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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 210

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at Mike Oeming and Scott Kolins making lemonade out of the lemons in Omega Flight…


During the Avengers storyline, The Collective, the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, was decimated (a young man in Alaska absorbed a whole ton of mutant powers set loose after the events of the House of M and he could not handle it all, releasing the energy in waves of destruction). All but one member of the main team was killed (at the end of the previous volume of Alpha Flight they established that there were two sets of Alpha Flight running around, but let’s just say for now that that team of duplicates no longer exists and Alpha Flight is, indeed, dead).

So how, then, do you do a book where all but one member of the team is dead? Well, writer Mike Oeming and artist Scott Kolins resolved this by tying in nicely with Civil War.

At the time, in the Marvel United States, heroes were forced to register with the government. People NOT wanting to register were flooding into Canada, where the country was now unprepared to deal with the influx of superpowered bad guys since the loss of Alpha Flight.

So the government decided to create Omega Flight (wishing to distance themselves from the Alpha name, and also to “take back” the name from the villains who had taken the name Omega Flight years ago) to deal with these villains.

Sasquatch, the remaining survivor of the main Alpha Flight team, was to head up the group.

However, when he found himself up against the Wrecking Crew (a powered up Wrecking Crew), things went poorly…



Pretty interesting way to kick things off, huh?

So the next issue, Omega Flight has to form withOUT Sasquatch. Talisman, daughter of the slain Alpha Flight member Shaman, is the lone connection to Alpha Flights past. US citizens Arachne and USAGent also joined up (Arachne had fled the US because she did not want to register and USAgent was on loan from the US to hunt down rogue supervillains). Finally, the mutant who killed all of Alpha Flight was being treated by the Canadian government, who sought to use his powers to SERVE the country as the replacement for one of the men he killed, Guardian.

Talisman took that about as well as you would expect…

Later, Beta Ray Bill (who Oeming had just featured in a mini-series) also shows up…

Here’s the team in action…

Really, the series was a lot like a Canadian version of the Defenders. A group of heroes who didn’t quite fit in anywhere else thrown together as a team filled with cool action and interesting character conflicts.

Scott Kolins’ art was quite strong on this series, and Oeming has the various characters down pat (and the idea of having the whole thing tie in with Sasquatch’s origins and the demons of Tanaraq was clever).

It’s too bad that this was only a five-issue series.


Because that’s what every Canadian dreams for an Alpha Flight series… a team of America ex-pats to make up for killing off the team off-panel in New Avengers…

In fairness, it’s a well-written series (I’m iffy on the art, even not factoring in the lack of decent reference for the Canadian locations) and it’s loads, loads better than the last Alpha Flight series. But… for this Canadian who has loved Alpha Flight since the ’80s, it felt like the latest in a series of kicks in the teeth from Marvel with Alpha Flight…

Aw, Julia Carpenter will always be Spider-Woman to me. Roy Thomas-era Avengers West Coast represent!

Wow, that was so… Nineties.

Oh lord…another Canadian whining…I knew we should have taken over that country when we had the chance then we wouldn’t be having this problem. You’d think if they didn’t like it they’d write their own fabulous comic books and misrepresent the US, but noooooo…let’s buy quality American goods then complain because we aren’t represented properly…

but, noooooooo…the country of crossdressing lumberjacks is too busy mispronouncing words and turning perfectly good phrases into questions because they can’t stand stand firmly in their own beliefs and make a decesion!!

Good Day, eh? YES! YES IT IS A GOOD DAY! Why are you asking me if it’s a good day??? You should know! Look out a window for chisakes!! Make up your own mind! You don’t need my affirmation!

How has Canada not been invaded yet I ask you all this?!! Before they all make a decesion about the weather and stop whining about not being properly represented in other cultures they’d be taken over and subjugated…tho it’ll probably be by the Philippines.

When America is misrepresented in another culture do you know what we do? INVADE and set those godless heathens straight!!! We teach them lessons that they’ll be learning for generations to come!!

In this game of rock, paper, scissors… EAGLE trumps maple leaf!!!

You know what eagles do with maple leafs??

NOTHING!! nothing at all! they don’t even notice them they are so far down on their scale of things that need to be noticed whilst they are majestically flying high in the clouds.

Any camper can tell you what’d useful about a leaf in the woods!!

Here’s a secret as to why Canadians aren’t represented properly…NO ONE CARES!

Here…give him a hockey puck…he canadian…want to give him a canadian accent? make him say “eh?” after every sentence…want to make him a canadian he-man? stick him in suspenders and a bra, boots, and a plaid shirt and a maple leaf on his ass…tah-dah!!!! you’ve now got Captain Canada!!! paramour of all things canadian with his super power of being able to exude hot maple syrup!

No one want stop be canadian…its an affliction…like herpes…you just can’t get rid of it and it comes with a stigma attached to it!!!

The only reason people go to Canada from other countries is because the US has tough rules for getting into the country…now the tired, poor, and huddled masses have to go to Canada…or god forbid Mexico…heh..like thats going to happen…

This PSA was brought to you by…

M.A.C. Mothers Against Canadians…

“Mother let your babies grow up to be cowboys…or chipmunks…just not whiny assed Canadians….Yo Joe!”

too much?…=D

When life gives you Omega Flight, make Omegade.

Why would a country allow a bunch of illegal aliens act as government sanctioned super-police?

Stephen Abootman

July 30, 2010 at 10:38 am

Don’t make us burn down the Whitehouse again Todd.

My fellow Americans, at five a.m. today, a day which will live in infamy, the Canadians have bombed the Baldwins.

Really, though, these characters have gotten so jerked around by Marvel (yeah, yeah, they can join the club). Shaman’s dead? And a skimming of wikipedia shows that Puck and Heather are “believed dead”, which means they’ll come back in some craptacular way. Looking up Snowbird led me to discover they’re also doing a “He’s dead…wait, no he isn’t” thing with Hercules, for god’s sake. People talk about these lame deaths and resurrections like they’ve always been a huge part of comics. It’s hardly a new phenomenon, but it’s gotten so much more omnipresent lately. I’m 25, and didn’t grow up reading any DCs at all, but now Marvel books (with a few good exceptions) just leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. DC has the same problems, of course, but they just aren’t as personally disappointing to me. Also, I think their books just *feel* more like comics to me. And their characters more consistently speak with their own, recognizable voices.

Someone liked this comic?


I agree with Layne: Julia Carpenter is Spider-Woman! And the Roy Thomas Avengers (of whatever Coast or era) are awesome.

Wish someone would hire that guy to write a super-team book again.

Let me expand in a less snarky manner…

I hated EVERYTHING about this comic. It was a terrible premise compounded by terrible art. The inclusion of USAgent in this book made zero sense. Whenever Julia Carpenter is called anything other than Spider-Woman it made me itch. Beta Ray Bill hasn’t been an interesting chracter since Walt Simonson stopped writing him (and even then… he made a great story, but a less great character). Talisman having ANYTHING to do with the team was WAY against character. Michael Pointer joining the team was insulting (I was okay with him on Dark X-Men. Different context.)

Blah blah blah.

I hated Omega Flight.

The Crazed Spruce

July 30, 2010 at 12:24 pm

As I recall, Todd, you guys tried that once already, back in 1812. Didn’t work out so well for you…

And as much as I love Alpha Flight, it went seriously downhill after Byrne left the book, but it was when they felt the need to come up with a bulls*** excuse for Puck being a litle person that it finally jumped the shark.

You of course remember the scene from Blazing Saddles where they set up the fake town and let the mauraders come through and destroy the fake town? Not many people realize it was a historical fact from the very incidents you mention! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

We had IN FACT moved the capital one foot to the left leaving you to burn, pillage, and rape cleverly disguised corn stalks and canadian geese (ingenious!) we had dressed up to only look like the colonial settlers of the time…and you fell for it with gusto!!! As for the building you burned, it was only a childs dioramma!!!!

Hey! It was all a farce to lure you into a sense of security…ever since then we’ve been on a super secret mission to get you hooked on our good and then demoralize you…

First by making the first gay marvel character not only canadian, but FRENCH canadian! HA!

and slowly from there we twist the knife bit by bit…all the while making you say “please sir, may I have some more, eh?”

Unfortunately the dastardly tactic leaked out and is now being used even more effectively by Japan…

Their saturation of cute big-eyed manga and anime brainwashing our young!

Oh reaping what we have sown!!!

I read this once it hit the quarter bin and I gotta say I wasn’t very impressed. Even if you want to keep the whole original Alpha Flight team dead (which I don’t agree with) I would have preferred new Canadian heroes. The team being made up of almost all U.S. people makes it into just another team book. Its more of a U.S. team does stuff in Canada than a book of heroes for the country. I’m sure you could have done something interesting with the idea of illegal super immigrants during the Civil War era but this book looked at it pretty shallowly without any real consideration of political or social consequences. to me it will always just me one those random big event tie in minis that can be forgotten right after the event.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a foreigner or two in Alpha/Omega Flight. It’s a friendly country, after all, and very open (comparatively) to immigrants. And in and of itself there should be nothing wrong with having an American on the team, although I can see why that would annoy Canadian readers– Americans are so prevalent in other Marvel books, after all, it seems unnecessary to add any to the non-American teams.
But there is no way the presence of USAgent on a Canadian team makes any sense whatsoever. His sole motive is to work for the USA (hence the name). I can see him going to Canada and fighting alongside Greek-letter-of-the-moment Flight for a single mission (they are a close ally, after all), but that’s it. There is no way he would ever be willing to work directly for a foreign government, even one he respects. It’s just not what he would do.
I just wish they would bring back a real Alpha Flight, made up of Canadians.

Aw, I have such fond memories of this series. First we were promised a new series to finally correct the stupid decision of killing Alpha Flight off panel for no good reason (I’ll never forgive them). But that didn’t happen. At least it would be about Canadian heroes and it would be ongoing. Then it got shot down to a mini. At least we would have some top notch Scot Kolins art. Almost, I’m sure the pencils were fine at first but it really needed some cleaning up. So maybe it wasn’t a great time as much as it was a series of disappointments and compromises, but it was written well and I figure the most Alpha Flight-like series we will have for awhile. Snowbird made me buy some decent Herc comics and Jeffries is living it up with the X-Men though, so I guess theres hope (and Hope was recently in Vancouver).


July 30, 2010 at 11:38 pm

Oh lord…another Canadian whining…I knew we should have taken over that country when we had the chance then we wouldn’t be having this problem.

Maybe you should have, but you couldn’t.

Canada beat America when they tried it.

Beat you, like the pack of bitches you are.

Todd, shut the fuck up you incredible stereotype. People like you are the reason Americans are looked down upon, despite the many good people in your country. Do the world a favour and kill yourself.

I had the impression Todd was being stupid on purpose, as a joke.

But this sort of humour is difficult to pull off correctly, and I agree it came across as pretty asinine. (Sorry, Todd.)

Todd is entitled to his views. (I am practicing well-known Canadian politeness…) However idiotic they may be.

Mary: It isn’t so much that it was a couple of non-Canadian members, it was virtually the whole team. And one of them had a bloody US flag motif.

But, as others have noted, Marvel has been systematically lowering the expectations of Alpha Flight fans since 1985 or so– this is just the latest in a long line.


July 31, 2010 at 9:11 am

Todd, you wanna come up to Vancouver, have a few drinks on Granville or Hastings Streets and then start saying that same stuff loud enough for people around you to overhear?

yeah, I didn’t think so.

William Shatner is Canadian. Your argument is invalid.

I was under the impression Todd was joking. I could be wrong though.

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