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Call to Artists!

Remember that nifty Twitter art bit I was doing? Well, my artist pal Brad doesn’t think that he can meet a weekly three sketch deadline (his other job takes up too much time), so I figure let’s open this up to more artists. When it was just him, I was doing a Top 3, but I figure if we’re going to go for multiple artists, we might as well expand to a Top 5.

So what I need is four artists who wish to draw sketches every week for the blog that are based on reader suggestions.

The requirements are:

1. That you are at least roughly as good as Brad (here‘s his art blog) (I will take your word for it)

2. You can do a sketch a week (really a sketch in three and a half days, because the voting will take a few days)

3. While the sketch doesn’t have to be super finished or anything, it has to be good enough that, say, if I ask for you to draw Superboy fighting Hellboy, a reader would recognize that it is a drawing of Superboy fighting Hellboy.

I figure if you have a sketch blog, this is perfect for you, since you’d be doing sketches ANYways, and this way your stuff gets to be seen by thousands of people every week (and I’ll put up links to your sites, too, of course).

If you want in, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.


sent. hope you enjoy!

I sent an e-mail with a link to my DA page, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to include specific samples or anything.

Anyway, it sounds very interesting and good luck to everyone who is interested.

I’ve already sent you some samples, but I neglected to let you know that I have a deviantArt gallery:

You can find it at http://mbc12-5-58.deviantart.com.

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