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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 166

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we take a look at the first collection of Casanova, Luxuria, by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá…


Casanova opens with a nice text box setting you up for what the deal on the series is…

Then we see Casanova in action…

(I love the little “asides” that they work into the comic)

He is captured by his father’s forces and brought to his sister’s funeral (his sister is the good one in the family). He then ends up taken to an alternate reality by a bad guy, Newman Xemo. In THIS reality, it is Casanova who is the good guy and his sister, Zephyr, is the bad one. So Xemo has Casanova replace his “good self” and work for his father’s organization while secretly working for Xemo.

So we see Casanova in action, again…

We sort of get Casanova’s mission statement at the end of the issue…

The next six issues are basically Casanova’s redemption, as he starts to be less of a total jerk while he also goes on a series of awesome missions (while having alternate agendas for each mission – one for the good guys and one for the bad guys).

Here’s one sample mission from #5 (I featured this sample mission in the Year of Cool Comic Moments!)…Casanova is sent to piggyback a UN mission to a mysterious island filled with “savages” that can only be accessed once a year. Years ago, another bad guy stashed his money man here to keep him safe – Casanova is to take down this fellow.

Isn’t Gabriel Bá’s artwork amazing? He does such a brilliant job on this series, and Fraction keeps giving him amazing things to draw.

Anyhow, I won’t spoil the ending of how, exactly, Casanova redeems himself, but it’s all quite heartfelt stuff, and there are a bunch of other interesting characters introduced over the seven issues. This is great comic book stuff right here, and luckily for you, Marvel is going to be reprinting the entire Casanova series very soon from their ICON line. Since each issue was 17 pages for $2, Marvel will be re-printing two issues of the original series per issue of their new series (for $4). Except for #1, which will have NEW material filling out the rest of the issue (otherwise, there wouldn’t be an even number to combine issues, as the storyline is seven issues long).


Truly a cool set of comics…can’t wait to see how this look in full color. Part of me loves the funkiness of the original Image series, but I’m a sucker to see how Ba’s artwork may be improved with the new versions.

And, if you’re a person that complains about decompression in comics, this is the series for you.

Talk about serendipty!

I post this and just today Marvel put up Advance Previews of Casanova #1 from Icon!


And they even quote me in the press release! Doesn’t that seem really planned? And yet it’s total coincidence (I wonder where my quote came from – it doesn’t sound familiar to me, could it have been from the old blog?)!

glad they didn’t “over color”, if that makes any sense.

Oh my, the colors are fantastic! @_@

They need to hurry up, collect the first two stories and churn more of this out!

Press a gun to my head, and I’d pick Casanova as the best comic of the 21st century. That’s right! I’d put it ahead of All Star Superman, Seaguy, We3, New X-Men, Street Angel, Atomic Robo, and all my other favorites. This comic is boss.

So nice, I’ll buy it twice– in the recolored collections, this time.

I’m buying it twice as well. (Heck, if a good hardcover edition comes out, I’ll buy it three times.)

I was introduced to Casanova and Nightly News in the same week…and I’ve never looked at Marvel comics in quite the same way as well.

Am I the only one that gets a little bummed when these creator-owned books switch publishers? Image took a chance on Fraction and (like Bendis before him) he has pulled the re-print rights for his work now that his name means something. It just seems like poor form.

I really love to read comics when i have free time, especially when i get bored or alone


I got a little bummed when Fear agent switched publishers (but only because my trades were no longer uniform…)

Casanova is definitely Fraction’s masterpiece. But why,oh why, did he have to write that 8-page story in “Who Won’t Wield The Shield” one-shot?

That thing made me physically angry.


June 16, 2010 at 4:54 pm

I’m scared and confused, yet a little bit horny, at seeing Cassanova coloured, in that preview.

I loved the look of the original issues but that coloring looks great as well. Can’t wait.

Travis Pelkie

June 17, 2010 at 2:19 am

@Bill Reed: Ahead of WE3? Hmm, I’ll have to re-read Casanova to see about that. I plan on getting these new collections.

I first encountered Casanova in the back of Fell. Those pages in the Marvel preview were part of the Fell preview. It’s trippy stuff. I’m not sure about the new coloring yet, though.

I got the first issue somewhere for a buck, I think, and then I think I got 2-8 for, I believe, less than 2 bucks total. Still gotta find 9-14, though.

I knew Casanova ruled when Fraction started talking about the New Pornographers in the back matter. Anyone know if the back matter will also appear in the Marvel versions?

@Dean: I get what you mean about jumping ship from the guys that gave you your start (did Fraction start with the Five Fists of Science book?), but I believe that from what I’ve heard, he wouldn’t have been able to do Casanova otherwise. From what I understand of Image, the creator essentially is doing the book for free up front, and gets paid once the book sells (I think I’m probably [over]simplifying things). If it comes down to not getting more Casanova or having to get it from Marvel, AND Fraction, Ba, and Moon profit this time, I’ll take more Casanova. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fraction has an exclusive deal with Marvel, and bringing Casanova to Marvel simplified things so that he had the TIME to do more Casanova.

I never quite managed to enjoy Casanova

@ Travis Pelkie:

Just to be clear, I do not think that anyone did anything wrong. I certainly want to see all the talented folks involved get paid and I will probably buy the new edition. It just makes me a little sad.

Icon has become a nice little imprint on the basis of bringing concepts and creative teams originated elsewhere. Maybe it is just the nature of the zero sum competition between DC and Marvel over the (shrinking) direct market. They both need to keep name creators and branded content away from the other.

DC loves snapping up stuff like T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS and the Milestone properties to put on a shelf. At least Marvel is allowing Fraction to do something with CASANOVA.

Travis Pelkie

June 18, 2010 at 6:49 pm

@Dean, I think I get you, and if anything I said sounded like I thought anyone did anything wrong, I was just imprecise. I would rather see more self-publishing (or as close as possible), but if something like Casanova has to be published by one of the big guys to exist, it’s something that doesn’t make me cheer, but it’s certainly understandable. I think it’s sad too, but such are the vagaries of the real world. (wow, I almost sound smart or something)

I hate the coloring. Like the rest of it.

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