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What’s Your Take on Wonder Woman’s New Costume?

Wonder Woman’s new costume debuts tomorrow in the pages of Wonder Woman #600.

It is designed by Jim Lee.


(click to enlarge)

What do you think?

Just two thoughts here – A. what is up with Jim Lee and chokers?!? and B. why do they insult the white outfit in the Source article about the costume? That costume was as good as this one.

Thanks to Alex Segura at the Source for the photo!


I was looking for the ‘April 1st, 2010′ post date on this Brian.

Not to be too snarky, but really DC? Not knowing any context whatsoever, I’m guessing it’s a plot element? It doesn’t seem like a sustainable long-term costume. For one, it breaks the ‘Ron Frenz Rule’ (yer welcome Brian) and it just doesn’t look that iconic to me. Not as ‘stuck in time’ as many bad costumes from the 90’s but just as busy (the designs on the shirt, the jacket) and disparate (the gloves with the fingers with the bracelets, the collar, the straps on the top and the shoes).

In a word, I don’t particularly like it. Nice drawing though. ;-)

It looks warmer and more practical.

I think it would work better for Wonder Girl.

it’s ugly. very very ugly.

That is a nasty looking costume. The jacket and gloves give this a very 90’s look to me. Thumbs down.

A leather jacket two sizes too small to emphasize her bust. With the sleeves rolled up.

Fingerless gloves.

Spurs without the sharp round bit – tending towards the bondagey, but…why?

Seams and ridges and uneccessary grooves on the corset, the jacket, and…the jeans?

Muted colours?

A combination of 1990s and early 2000s design elements that ends up recalling the bike-shorts and kaftan eras of, again, the 1990s and 1960s.

I mean, it’s not terrible (well, the jacket is fucking awful, and the gloves are ridiculous). But it’s Off-Duty Wonder Woman (if there can be such a thing!), and she’s wearing last century’s fashions.

Christ, those gloves…*shudder*


For WW, I would never have choose this costume for her. As a costume in general, it’s alright – I’d ditch the jacket and collar and be fine with it.

So they change one of the most icon costumes.I guess Superman can stop wearing his red underpants over his blue pants.


Jim Lee is the modern George Perez. A very popular and detailed fan favorite artist who totally cannot design good looking costumes.

I guess that I have two reactions.

First, I never though that Wonder Woman had a huge costume problem to begin with. All superhero outfits are absurd on one level or another. WW had an iconic look that had been with the character for almost seventy years. It was probably overdo for some tweaking. It had evolved into a one piece bathing suit over time, which was plainly already dated by the time George Perez did his revamp. The ’90s and Mike Deadato’s take on the uniform hardly did its reputation any favors.

Still, it needed tweaking and updating, not major surgery. This is major surgery.

Second, this is very clearly a Jim Lee design. The short jacket over tights is pretty much his signature on female superheroes. Couple that with the half-gloves and the whole thing looks a bit like a mid-90s WW pastiche from Image. So, that leads to the natural question of what this is going to look like when someone other than Lee draws it. The bodice detail and the logo size are the biggest improvements, but I have a hard time imagining a less detail oriented artist retaining those elements. Also, the dog collar thing is weird.

Still, it is certainly better than any of the other WW re-designs that have occurred over the years.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

June 29, 2010 at 4:49 pm

It’s a rather bland outfit, to be honest. Not offensive or anything, but not particularly memorable either.

While it’s needless to say its better than the standard WW costume (Hey, look everybody! I’m an Amazon Princess dressed up as a 19th century penny hooker!), it doesn’t exude a sense of timelessness that the very best costumes have.

Still, it does have several nifty design features. I particularly like how the wrist guards have been incorporated into the half-gloves. I also like the leather strapping on the boots, which gives the impression she’s wearing (or is used to wearing) spurs, which ties nicely into that traditional amazonian heritage. The choker and jacket ,however, come across as too contemporary for my tastes, and probably could be replaced with something a little better, or even omitted entirely.

I really dig it, as someone who has never cared for Wonder Woman ever.

I’m in favor of changing the bathing suit to long pants (the way they did with Robin, another iconic costume that I think was improved by changing that detail)

But the jacket’s way too dated.

it’s 1990s “I’m not really Wonder woman, Artemis is” Diana Prince, the return!

What is this, 1994? Or maybe 1986?

I would love to see what J.H. Williams could do with Wonder Woman’s costume. I agree she needs an update, but this looks a little frumpy and outdated.

This is because now Wonder Woman is a working woman. The other outfit was her stay-at-home mom outfit.

Completely hideous. I mean it’s great that it’s not a strapless swimsuit bustier but it’s just terrible. There’s nothing iconic or lasting about it at all. Plus, rather than feeling modern it feels terribly dated.

I wish they’d tossed this over to the brilliant costume re-design work that gets done on Project: Rooftop. I’m certain something fantastic could have come of it. Most of these are fun and many not practical but if the call was for something to really be usable in the pages…certainly there would have been something better than this jacket/bustier/pants combo.


Or just straight up let Corey Walker take a swing at it. He’s done 154 designs for Supergirl…most of which are fantastic…I’m sure he could have come up with one great look for Wonder Woman. Jim Lee has other things to do.


Adamantium Wholesaler

June 29, 2010 at 5:11 pm

It has its issues, but I like it a million times more than her usual glam-stripper outfit. Superheroes are impossible, that doesn’t mean they have to look stupid–we’ve seen a ton of great costumes, there’s no reason she can’t have one.

I heard Black Canary was suing because it’s nearly a rip-off of her classic look. Heck, it worked when ‘Superman’ sued ‘Captain Marvel’ back in the day. XD

I agree with Maria: take away the jacket and the dog collar and the design would be MUCH improved.

It doesn’t sing to me.

I clicked the link to THE SOURCE and the design makes more sense.

This is yet another in the long, long line of Marvelizations. JMS plainly wants to write about a warrior woman raised in a modern, urban setting. Because, that is the way Stan & Jack would have done it. So, that is why Diana is clad entirely in black leather. This strikes me as a Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed topic for 2020.

The drive-by diss on the mod look was odd. My feeling is that it was a way to deflect the obvious comparisons between the two stories. Ditching The Island, the Amazons, the mythological trappings and putting a lesser powered WW into an urban adventure setting in a “modernized” costume sounds sort of … familiar. It would have been a smarter move to concede the influence.

Way better than a swimsuit. Wonder Woman does need some streamlining, and if the Character is as iconic as everyone is raving, then the costume change should be a welcome update. Still it would be nice to see some armour starting to get laced into superhero outfits.

So, you have the people who complain about female costumes showing too much. Now we get this which does exactly the opposite and is pretty conservative and people still complain. I like it. I don’t love it and I’ve never been a big WW fan but it looks good and practical. I’m not one to complain about costumes being too sexy or whatever but I typically like ones that are a little more practical.

I’m still interested in seeing what JMS does with Wonder Woman.

My interest in this series just went down a couple of notches. This is the worst costume design for an iconic character since Superman: Electric Boogaloo.

I like it. But then I also like the 1995 Wonder Woman costume and the 80’s-tastic Black Canary costume.

What the frelling frell?

The costume’s fixable. Gradually as it gets drawn over and over it’ll get simplified and de-Imagified, and the core of it’s got potential. I’ll accept some temporary busy-ness to get some pants on the woman.

But the screwy-timeline urban-avenger storyline sounds like a nightmarish mess.

I see T. beat me to the George Perez comparison.

It’s ugly as hell. And it looks terribly hard to draw. Not a good move.

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i like the stars in the background.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

June 29, 2010 at 6:39 pm

It’s actually Marvel’s Sersi circa 1996. I have a link, but I failed at HTML twice int he other thread. Just Google Image Search “Sersi” and you’ll see this outfit.

It needs more cowbell.

Forever A Wonder Woman Fan

June 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Love the new look she’s due one but ditch the chocker and mini jacket and maybe add some stars on the pants like Mike DeDato did back in the mid 90’s but other than that i don’t care what they do to the character as long as they do her justice at the end of the day with strong stories and characters deserving of her Happy 600 issues Wonder Woman!

I think it looks fine.

I would ditch the red and yellow accents, and leave the Wonder Woman elements to just the tiara, bracelets, and lasso, but otherwise it’s a great look. I love costumes that look like they’re regular clothes with added flair– if Diana walks down the street in this, you know she’s Wonder Woman, but you can also take her seriously.

The Crazed Spruce

June 29, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Okay, I appreciate the concept of getting one of the most famous feminine icons in the world into a costume that doesn’t look like a star-spangled bikini, but it looks like something Jim Lee sketched 15 years ago and stuck in the back of a drawer in his studio.

The long pants are fine, but they need some kind of design element. I’m thinking a thin white stripe down the leg, with tiny blue stars running down it. And the colour should be lightened to a dark or navy blue, rather than black. And add a decent pair of boots. (I’m thinking a comfortable leather boot, dyed burgundy to match the top.)

The top needs to lose that ribbing, or pinstriping, or whatever that pattern’s supposed to be. The emblem needs to be bigger, too.

Those gauntlets look like they’ll slice her fingers off if she tries to bend her wrist back. Seriously impractical. And don’t get me started on the fingerless gloves.

I can live with the choker, but the leather jacket (with shoulder pads? Really? Did she pick it up at Lobo’s garage sale or something?) is just stupid.

I kinda like the belt, though. That’s something, at least….

It’s heads and shoulders better than the classic (and embarrassing) batle bathing suit, particularly the 1990s version that looked like a self-satire or a street hooker (argh, I just reminded myself of current Supergirl).

Even the choker isn’t too bad. The gloves, however, are hideous and ridiculous. The shoes are almost passable.

Lots of the other little details are in fact very well done. Change the gloves for something more sensible and I’m all for it.

Conceptually sounds like a “House of M” style alternate universe thing (“No more Amazon Island”?) with a built in trigger to go back to the old look whenever it’s deemed necessary. Nothing to get too worked up over story wise.

The costume itself reminds me of a mix between her Deodato look and a Project Rooftop entry : http://www.tencentticker.com/projectrooftop/2006/04/26/wonder-woman-by-jamie-mckelvie/ (only not as snappy due to the jacket and its lack of boots).

I’m sorry, everybody, but I really like it (aside from the jacket being too small, which is easy to fix).

But….. it’s not Wonder Woman, is it? So I can see why everyone is against it. It could work for somebody else (with minor alteratons).

Now half of the storyline’s readership is going to be distracted by just wondering when her usual costume comes back.

Is that for Year One WW?

“Even the choker isn’t too bad.”

Chokers are ALWAYS bad. It’s a natural law.

The stars-spangled bathing suit has always looked ridiculous – so this is a step in the right direction. However, like many others, I find the jacket, fingerless gloves and dog collar atrocious.
Actually, I thought the best alternative outfit for Wonder Woman was in that JLA Elseworlds title, “Secret Society of Super-heroes” – that or the one in JLA Destiny. Both could use tweaking, but still better than this one…

I love it. It keeps her three colors of Red, Blue, and Gold, some bird imagery, and the tiara, while ditching the bathing suit look.

Take the jacket and the choker off, putt her in a skirt instead of trousers and it’s not so bad…

I mean, like, a Spartan skirt, btw, not ‘put that woman in a skirt’…

I wonder if she and Gambit will ever be able to make their relationship work…

Mike Loughlin

June 30, 2010 at 5:03 am

Could be worse. It could look like one of Voodoo’ or Zealot’s costumes.

I don’t understand the reaction to this (other than the “I hate change” folks).

It is a good looking costume. It does NOT look lik ea 90’s costume, other than superficially.

Hacing said all of that, I think we are looking at the wrong thing. A costume change is a positive thing. It is the announced ORIGIN change that is the abomination.

@ Rusty Priske:

Well, the costume change and the origin change sort of go hand-in-hand. This is clearly an “urban” redesign.

I generally like change. Retcons, reboots and “re-imaginings” are fun in my book. However, this one bums me out. JMS is jettisoning the absolute core of the character. To me, that core includes the utterly iconic design featured on countless lunch boxes, under-roos and the like. I knew a woman in my 20s with giant Wonder Woman tattoo on her back. She wasn’t even a comic reader, just someone that loved to the character enough to ink the image on to her body.

It just seems to me that DC has no idea what they own in WW. The Wednesday crowd is not the entire world.

I guess I’m in the minority, because I actually like this more than the costume she currently wears which, really, is horribly impractical and something straight out of a teenage boy’s dreams… and lets face facts, teenage boys aren’t rushing out to pick up the latest issue of Wonder Woman these days.
Honestly, I like JMS’ rationale on this, and while some people are suggesting this is very 90s, where I live, there are plenty of young women wearing the high cut jackets at my local mall… so I don’t think this look is that out of whack with modern female fashion.
I know this is happening at the expense of the iconic image of Wonder Woman, and that hurts me too, but for goodness sake, we need to do something to build up this character before she becomes nothing more than a memory. And if Gail Simone couldn’t push sales to a better level with the character as she existed, then who could?
Honestly, from what JMS has been saying, I think this version of the character is going to stand a far better chance with the young female demographic than the iconic image will, in a day and age where the top iconic female characters are more the Bella Swans and the Buffy Summers of the world.

Been there, seen that.

On Sersi.
On Crystal.
On Rogue.
On Sue Storm.
On… you get the idea. Pretty much half of the Marvel females in the 90s had some variation on this (I won’t even get into the DC and Image gals that had this look too). Even with that, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but this doesn’t say “Wonder Woman” to me. It says “Jim Lee’s favorite design cues in a blender.” It’s not a terrible design, but I don’t get “Wonder” from it. I barely get “Woman” from it.

But that said, I see that’s not what they’re going for. This is a street-level Amazon, and it works for that. I don’t want to see it as a long-term look, or have her go on adventures with Batman and Superman and the Justice League while wearing it, but busting thugs and taking down mobsters and so on? It’ll do the job.

If they changed Wonder Woman’s iconic costume, which has elements that have been justified in story to death, then I guess they will be changing the rest of the heroines’ costumes to something more practical? Give Black Canary some pants, cover Power Girl’s boobs, nix Huntress’ midriff? Yeah I didn’t think so, so why completely change one of the most iconic images in comics. Is Ms. Magazine around to pressure them to change it back?

“It is a good looking costume. It does NOT look lik ea 90’s costume, other than superficially.”

But isn’t a costume about appearance? Which is judged solely superficially?

Ethan Shuster

June 30, 2010 at 8:10 am

Yeah, it seems like Lee didn’t go much beyond his old stand by “new designs”. With that jacket, I’m expecting Gambit in a trenchcoat to show up next to her.

Ethan Shuster

June 30, 2010 at 8:15 am

I should add, though… to be honest, if you just got rid of the jacket, and gave her the regular bracelets without gloves, I think I would like this outfit.

But, is it true they are going to do some major retcon of her origins?

No T?

No A?

No sale.

Col Michael J Rossi

June 30, 2010 at 8:49 am

Needs more pouches.

@ Ethan Shuster:

Yes, this was done in support of a total revamp of the origin. It is supposed to make her look more “urban”. JMS was specifically talking about Trinity from THE MATRIX.

That’s awful. Did he really get paid for this?

I don’t like the jacket, and the pants need more stars – they’re too bland. It’s an improvement over the original in some ways, but it’s not quite there yet.

The winner of Project Rooftop’s WW-redesign contest looks much better:


This entry is also outstanding:


“I guess Superman can stop wearing his red underpants over his blue pants.”

That would certainly be an improvement; let’s face it, those red underpants are awful.

I don’t like it, I think some of these feminist groups go a little far when it comes to the things they protest about. I mean she has had the same outfit for 75 plus years why are they caring to change it now why wasn’t it a big problem back then?

I do not like the new look. Wonder Woman’s armor and uniform are iconic. Why is it every couple years someone decides to mess with perfection in terms of redesigning comic book hero or heroine costumes? Rarely if EVER does it work out…

The new design is better than either of the ones linked from Project Rooftop.

Grapeweasel is exactly why the character needs a change. Her current costume panders to people like him… and those people don’t buy the book anyway.

I’m not saying the costume is perfect, just that is a big step forward to fixing a character that has been floundering for a LONG time. (I am a Gail Simone fan, but her run was no better than what had gone before.)

Costume changes, retconned origins, and deaths (and resurrections) of iconic characters routinely serve as stunts that the comics publishers hope will generate mainstream, crossover attention (ie., the Death of Superman, Captain America’s assassination, a new lesbian Batwoman, etc) The Image-lite 90s-era costume change is probably a short-term modification of the status quo, lasting the duration of JMS’ anticipated tenure as the writer, and helps sensationalize both his debut and the milestone of reaching the 600th issue of Wonder Woman (which shouldn’t need anything other than the inherently impressive fact that this is a character that premiered in the 1940s and is still around in the early 21st century!) I remember the white pants suit that the depowered Wonder Woman wore, and the Asian sidekick I-Ching she had, during the counterculture-driven relevancy era (when Green Lantern and Green Arrow took the “Easy Rider” road trip through America, encountering African-Americans, who had been invisible in DC Comics until that point, and Native Americans) What is interesting is that DC is pandering to a branch of “fandom” that has problems with a costume the protagonist has worn for decades in the comics and the Lynda Carter-Debra Winger ABC TV series and merchandising. Now, will they read Wonder Woman because they approve of her wardrobe change? And when the status quo ante is re-established, will they drop the book, vowing boycotts and insisting on more modest wear for the buxom Power Girl?

Testing movie costume ideas, I assume?

I thought it was Donna, not Diana. Then I wondered why Cassies hair was black.

Having said that, it needs more stars, less jacket & less cowboy boots.

Its Horrible. If its not broke, don’t fix it. WW’s costume is such an icon. Red,White & blue, with star’s. How can you go wrong. I wouldn’t let jim lee design anything anymore for DC, just my opinion.

Sir Manley Johnson

June 30, 2010 at 3:20 pm

it would be okay if they lost the jacket.

John Trumbull

June 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm

It’s awful. Absolutely awful on every level.

First off, JMS told the New York Times that he wanted “to toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility.” Which looks tougher — the woman who’s fighting crime mostly covered up in a leather jacket & dark pants, or the woman who’s essentially wearing a one piece bathing suit? The exposed skin made the point that she didn’t NEED the protection from the elements or from her enemies. And if a “more modern sensibility” means 1995, well, then… mission accomplished. Congrats on making her only 15 years out of date, guys.

Really, the only thing a classic design like WW’s really needs is a bit of tweaking, not a whole scale makeover. Something like Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come version (NOT the armored look, her regular outfit with the toga-type front) or Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier version would’ve been good updatings AND still recognizable as Wonder Woman.

New York Times article on the change:


“In the reimagining of her story, Wonder Woman, instead of growing up on Paradise Island with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her Amazon sisters, is smuggled out as a baby when unknown forces destroy her home and slaughter its inhabitants. ”

Is it just my imagination, or is her WW emblem tied on with leather straps, making it like a necklace?


I’d probably eliminate some of the strappy things, but I think the costume is okay. The bigger question is whether this new direction is okay. Wonder Woman was the ideal woman…but now she’s going to be a tough, scrappy street fighter? Because the first hundred tough, scrappy street fighters in comics weren’t enough?

What’s the over/under on how long this change will last? Five years? And which fanboy or girl turned pro writer will say, “I’ve got a great idea! Let’s restore the Amazons, the island, the costume, the robot plane…all of it! We’ll call it Second War of the Gods! World War Four! Or Final Crisis Plus One!”

What about the licensing issue? I thought the reason we can never change Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, et al. is because their images are on countless toys, lunchboxes, and Underoos. Now DC is going change one of its flagship characters and demolish sales from that product line?

Was the licensing issue just a dodge–an excuse for industry types to justify their aversion to change? Or is it a legitimate concern for a company such as DC? Pray tell.

Odds are this is just a temporary thing – until someone goes back in time and stops the person who went back in time the first time.

So this likely won’t affect any licensing issues. It won’t be around long enough to have an impact.

@ John Trumbull:

I could not agree more.

Her signature move is deflecting bullets with her wrists, which pretty darn cool when you think about it for a second. So, there is a reason for her to have bare arms. The bare legs is much more debatable. On a personal level, I like anything that reminds me of a toga and/or a Greek warrior. It is a nice visual reminder of her origins. Darwyn Cooke handled that really nicely in NEW FRONTIER.

Look, there are lots of valid reasons to update WWs costume. The lack of straps was sort of silly. The bathing suit bottom needed to be replaced. I would have liked to see the sandals come back. However, this is not an improvement.

ahh…nope not gonna work, is that Rouges outfit in black? Are those spurs? maybe there’s an invisable horse now. later!

Is that for Year One WW?

It sounds like this IS Year One for Wonder Woman. She’s the new kid on the block, again. Never was part of the JLA, again. Which is to say, they took the only bad part of the Perez reboot and jettisoned all the good stuff.

Maybe those old pros Donna and Cassie can show Diana the ropes.

This may put me in the minority, but I like it. Loose the choker, and remove the glove portion of the bracelets, and either modify the jacket to be more practical or just not have it at all.

Still, it does bare some resemblence to the Justice Lords costume from the animated Justice League series.

Is funny to hear all this complaining about her swimsuit look being too demeaning when Wonder Woman has resonated with females and feminists probably more than any other female comic character, certainly more than any other females superhero. Not as a story, but as an icon in other media certainly.

My biggest problem with it is how dark it looks. Doesn’t really pop off the page (or the screen, if you want to be pedantic) Too much black in the mix, and the blue jacket is so dark it might as well be black. I don’t mind updating the look or making it more modern, but it really does downplay the elements from her basic look (the eagle, the “WW” motif, the stars etc.) Surely there had to be a way to keep some timeless elements that would make new WW still recognisably Wonder Woman.

It seemingly follows the same kind of paradigm as the Bucky Cap outfit does–blend the “superhero” with the “practical.” But Bucky’s outfit is a much better balance–it still “reads” as Captain America even with the more realistic stuff like the knife and the gun holster, etc.

This just feels . . .kinda generic.

I liked the Red, White & blue. Where is the patriotism? Might as well put a turban on the bitch!

“What is this, 1994? Or maybe 1986?”

Both, I’m afraid. 1986 writing with 1994 art.

She was suppose to be the iconic female answere to Captain America

You know, I think I am usually fairly feminist, but I don’t think Wonder Woman’s classic costume is as bad as some think. As long as it isn’t draw like a thong glued to her body, that is. I never thought of it as hooker setup, but more like Miss America beauty pageant setup. And it HAS an iconic quality too.

It would be an okay costume for Gypsy, come to think of it.

Good Lord — trying to make her fit in with the ‘LA’ crowd for their move.

Wow. They just don’t get it, do they?

I guess its just another thing there taking away from the u.s. where is the RED WHITE AND BLUE its like everything we where raised up with is not good enough for people now. I AGREE WITH THE ONE THAT SAID SHE LOOKS LIKE A STREET WALKER .

Not a fan but she’s supposed to be an Amazonian warrior princess, not a biker gang groupie. Alex Ross’ kingdom come design was way better.

I’d rather where that costume to fight crime than to wear a one piece.

I rather liked the Bullets and Bracelets costume…and I have always found Donna Troy’s outfits more sensible in fighting evil than Diana’s “warrior bikini”. The only time I liked Wonder Woman’s bikini-type outfit was the winged battle armor.

Hell, I liked the Jim Lee form fitting X-Men team outfits and Steve Epting’s Avengers jackets because they were drawn well and gave the sense of the members being a unified team. Also they made for some of the greatest comic covers of recent vintage chief among them the Wolvie/Professor X “bloody claw” and the Black Knight vs Proctor “energy sword clash” ones…

As for this new costume for Diana, why not give it a try? Sheesh, some people act like it an affront to their senses when THEY WEREN’T EVEN PICKING UP THE BOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE!

JMS and DC artistic did their jobs. They got you to talk Wonder Woman….

LOL Sorry Brian, I kind of took the combo of both of your columns and turned it into this one response….so I apologize if anyone got confused….


I give it a year…tops.

Although this costume is busy, compared to normal Jim Lee standards of costume design (Gambit, 90s Cyclops, Omega Red, Kyle Rayner 2nd costume, and many others), this is surprisingly restrained as far as busyness goes.


July 1, 2010 at 8:49 pm

I thinks it’s mostly fine, except for maybe the gloves.
This looks a lot more like costumes worn be female adventurers in tv shows, video games and films.
Not as iconic or superhero-ey, but much more in line with the common superhero adaptation aesthetic.

I like it all, except for the how the pants go right into her shoes, it makes it look weird. maybe if she just had black pants and the same boots as before, or at least make it look that way.

I do like everything else though, it’s a more modern and practical outfit and I can see a movie based on this costume.


Not impressed at all with Wonder Womans’ New Look – Who decided that the flag and the patriotic theme from her costume should be removed anyways. She is an icon for Justice! Part of the Justice Leage – She’s been a hero to Amercian’s all over our Nation! This costume; no matter how tallented the artists is; has lost all insight of who WonderWoman ever represents. Haven’t we seen enought of the “Dark Side” – I tipically boycot things when they begin to turn evil…however Woman Woman is fighting against evil – not joining the forces of evil. as Wonder Woman so passionately quoted: “I’ve had my fill of the evils of Man’s World”
God Bless American and lets stand up for what is right and good in the sight of God!!

Dammit Jim! She’s a crime fighter, not a school girl! AND DON’T REWRITE HER HISTORY! MONUMENTAL MISTAKE, believe me!

[…] seem so thrilled about running around in a glorified swimsuit”. Which brings us to the new costume, which has engendered plenty of controversy. I don’t think it’s awful, although going […]

Great. Let’s ditch the iconic look one-of-a-kind look for something that’ll be out of fashion in five years (even more than it is now). Could someone please explain to me how this thing reflects her amazonian heritage? And as for the “more protective in combat” argument, Wonder Woman just got hit by a bus – lucky she had her LEATHER JACKET on!! How is her original costume any less practical than blue tights and a cape?

How dare they change a perfectly good individual origin and give her Superman’s? Hey, it’s like I always say: “If you can’t get good enough writers to work with a character, change the character.” Brilliant. To anyone still reading this, if you haven’t watched the recent WW dvd movie, check it out. Her origin works just fine in the right hands.

Andrew Collins

July 5, 2010 at 12:01 am

Blech! I guess this is the new “DC Entertainment” synergy at work. Maybe they think they can find an actress who will actually wear this costume for the eventual WW movie?

Well, if this is just for a storyline and not permanent, I suppose we’ll just have to put up with it like we did whenever they kill Superman or Batman, and pretend it never happened

However, I do wish this outfit didn’t seem more suited to Wonder Girl, had she appeared in the Teen Titans animated series, than it does to Wonder Woman. She does not look like a superhero in that getup – dark, light or otherwise. Doesn’t even look like a Superhero in training, to be honest.

The source article mentions trying to satisfy female readers who complained about the lack of storage in the old outfit. OK. I can see that, but skin tight pants and a jacket that barely goes lower than her breasts isn’t much of a solution. Any number of things would have sufficed to fulfill that need far better than the new outfit does. A backpack, a pouch, oh, I don’t know – a UTILITY BELT, just like the male superheros (and villains for that matter) use.

What’s almost equally disappointing is that, of all the possible storylines they could have used to try and revitalize things, they chose that worn out, brittle old chestnut of changing the past and seeing if the hero can fix it. Leave that stuff for Dr. Who.

I must confess that I do prefer the old costume, and am probably biased by the fact that I spent my formative years watching Linda Carter wearing it on TV. That plus reruns of Star Trek and I Dream of Jeannie, and I guess Gilligan’s Island probably did some odd things to my psyche, but this Wonder Woman-Biker Chick/Welder outfit is in a word, lame.

I suppose there’s one positive aspect of this, at least for women. This Halloween it will be much easier to dress as Wonder Woman – Just swing by Victoria’s Secret, Hot Topic, and American Apparel, add that old WW headband and BAM, new Wonder Woman costume! Ditch the gold accessories and you’re good to go for the club afterward.

The new outfit is ugly, stolen from something in Black Canarys dumpster.
The new origin is stolen from Batman and Superman, and then watered down.

#600 will be the last Wonder Woman comic I buy until this nonsense is over.
Plays into the upcoming movie, to create buzz,. Instead of trying to rely on talent and a good script.

The current pop tart picked to play Wonder Woman will be skinny and non-threatening.
As insecure males might be put off by a Amazon.
Plus the spandex costume will get the PG rating.

This is how MTVs highly rated Aeon Flux animation, bombed as a big screen movie.

THIS S**T SUCKS! Why mess with a classic? As a lifelong Wonder Woman fan, I’m offended by this horrific costume.

“The current pop tart picked to play Wonder Woman will be skinny and non-threatening.
As insecure males might be put off by a Amazon.
Plus the spandex costume will get the PG rating.

This is how MTVs highly rated Aeon Flux animation, bombed as a big screen movie.” –Glenn

Preach, Glenn. ‘Nuff said.

Alright, I’m going to be original. I LOVE this costume.

Great to give her something a little more practical, but also keeping some of the spirit of the original costume alive. The patriotism is a little more subtle, and I could see her walking around in daylight in this getup. The original costume is just an excuse to stare at her boobs anyway, so I’m glad they’re changing it.

Now I’ve seen a few issues with the new costume, I definitely like it better without the biker’s jacket. But I agree with the correspondent about the Donna Troy costumes, especially the current starry one. More practical than the swimsuit, and more elegant and mature than the biker-style costume here.

Say, if you wanted to design a new costume for Wonder Woman, how would you go about it? I myself would start with something to keep her bodice up. How would she fight in the old costume without the bodice falling down as it has no visible means of support? I’d change her footwear as well – I never liked that white stripe down the front of the red boots.

let me put my two cents in as a reader whes read the comic sinse the 80s i hate the new look i wont be buyin the comic no more till her old costume come back i had no prob wih her old costume and the new tv show i wont be watchin it cause i know its just going to suck

Maybe the tv series will suck, and the Lynda Carter version is a hard act to follow, but I will watch it first before deciding.

The guy at my comic specialty shop reckons the new costume is a ploy to boost sales (though Hotboy is proof that it can have the opposite effect) and won’t last 18 months at the most.

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