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Guess the Real Spoiler! (July 7, 2010) Updated with Answer

It’s another week where comics in the United States are delayed a day thanks to a holiday while not being the case in Canada, so it’s time for Guess the Real Spoiler, the game where I give you a spoiler for all of the comics I’ve read this week, but only one of which is real. Of course, that means you may get spoiled should you read the post and play the game. That doesn’t seem to stop people though. As well, since this holiday comes on the same week of the month as last month’s holiday, there are a lot of books from the last time we played this game showing up again. But, whatever, that shouldn’t matter. I’ll update this post tomorrow around noon with the solution, so you have until then to guess. On with the game!

Edit: The answer is now at the end of the post.

This week, we’ve got 15 comics! Lots of possible choices for the real spoiler.

Avengers: The Origin #4: Just as the Avengers look defeated by the Hulk, Thor returns with a beaten Loki in tow.

Batman and Robin #13: Damian kills the Joker.

Batman: Odyssey #1: Batman killed a man very early in his career.

The Boys #44: The issue ends with Butcher showing Hughie the tape he has of what Annie did to get into the Seven.

Casanova #1: In the new eight-page story, Casanova is forced to kill the Night Nurse to keep his cover and not be exposed as the guy who gave up the tooth of Buck McShane, which lead to all of those clones of him.

Demo vol. 2 #6: A man reflects on his life and the wrong decisions he’s made because of his ability to see the future.

Gødland #32: Friedrich Nickelhead is revealed to be none other than Automatic Kafka.

The Great Ten #9: The issue ends with the words “To be continued…”

Greek Street #13: Alex accidentally kills someone when he thinks they’re the Greek soldier he keeps seeing in his visions.

Irredeemable #15: Bette Noir kills the Plutonian with that special bullet.

Scalped #39: Carol has an abortion after her father finds out she’s pregnant.

Scarlet #1: Scarlet spends the second half of the issue breaking into a police station to break out her ex-boyfriend who’s been framed for murder.

Sparta, U.S.A. #5: Johnny betrays the Spartans, killing Godfrey McLaine.

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1: Steve and Sharon need to take down an AIM cell that has created a super-soldier-esque formula.

Thor the Mighty Avenger #1: Thor must fight against Balder after Loki and the Enchantress set the two against one another with a series of lies and magicks.

Guess the real spoiler! Have fun!

Edit: The answer is… Gødland #32! At least, that’s how I read the issue. I will admit that, later, flipping through it again that others could interpret what happens differently. However, when I wrote these spoilers, that’s how I read the issue (and still read it), so for the purposes of the game, it’s the real one.


The Boys, but it seems too early for it.

I second the Boys. You know this is something that is going to happen, the only question whether it is in this issue. It might set up Hughie going off on his own for a while, and thus his upcoming mini-series, so I’ll say its happening now.

The Batman: Odyssey black and white unlettered preview that’s been in the back of a bunch of DC Comics shows Batman with a gun. I figure those are used for killing people, so…

Steve Rogers Super Soldier seems spoiled as such by the preview, no?

I’m gonna go with Odyssey.

It’s soooo obviously Batman & Robin #13

garik16 — Is it? I don’t check out the preview pages of comics… nor do I trust them to give an accurate picture of the entire issue.

The Boys.

Batman Odyssey

Because of solicits, I know some of these are false.

Does that count as cheating?

Teal_Lantern — Not at all.

Boys, Scalped, and Sparta I can all see happening……but not just yet….

The Batman books would be interesting but …yeah.. DC would kill the Joker….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight that’s like them acknowledging my type of comic fan exists

I can’t see Irredeemable happening just yet either

Avengers Origin is the way it happened so that’s not really a spoiler….

Demo and Great Ten….HAHAHAHAHA you funny man….

by default I going with Greek Street….

Odyssey seems the most likely to me out of the books i read.

I know for a fact one of these is false (I’ve read the issue), but the others I’m left to guess. I love how terrible and completely believable the Demo one sounds. Steve Rogers sounds most likely, though.

Great Ten… because DC would pull that sh-t.

yea i’m going with Craig here, they would def do that to a comic that was already shorten to begin with.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 7, 2010 at 3:46 pm

The Boys or Scalped or Scarlet.

I don’t think it is Batman and Robin 13, just because i believe Morrison has said that he will shy away from using older villains. But i could be behind on the times.

The preview for Steve Rogers, Super Soldier has Pete Wisdom telling him about a descendant of Dr. Erskine who’s supposedly figured out how to duplicate the super-soldier serum, but I don’t think it specifically indicates AIM. It would make sense, though, as they’ve been set up as regular antagonists of Rogers’.

So, I’m going with that one.

Mike Loughlin

July 7, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Scalped, but only because I don’t want it to be true (although “Carol cleans up her life in order to give her baby a chance for a future” wouldn’t really fit the series).

The Joker dies? But that trick never works!

I’d love it if it was Batman & Robin # 13

oh man, please don’t be The Boys 44. I guess something needs to push Hughie closer to the edge though so he ends up being the one that kills The Homelander, might as well be now.

What, they’re rebooting Thor again?!?

Damian didn’t kill the Joker, but he damn sure tried!

Godland- You wish.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 7, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Uh, Chad, you need to tell someone to fix the The Boys # 45 under the CBR Reviews to The Boys # 44.


Uh….. Thor? Damn you for making all of them sound plausible.

It’s that or Batman Odyssey, which sounds out of left field but it’s crazy Neal Adams, so it might be true.


July 7, 2010 at 10:03 pm

I really, really, really, really hope that it’s The Great Ten. That means their story will hopefully be elsewhere instead of continuity limbo…

Irredeemable #15 is clearly false. No way Plutonian would die so soon in the series. The series is named after him.

I hope it’s not the Boys…

You’re too good at this, Nevett! And you’re making me want to buy Godland.

I must say, I didn’t read it that way at all. Maybe that’s where Casey is going with it, and I can sort of see where you got that, but I’ll be impressed if that’s what’s really going on. I wouldn’t put it past Casey, of course.

I guess it was G0dland then, which apparently only one commenter reads enough to have understood the spoiler.

Oh, shit.

I’m gonna have to get caught up on Gødland and soon, then.

First, the butterfly; now, the man (er…robot) himself!

I read Godland, but I’ve never read Automatic Kafka, so I’m not sure how that relates. I read it as saying that he was an actual leftover Kirby comic book character

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