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Regarding That Call to Artists…

Okay, I didn’t expect so many people to want in. I was just planning on taking the first four to reply. Now that just seems silly.

Also, I don’t feel like choosing between all the great artists who want in (saying no to SO many great artists is annoying), so instead, I’m going to form a secret panel of some folks (odds are it’ll end up just being a few CSBG writers) to pick out the artists that we’re going to use.

I figure since there were so many entrants, we’re going to pick five to go along Brad for six total.

Since I’m going to let people pick, if you did not send a link to your art blog (or attach some artwork), please do so now, as I’d like them to be able to make an informed decision (let’s say you have until Monday night to do so).

To refresh, we are looking for someone to do a weekly sketch based on reader suggestions. It’s not a paying gig, but your stuff will get to be seen by thousands of people every week, which should be nice, I presume.


The Ugly American

July 24, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Do it like CBR did in the old days; have one of those Idol art contests judged by industry professionals that last for several weeks .

As I mentioned in my email, you can check out my DeviantArt Gallery at:


Hye Mitchel, check the address… It shows error 404.

Mine is http://aksolut.deviantart.com, while my blog is http://www.schcomics.com.ar

If you didn’t get my email, my website is http://www.rubysworldcomic.com , with a deviant art at nitzthebloody.deviantart.com . Look forward to the others!

Should be awesome… my website is:


My portfolio (it’s the website abbreviated) is:


Louis Bright-Raven

July 25, 2010 at 10:13 pm

*shakes head* A CBR Idol to determine who gets to do a weekly sketch? Are you serious, Ugly American?

Not to sound snarky, but can’t a person just start up a sketch thread of their own on the CBR Message Boards? Howyadoin and JadeDragon used to have such threads on the boards, as I recall, and there have been X-Boards sketch threads and stuff.

I don’t think professionals need to be bothered with evaluating sketches to see who gets to doa sketchblog, man.

I agree that we don’t need to make this like Comic Book Idol, because Comic Book Idol had some heavy duty prizes involved, while here it is just to see who puts up a weekly sketch on the blog, but “can’t a person just start up a sketch thread of their own on the CBR Message Boards? ” misses the point by a good country mile.

Yes, people could just post their sketches on their own on a message board – but the difference in who is SEEING their sketches is immense (we’re not even talking vaguely close in scale).

That’s why people are interested in this – it’s a great spotlight for their artwork.

Hey Brian. I tossed you an email as well, but in case this is a bit more expedient…

my gallery can be seen at:


Any word on when you’ll announce whose picked?

The artists should know by the end of the week (about half of the secret panel have gotten their picks in – I went with a big ass secret panel to make sure it was as diverse as possible). Everyone else will know next week.

The suspense is deleting my memory partition!

Aw man. You totally told the artists by now, didn’t you? I didn’t get it…

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