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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 170

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we take a look at a cool Incredible Hulk two-parter by Peter David and Dale Keown where the Hulk goes back to Las Vegas!


For awhile in the #350s of Incredible Hulk, the Hulk worked as an enforcer in Las Vegas known as “Joe Fixit” (this was back when he was the grey hulk). Now, years later, in Incredible Hulk #395-396, the Hulk returns to Las Vegas when his former boss is murdered. By this time, the Hulk is now green and intelligent and is working with the peace-keeping group The Pantheon.

His return is handled really well (Dale Keown was really peaking at this time, artistically – SO good – sadly, he would leave the book soon afterward)…

Check out Keown’s impressive display later in #395 when the Hulk and his men encounter the Punisher…

How awesome is that Punisher drawing?!

The next issue, the Hulk and Punisher team up and they find a way to take down the killer of Hulk’s former boss..

Very enjoyable two-parter by Peter David – lots of good character bits (the series also had a sub-plot about Rick Jones meeting his birth mother – or at least someone claiming to be his birth mother) and good action with strong humor mixed in.

And the Keown art was sparkling.


These were good issues, and I forgot how much I liked Keown’s work. It’s kind of like Todd MacFarlane filtered out by John Byrne.

I wonder if it was just a lack of direction on the part of Marvel and/or the lack of interest on the part of David that led to them getting rid of the smart Hulk. I thought that the character had a lot of potential still.

Good stuff, Brian.some comments:

1. Art: Keown was on fire by this point. Seriously, his take on the intelligent Hulk was just about perfect.

2. Script: Another flawless performance from Peter David.

3. Future picks: Given Greg’s review of the execrable JONAH HEX film (and all of the attendent commentary on the Western genre), how about selecting some noteworthy Western comics? Perhaps even some of these:

BLAZE OF GLORY: Brilliant “revisionist” Western from Ostrander and Manco.

THE OUTLAW KID: Doug Wildey’s run was a thing of beauty.

STRANGE WESTERNS STARRING THE BLACK RIDER: A terrific one shot from the dynamite Englehart-Marshall Rogers team

Jack Kirby’s run on RAWHIDE KID: Some fine work from the King.

MARVEL PREMIERE # 54 CALEB HAMMER: an excellent Western featuring some stunning art from the team of Gene Day and Tony DeZuniga.

Very underrated run…I liked both Mr. Fixit and the Intelligent Hulk…

Trajan, great list..and Blaze of Glory is very underrated also….let me add to your list The Kents….

I know, I know Superman fanboys hated it…but when taken as a set alone Western…it was well done…ESPECIALLY with the intertwining of real history and the mythos…

Keown really drew the hell out of those issues. What’s he doing these days?

@ Trajan23:

I’d love to see some Westerns. KID COLT: OUTLAW was one of my gateway comics (along with SUPERMAN).

What? Not Ron Zimmermann’s RAWHIDE KID? That had to be good, since Marvel is now publishing a sequel…

@Daryll B. “Very underrated run…”

This surprises me. I thought PAD on Hulk was one of the most beloved and popular runs of any creator on any Marvel book, and surely rated by many as being in the top 3 Hulk runs ever(?)

Man, I need to check out Peter David’s Hulk run one of these days…

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