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Sunday Brunch: 7/25/10

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What announcements from San Diego, if any, excited you?

ANSWER(S) OF THE WEEK! San Diego things that get my heart a’titter and suck money from my wallet:

ITEM! The biggest thing happening this week, however, is definitely the Axe Cop/Dr. McNinja team-up:


ITEM! Meanwhile, Christopher Campbell remembers the San Diego Comic-Con of 1910.

ITEM! Jonathan Ross talks with Jim Steranko. Steranko is all that is man:

I eat one meal a day. I believe everything you put in your body is toxic – I eat raw fruits and vegetables. A very small portion. I live on the side of a mountain and run up it with my dogs every night. I begin working after I have dinner at eight o’clock, and work till about nine in the morning. Then I turn in until about 11 o’clock.

ITEM! Another Abhay essay! He’s spoiling us:

Hensley himself engaged in a sort of translation for the sense-impaired, while creating a book sort-of about the untrustworthiness of our senses, named after an architect who could not create his own visuals. Do you see a connection between all of those facts?  I want to see a connection, but there isn’t one.  It’s just my mind trying to impose an order onto things– I don’t know, because that’s what brains do.  Hell, Wikipedia itself is a fan-run encyclopedia– none of what it says about Gropius, Sr. might be even remotely true. But Wikipedia rhymes with encyclopedia– so, fuck it, close enough…?

ITEM! Matthew Brady names six Ditkoian motifs no one knows about:

Working for cheap for Charlton must have given Ditko the opportunity to experiment, try out new ideas, and see what he could do with the comics format, and he came up with some great stuff here, really pushing the limits of the way stories could be told with panels on paper.  One story which sees Dr. Graves supposedly searching through his files for information regarding the tale he’s telling turns every panel border into the shape of a file folder, starting out with fairly standard layouts, but as the story goes on and becomes more frantic and fast-paced, eventually seeing panels/folders angled and tilted every which way, in all three dimensions:

ITEM! Tasha Robinson of the AV Club wonders about the divide between art and artist, and whether we can respect the work of someone we dislike. She uses Dave Sim as an example:

No matter what Dave Sim says about the book, I still loved it, and still found it compelling and immaculately crafted. The book did not change in any way because I read that interview. Even if Sim intended it as no more than a standard punishment drama, a sign of his ever-growing issues with women, he’d tapped into something that touched me personally. But his interpretation took an awful lot of the admiration out of it, and made me wonder, was I wrong, or was he? Was it actually possible for an artist to somehow misinterpret his own work?

ITEM! Bully, the little stuffed bull, wonders what it would be like if Thor walked across America instead of Superman. Apparently, it would be way more awesome.

ITEM! Meanwhile, io9 lists ten of the more obscure Thor villains they’d like to see in the movie. (In before “You forgot Mongoose!”)

ITEM! And at “A Dispensable List of Comic Book Lists,” here’s 25 Archie clones, my favorite of which is, of course:

James Bond, the Beatles, “mods,” Carnaby Street fashion – all things British were cool in the 1960s, and American comic publishers were quick to take note. Swing with Scooter debuted with a cover date of July 1966, and it represented DC Comics’ first attempt to re-enter the teen humor market with an original character since the demise of Buzzy, Here’s Howie and the rest in the 1950s.

AWESOME HOSPITAL MOMENT OF THE WEEK guest stars one of my favorite TV actors:

Awesome Hospital captains the SerenityAXE COP MOMENT OF THE WEEK comes to us from guest artist Doug TenNapel and his 4-year-old daughter Olivia:

Guest Cop


I almost (ALMOST) bought you a sketch of Axe Cop from Ethan Nicolle. But then I remembered I don’t like you that much, so I came to my senses. The color posters were pretty cool, too.


July 25, 2010 at 9:52 am

Excited about the Morrison stuff as well. What did Grant say about Flex being collected?

Seaguy 3, easily.

But then I remembered I don’t like you that much, so I came to my senses.


What did Grant say about Flex being collected?

“We hear vague rumors that something may happen,” Morrison said. “If anybody asked you guys, we didn’t say anything,” Sattler added. (via Newsarama) So, you know, just vague rumblings to get fanboy hearts fluttering.

wot? Flex Mentallo is on ebay, guys!
why wait! it’s a great read!

For Comic Con news, it’s a 3 way tie between Mark Waid returning to Captain America in early 2011, DC releasing Batman: Year One, Emerald Knights and All Star Superman as direct to video releases in 2011 or more Evil Wil Wheaton (TM) in TBBT.

wot? Flex Mentallo is on ebay, guys!

Selling your copies, are you? Flex Mentallo costs 100 dollars on ebay. I’d like to see Morrison’s best work (and the best comic ever made, in my not remotely humble opinion) widely available to the masses in a form other than illegal download.

SDCC Stuff:
• Paul Cornell and Javier Pina teaming up for Soldier One, part of Stan Lee’s new imprint at BOOM! Studios, is probably the biggest pleasant surprise of the Con for me. I’ll definitely be getting that.

• I’ll also probably check out the Khary Randolph book. What’s it called—Starfucker? Stardancer? Starduster? Something like that.

• Speaking of Cornell, I was already sold on Knight & Squire; however, every time he talks about it, I want to read the series even more. I cannot wait for that.

• Speaking of Bat-books, Morrison continuing his Bat-run with Batman, Inc. isn’t unexpected but should be good. I’m so used to (and such a fan of) the artistic rotation on Batman & Robin that Paquette drawing more than one arc in a row will be a little strange, but I doubt he’ll disappoint.

• Speaking of Morrison, I was hoping more Multiversity artists would be announced.

• Still speaking of Morrison, should Flex Mentallo be part of the new DC Comics Presents collection imprint or a very special issue of Vertigo Resurrected?

• Speaking of writers from the U.K., I’ll probably give Generation Hope, by Gillen and an Artist To Be Named, a shot, provided the Artist To Be Named is not named Greg Land. McKelvie would be the ideal artist for the title, of course.

• Speaking of teen teams, I’m not gonna lie: I’m pretty stoked for the Young Justice cartoon. Bruce Greenwood as Batman? Phil LaMarr as Aquaman? Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow? Produced by Greg Weisman? Written by PAD? I’m there.

• Speaking of, uh, something or other, man, Wildstorm panels are always so depressing.

• Speaking of tenuous connections at best, Whedon’s officially directing Avengers, Renner’s officially Hawkeye, and Ruffalo’s officially Hulk. Finally!

Other Stuff:
• I’m surprised you didn’t link to the latest in David Brothers’ Countdown of Cool: 5 Series. It’s like the 12 Days of Christmas, but with comics and over a longer period of time (which is quintessentially comics).

Firefly probably would’ve lasted longer, had it been called Starduster. It absolutely would’ve lasted longer, had it been called Starfucker.

DC releasing Batman: Year One, Emerald Knights and All Star Superman as direct to video releases in 2011

Whoa, what? How did I miss that announcement?! That’s fantastic news.

I’d like to see Flex Mentallo getting a new coloring in that trade. The old one looks awfully flat and really is a disservice to Quitely’s pencils.

But I’m having even more fun reading SEAGUY – the narrative is even more subversive than Flex Mentallo.

Illegal download is absolutely the medium most suited to Flex Mentallo.

I’m most excited about the conformation that Hawkeye is going to be in The Avengers movie.

Wally Gropius is MY favorite book of the year so far, too. Me and Abhay = BFFs.

In terms of any real announcements dealing directly with comics (as opposed to comic-based movies or toys etc.), this has been the most disappointing SDCC I can remember. Probably the thing that comes closest to getting me excited has been the new BOOM! line of Stan Lee inspired comics. Second to that, maybe the Mark Waid (anyone sensing a theme here?)/Captain America announcement, because Waid’s version of Cap is second only to Gruenwald’s, and maybe Kirby’s.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 25, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Did Morrison say anything about Zenith being collected?

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 25, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Has Marvel announced any plans to reprint Marvelman (Miracleman) issues by Moore and Gaiman?

I’m really psyched for Multiversity. And I’ll probably buy the Stan Lee presents titles from Boom!

But I’m MOST Excited for the Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse, which I’ve been curious about for… over a decade now, but I’ve never read.

Some interesting news but there’s few things that stood out for me:

1. Batman, Inc by Morrison & Paquette. So freaking sold on this book.
2. Morrison saying the Absolute WE3 will have 10 new pages by Quietly and that its the true definitive edition.
3. Seaguy: Eternal will come out
4. Summer 2011 Multiversity will probably come out
5. LEOG: Century 1969 will come out in 2011
6. New Rocketeer series
7. Adam McKay will direct “The Boys”
8. Tiny Titans/Lil’ Archie- Awww Yeah!
9. Rocket Racoon/Groot One-Shot with Mignola cover!
10. Axe Cop is going to be published from Dark Horse

I’m surprised you didn’t link to the latest in David Brothers’ Countdown of Cool

Well, shit. I knew I forgot something.

I can’t wait for the Absolute WE3!

Bill Reed said: Selling your copies, are you? Flex Mentallo costs 100 dollars on ebay. I’d like to see Morrison’s best work (and the best comic ever made, in my not remotely humble opinion) widely available to the masses in a form other than illegal download.

Man, every time I see that from someone, it throws me off. I ended up with 2 runs of Flex Mentallo during the giant wave of store closings in the late ’90’s, and I paid maybe $5 total for both sets. My buying at the time basically consisted of buying anything with a Vertigo logo on it, and when four shops in my parents’ hometown and the surrounding area were in the middle of closing when we were there on vacation, I ended up getting basically half my comics collection for pennies on the dollar. I know I passed up at least another 3-4 sets of Flex, too.

I always wonder what happened to the rest of that stuff too, because there were boxes and boxes of comics sitting unsold with the stores closing within a month or two. Admittedly, a lot of that unsold stock was boxes and boxes of cover variant Image books, but a lot was stuff like Metropol, Grendel, and Vertigo, I really do wonder how many comics were just dumpstered or recycled when the boom ended.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

July 25, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Clearly the Thor movie needs to spotlight one beloved villain above all others.

He’s tougher than Mangog, smarter than Loki, and sexier than the Enchantress.

Yes, Locus has got it all!

Someone got stabbed in the eye?

I had no idea conventions were that rough.

Flex Mentallo is only $100? For the whole set?

I’ve been holding mine, waiting for the price to climb.

I don’t want to get burned like I did on Howard the Duck when the movie came out.

My favorite announcement was that Hugo Weaving is basing the voice of the Red Skull on Werner Hertzog.


July 25, 2010 at 8:43 pm

DC releasing Batman: Year One, Emerald Knights and All Star Superman as direct to video releases in 2011

Anyone got a link to this?

I can’t seem to find it reported anywhere.

I just want to say that I enjoy your Sunday Brunch column, Bill. I almost always find several entertaining reads that I didn’t otherwise discover during the course of the previous week.

Re: the comment about Sim and an artist misinterpreting his/her own work: yes, it happens all the time. Best example off the top of my head is how Richard Kelly feels Donny Darko should be viewed as opposed to pretty much everyone else (see, or rather Don’t See, the Director’s Cut of that movie).

Ha! Yes. I own the Donnie Darko Director’s Cut, because if the theatrical version was so great, the Director’s Cut had to be even better, right? No, no… no. Thanks to Kelly’s later output, like Southland Tales (maybe the worst movie ever made), I realize Donnie Darko, one of my favorite films, was a complete fluke. Still, that theatrical cut’s a great movie.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 26, 2010 at 10:31 am

I hate to tell you this, Mr. Reed, but I liked Southland Tales, especially where the former Slayer admits that she used to be a porn star.

@Ian A and funkygreenjerusalem,

Sorry about the delay, just got back from San Diego.

Regarding DC DVD releases for next year, the announcements were made by Bruce Timm in a Friday night panel that took place after the airing of “Under the Red Hood”. CBR has confirmed the release of All Star Superman and I’ll leave it to the crack staff of CBR to track down the announcements for Batman Year One and Emerald Knights.

A couple of other items from that panel:

– we may see a two disc release for an upcoming (and unnamed) project. Someone had asked Bruce about the short lengths of the movies and he agreed that one project may need two discs to tell the story properly
– another DVD that is in the works is the origin story of Supergirl as told by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner and will be drawn/shown (??) in Turner’s style


July 26, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Thanks to Kelly’s later output, like Southland Tales (maybe the worst movie ever made),

Actually, possibly the best movie ever made.

That is the closest film has ever come to capturing what it is like to read a Phillip K Dick book – exciting, confusing, funny, beautiful.
Did it try for too much and get wonky at times?
Sure – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great.

Grow a pair and watch it again, and again, and again.

That film has plenty to give.

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