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The Whirring Blender Design Challenge is Back!

My pal Kristen wrote to me to let me know that Carly Monardo’s nifty site, The Whirring Blender Design Challenge, is back after some time off.

I would be willing to recommend this site just based on the Warren Zevon reference that gives it its title, but luckily, Monardo’s site is much cooler than just that.

Here is how she describes it:

With each new challenge I will take 2 or 3 characters belonging to a particular property and redesign them to fit another property or artist’s style.

Like, for instance, Batman by Edward Gorey…

Lots more fun at her site! Her latest is doing Marvel’s Runaways in the style of KLAMP! Go check it out!


Are you sure that’s a Zevon reference? The lyric in question mentions a “Waring blender”, but even a reference to a Waring blender could be just that.

I always trhought it was a Waring blender, too. Regardless, neat stuff!

It is a waring blender in the song, but I still count it as a reference!

Wow. That is awesome. The Edward Gorey take on Batman & Robin is great, but the bouncing from style to style is stunning.

I thought the line in “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” said a Waring blender. Well, not your fault if another site gets it wrong.

Oops, didn’t read all the earlier comments.

[…] The Whirring Blender Design Challenge is Back! | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources […]

I want to see Preacher (Steve Dillon) in the style of Herge.

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