or fourth Dr. McNinja and add Dinosaur Comics.

@Brian Cronin: Man why you even got to do a thing.

I forgot to mention Agreeable Comics. It’s funny to go back through the archived material and read the ‘Staff Pics’.

Awesome. Hark A Vagrant is great. Recently discovered MAX OVERREACTS as well, and it is amazing. I fin webcomics hard to get into and follow mostly.

http://www.samandfuzzy.com gets so little buzz, but it’s really one of the better ones out there. It starts off a bit aimless and, well, harmless in its humour, then gets exciting.

Shortpacked! is another that’s quite good as well.

Achewood, Bad Machinery, Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Schlock Mercenary, Wondermark

Awesome list, Kelly! It makes me really miss doing webcomics :( maybe one day I’ll get that fire lit again, but for now it’s just print stuff. Either way, great choices!

Gunnerkrigg Court isn’t just my favorite webcomic. It’s almost my favorite comic, period.

Beyond that, I follow Penny Arcade, and I’m catching up with Bad Machinery and Dr. McNinja.

questionable content
american elf
white ninja comics

there are quite a few i cant remember right now, but i have a lot in my favorite fodler, and catch up whenever i remember to do it :)

I talked with the guy from Steampunk (making comments about his glorious mustache) about some of the techniques he uses for his art, and my sister bought a print from him. Great guy with a funny comic that takes stabs at the real world in the fictional… with monsters.

For the Pokémon fans or those who just feel like bathing in nostalgia, Super Effective makes jokes at the game’s expense while simultaneously praising it. Oh, and the occasional real world joke (like the recent Health Care/Pokécenter strip) really drives it home.

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 14, 2010 at 8:53 pm

A softer world is definitely worth a look. A creepy strip with lots of creepy monologues.

I like Ellis and Duffield’s Freak Angels.

Great list, I read about half of them already. Great comments, I’ve tried at least half of them already (eh, comedy’s tough).

Let’s add:

Lackadaisy Cats http://www.lackadaisycats.com/
Prohibition gangsters as adorable kitty cats.

YU+ME: dream http://rosalarian.com/yume/
Growing up gay story goes down the rabbit hole about halfway through

Welcome to Wayne Manor http://the-dark-cat.livejournal.com/
Entertaining copyright infringement about Batman and his sons

World of Hurt http://worldofhurtonline.com/
The Internets #1 Blaxploitation Webcomic – yes, it’s the tagline, but it nails the content perfectly

Basic Instructions http://basicinstructions.net/
The owners manual they forgot to issue you when you were born

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell http://dcisgoingtohell.com/
Cute comic about a twenty something who will be going to hell and his ward, an ancient preteen manticor.

If you like See Mike Draw, I imagine you would appreciate the Perry Bible Fellowship…same feel and also available in book form.

A Softer World wore thin on me pretty quickly. It’s the same old Tim Burton movie joke over and over.

Innocuous statement.

The only two webcomics I enjoy are Achewood and Hark, A Vagrant! I’m not one of those people who says stupid things like “Webcomics are bad”, but I am one of those people who says things like, “90% of any medium is crap.”

Lots of good ones mentioned, but there’s 2 that I enjoy when they come out:

Legend of Bill:

Scary Go Round:

[…] the “She Has No Head!” column at the Comics Should Be Good blog, gives us her list of her ten favorite webcomics. It’s a nice mixture of old standbys like Hark! A Vagrant (reviewed here) and The Abominable […]

Platinum Grit – (updates irregularly)

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki – (updates irregularly)

Out There – (6 days a week)

Sinfest – (daily)

Dan & Mab’s Furry Adventure – (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Darths & Droids – (3 times a week)

Life & Death – (3 times a week)

Zodiac – (weekly, I think)

Magical Misfits – (updates irregularly)

Blade Of Toshubi – (updates irregularly)

*heavy sigh* Never saw any of these before, which means immense amounts of time will be gobbled up as I click the various links and start poking through the archives. One reason why I try to avoid web comics, really. But in the interest of payback, I’ll provide you with a list of my own personal favorites: besides the already mentioned Perry Bible Fellowship, Wonderella, and xkcd, there’s:
the smart-alecky Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (http://www.smbc-comics.com/);
the irreverent Jesus and Mo (http://www.jesusandmo.net/)
the rather more irreverent Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles (http://www.mrwiggleslovesyou.com/)
the amusingly odd Cat & Girl (http://catandgirl.com/)
the wry Wondermark (http://wondermark.com/)
and the I’m-running-out-of-pretentious-adjectives-but-this-one-has-often-resulted-in-beverage-being-spit-onto-screen Red Meat (http://www.redmeat.com/redmeat/)

To add to the list of titles that’s already been mentioned, I’ll add a few of my own:

The Furry equivalent to Sandman, only with seven Sins instead of seven Endless.

Cigarro & Cerveja
A comic about a Rabbit & a Canadian Goose. Despite it’s obvious Bugs/Daffy similarities, it’s NOTHING like the Warner version. For starters, the bird is the most sensible voice of reason in the strip compared to the chain-smoking rabbit.

Did I mention the rabbit is actually a girl?

Bob the Angry Flower
Another Canadian comic about a maniacal Daisy & the insane stuff he says & does. Unfortunately, the latest stuff’s not up to par with his earlier versions when he changed the format of the strip from horizontal to vertical. Don’t bother with the new stuff – stick to the archives of the old stuff, up to EVERYBODY Vs. Bob the Angry Flower. After that point, things kinda go downhill from there.

A crudely-drawn webcomic about the inherent cliches in RPGs in general. The artwork gradually gets better, though the story gets rather serious near the end, only to go back to its humourous tone against the “REAL” boss, Khrima who’s basically a Kefka/Draken-type villain. It even managed to finish it’s story, which is more than can be said for…

RPG World
Another Fantasy webcomic in the same vein, only better drawn. Unfortunately, the artist lost his motivation to finish the strip once he had to concentrate at his animation job, and it remains in limbo, JUST as the party was about to face the final boss(es). It’s still a fun read though. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

He also did an autobiographical strip which also no longer updates.

Gastro Phobia
A story about a neglectant Greek Amazon mother who rentlessly teases her son. Fun!

For Spider-Man fans who’re disappointed with Marvel’s current hero, here’s the Rule 63 version, only with six arms, and a very self-winking knowledge to the S-hero genre.

Mal & Chad
Shades of Calvin & Hobbes. ‘Nuff said.

Calvin if Calvin had an interactive imagination, & was also a little girl.

Little Saiyalings / Life on Fobez
Two comics by the same artist. One is about Chibi DragonBall characters, and the other is an alien in school, if Floyd in Space was actually GOOD.

A top secret Lesbian comic diary. Just recently discontinued, but is just as honest as the Lucy Knisley comics. Only better archived & easier to browse.

The Rack
A comic about a comic shop. I’m probably closest to Lydia in terms of personal choice, even when I’ve never heard of half of the comics she recommends on Staff Picks day.

Never read a single webcomic in my life.

(but i must say THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER looks friggin, awesome)

I read SO many webcomics, but the one I’d like to throw out there is Buttersafe (http://buttersafe.com/)

A bunch of the one’s I read have already been mentioned, so I’ll add a couple more that I like
8-Bit Theater/Warbot in Accounting/How I Killed Your Master: You might recognize the author as Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo fame. 8-Bit Theater is one of the projects he developed his sense of humor on; it’s a sprite comic retelling of Final Fantasy 1 with the characters as sociopaths to a varying degree. Warbot in Accounting is an attempt to write the most depressing webcomic in history, and How I killed Your Master is Kung-Fu fun.

Schlock Mercenary is a space opera comic I like that has a good balance of comedy and drama; it follows a ship of mercenaries through the galaxy. It also has the most consistent update schedule of any webcomic I’ve seen; it’s a bit over 10 years old and has roughly 3650 strips online with a typical buffer of 20 strips. (The author suggests starting at strip 1000, for what it’s worth.)

Glad that you used your fav instead of the default comics that everyone mentions when they are doing these kinds of articles (some of these you mentioned deserve more love)
anyway my recomendations
http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/index2.php about a school with many misteries

http://pilli-adventure.com/?p=2336 (new season link) about a girl and her boyfriend who cheated on her and she brough him back as her personal slave, also many mexican monsters pop out in the strip

tsunade sama lv 14

June 15, 2010 at 8:20 am

my favorites
http://www.drunkduck.com/Bad_Guy_High/ about a super villain school

http://gastrophobia.com/ single mom ancien greek barbarian comic

charyzard doctor

June 15, 2010 at 8:30 am

http://hiimdaisy.livejournal.com/ best video games comics ever super long and super funny

http://www.scarygoround.com/ bad machinery school girls and super natural british stuff

http://pilli-adventure.com/ updates M-W-F
very funny I love the timid gorgon is about monsters and life

http://nerfnow.com/ team fortress and a lot of fanservice!

I’ll add Shadowgirls (Cthulhu fun time), Short Packed (toy store setting) and Devil’s Panties (anecdotal) plus additional votes for Something Positive, Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary.

I just found out that 8-Bit Theater has just ended. While I wasn’t a fan (I have little tolerance for sociopaths like Black Mage) I must admit that it was very clever, though you might need to know your Final Fantasy to get all the jokes. I’m kinda sad to see it go, as it was a hallmark of its time; it reminds one that time passes after all (but hey, it lasted six years!) For the last strip they threw a totally different art style, which was an interesting touch. Oh well, best wishes to its creator in his next project.

Another vote for Gunnerkrigg Court ( http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/index2.php) — Siddell’s an amazing artist, especially once his style settles down after a few chapters, and he depicts of supernatural boarding school that remarkably manages to not be a Hogwarts rip-off (and cooler, IMO). It’s especially notable for being steeped in world mythology, especially psychopomps, and also for devoting an entire chapter to girls getting haircuts.

I will obligatorily plug my own comic Sea of Insanity ( http://fractuslux.comicgenesis.com ), started some years ago and still toiling on. It’s Greek mythology/urban fantasy, heavy on storytelling. Much of it comes from the observation that Apollo’s love-life has an exceptionally bad track record.

(But check out the girls getting haircuts first.)

I love ARIEL AND KEVIN! So cool to see it mentioned here!

What, no Lackadaisy? How can someone make a list of top ten webcomics without a thought to Lackadaisy?
Also, Dead Winter, Zebra Girl, Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Boxer Hockey. To name a few of the best.

I like that most of these have a “real drawn” look to them, and there are hardly any (I could point out maybe one or two) that have that horrible, ugly “electronic drawing tablet” look, which is what I dislike the most in a great many of the most popular webcomics.
In fact, I resisted webcomics for longer than I should because I identified that look with the form itself, until I was introduced to some exceptions.

In terms of recommendations, I quite like “World of Hurt,” especially for Jay Potts’ beautiful art, which looks like it could have been pulled right out of a 70s Marvel black & white magazine.

[…] Thompson lists some webomics that she […]

How can i find these funny comic artists? lol

Hark a Vagrant is the only webcomic I currently read on this list (it’s a good one mind) but I’ll give some of these other ago. The others I read are Nedroid, American Elf, XKCD and Dinosaur Comics. I find Achewood a bit hit and miss *ducks*

Oh glory where to begin.
Least I Could Do, Questionable Content, Candi, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, Penny & Aggie, Gunnerkrigg Court, Looking For Group and Dominic Deegan … and so many more

So much good stuff has risen, and will continue to arise due to iPad ect…

Here are some of my new favorites and shameless self promotion.


holy rye bread! that is some insanely talented company you sandwiched me in. thanks so much, kelly!

some of my faves right now are Mal & Chad (http://malandchad.com), Max vs Max (http://www.maxvsmax.com) and of course all of the Spacedock 7 (http://spacedock7.com).

I suggest that folks give “THE END” (http://endcomic.com) a try. It just started up a few weeks ago and it’s pretty darn slick!

This a great article and I’ve really enjoyed checking out some of the strips here that I hadn’t already seen. I can totally agree with how tough it is putting out a quality webcomic for FREE every week… Kudos to those who made the list and…

…if you get bored, check out http://www.wannabeheroes.com

[…] this week, as one of columnist Kelly Thompson ’s 10 webcomics that she loves. You can read it HERE. Thanks, […]

Glad to see Gronk, Cleopatra, and We Could Be Happy on here. I follow all three, and promoted Gronk and Katie’s work over at http://www.RamoneCologne.com
Chris Eliopoulos’s Misery Loves Sherman could definitely be added to this list. Good, consistent work and he’s dedicated to producing the strip for the long haul. I’ll check out your other recommendations!

I have a twisted sense of humor, but one comic that I think more people should be reading is Haiku Comics. It’s weird but funny. Spoofs horror movies a lot. And it has zombies!


My friend Zach Miller’s Joe and Monkey!


I love the Fatsquad….because I draw it!
Hadn’t updated in a while but we’re getting ready to release some new material.
Check it out.

It’s about fat guys.
And time travel.
And even sometimes living pillows and arguing about movies and comics.

Thanks for all these other webcomics. Some of them look seriously awesome.
If you aren’t reading Freak Angels you are a fool!

Check out Zomben here:

It’s my favourite webcomic.

I recently rediscovered Fans! — http://www.faans.com/ — which is the best thing ever. Also, Sinfest — http://www.sinfest.net/ — has been a daily read for me for about a decade.

thanks for this article. I have been trying to find webcomics but there is not enough talk about them. Without CGS and this I would not have been able to find any good ones.

Don’t forget http://www.atomikmikethecomic.com
Great space monkey action!!!!

Wow, how could you not be recommending Girl Genius (www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?) in a top ten list of webcomics?!?! Beautiful full color artwork, updates three times a week (M,W,F), a strong female protagonist (and numerous interesting supporting fems) exciting, hilarious, thrilling, funny. I could go on but that might spoil it for the newbies.
Go. Read. Now.

@Everyone that has been posting. Thanks for all the great links! I’m familiar with a lot of what you guys posted (some of it I love, some of it not so much) and there’s a ton of new stuff that I’ve never seen before and will be checking out, so thanks for that! Keep those recommendations coming.

@ComicFoil: How can I not be recommending Girl Genius? Simple. It’s not a comic I love. This is not a list of the “top ten webcomics of all time” or “the most important female positive webcomics of our time” or anything like that…it’s simply “10 Webcomics I Love” and why. I titled it that way deliberately because I knew any list would be highly subjective and I hoped that avoiding calling it a “top ten” would help avoid comments like this, but rather open the comments up to webcomics others love…and it’s mostly worked. YAY!

That said, I agree that Girl Genius (which I am well familiar with) is a very female positive comic and one I would wholeheartedly recommend people check out, but it’s just not a comic I personally love (mostly because I just don’t like the art…totally subjective, totally personal…there it is).

Have you read either Acrobat or the Private Files of the fowl? if not, they’re really fantastic comics done by young Creators. they can be found here:


Hey, great list.

You should check us out (um, assuming you haven’t already)…Awesome Hospital (www.awesomehospital.com).

There are some awesome comics on this list!
To add a few of my favorites:
Space Base 8: http://www.spacebase8.com
Moon Town http://moon-town.com/comic/
And, I have to throw in a plug for my own comic, Crazy Cal Presents: http://www.crazycal.com

Fantastic list, this is the sort of thing the internet was made for (you know, writing lists to direct us to other cool stuff on the internet), thanks.

As a man looking to start up a webcomic this is extremely daunting to know how much content I would be going up against. Yikes.


The list sucks. Needs more axe cop. It would take all ten spots.

I’ve always been a big fan of Atland by Nate Piekos :)


worldofhurt.com.ENUFF SAID

Hey if anyone’s interested I just started my own webcomic!


If you like it check back every wednesday(preferably night time) and I’ll have a new completely unrelated one page story!

I’m a big fan of a lot of the comics on this list, particularly Charles Christopher and though its not mentioned, pandalikes.com!

I’m partial to Woody After Hours (www.woodyafterhours.com).

Needs more KC Green love:

http://www.lucid.tv is also the best webcomic, even though it’s over

I second Awesome Hospital. http://www.awesomehospital.com

Also, two great detective webcomics are:

Registered Weapon (comedy)
A cash register robot and Los Angeles homicide detective solves crimes.

She Died in Terrebonne
A gritty murder mystery set in 70s-era Oregon.

Both are great!

Check out Wayward Sons!!

it’s updated every Monday to Friday with new content


Here’s some comics I love:

The Meek:http://www.meekcomic.com/

KGB: http://www.kgbcomic.com/

Nedroid: http://nedroid.com/

Good Show, Sir!: http://www.goodshowsir.com

I dig the Monster Commute:


It’s a steampunk adventure thing. With monsters!

@Bryan Oh, god, me too! Octopus Pie was my first great discovery in webcomics, besides the occasional browse of left-handed comics. Looks like a great list!

I highly recommend SMASH, an all-ages webcomic about a 10-year-old kid who absorbs the powers (and villains) of his superhero idol. You’ll find it at http://www.SmashComic.com.

The first season has almost 140 pages and can be read in its entirety here:

We’re working on the second season now.

I’m really like GWS. It’s always a good read. Evil Inc. PVP & Sheldon are also very good stuff. I also think Watusi the talking dog (www.smearysoapboxpress.com) and P.I.G. Tales (www.pigtalesonline.com) are both pretty good too.

This list needs a whole lot more of Ryan Sohmer/Blind Ferret A.S.A.P. I mean, Looking For Group has one of the most epic stories ever told in a webcomic format, I’ve been tweeting every chapter of The Gutters(all three of them) to Brian Bendis and Joe Quesada since it went public and Least I Could Do…….. it’s Least I Could Do darn it, simply the awesomest thing invented since the vagoo.

Also, as lots of people mentioned, QuestionableContent is an awesome with a huge group of fans(it gave Honky Tonk Badonkadonk almost 100k viewings in youtube one day), and Dominic Deegan is just nerdtastic

I came across FreakAngels by way of Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool site, but I love it and can’t wait for the next week’s update. Paul Duffield’s art is fabulous!
I also enjoy a geek’s webcomic, User Friendly (http://www.userfriendly.org), which runs daily, although it is now in a long hiatus and running repeats. Lots of topical geek humor from a Canadian viewpoint.
Great column, Kelly – I may have to check out the Abominable Charles Christopher and Cleopatra in Space.

You left off a couple big ones in my opinion:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Nobody Scores
Lucid TV

Ummm…yea. But there were a few on here that I hadn’t heard of that seem pretty good.

I didn’t notice anyone mention http://dresdencodak.com/ http://tinykittenteeth.com or http://muchthecomic.com (that last one is mine, but hey, everybody else is doing it.)

Cleopatra in Spaaace looks interesting, I’ve never heard about it before. Have you read Johlin’s Orbit? http://www.orbitcomic.com

[…] to the lovely She Has No Head! column running an article on the Top 10 Webcomics, I was introduced to Ariel Schrag’s Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything. She is the author of […]

[…] to the lovely She Has No Head! column running an article on the Top 10 Webcomics, I was introduced to Ariel Schrag’s Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything. She is the author of […]

It’s a shameless self-plug, but I invite folks to check out SubCulture (http://www.subculturecomic.com)–I’m friends with a couple of the creators on your list (Danielle and Katie) and it might be a smooth transition from GWS to SubCulture. Thanks for looking!

[…] at Comic Book Resources, Kelly Thompson wrote an article about her top 10 favourite webcomics where she brings up the issue about new media and comics as well, though it’s more about […]

[…] via Kelly Thompson at CBR] Posted in Travel, […]

Questionable Content!
And anything by Megan Gedris


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