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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 212

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a nice couple of issues of Robin where Robin begins to date the Spoiler…


One of the cool aspects of Chuck Dixon and Staz Johnson’s run on Robin was how realistically wholesome the book was. You still had interesting drama and action, but Tim Drake really came across as just a nice high school sophomore.

That’s why the Spoiler was such an interesting character in the book. Dixon had introduced a girlfriend for Tim, but the readers really took a liking to Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler (so named because her dad was a supervillain and she went around spoiling his crimes).

She began appearing more and more in the books, and the chemistry between her and Robin was quite good.

This story begins in Robin #56, while Robin and Spoiler have been patrolling together, but Spoiler would like it to go further…

Johnson does a nice job with the facial expressions.

So Tim begins to develop a problem, he’s happy with his girlfriend, but there’s just something about Spoiler…

Finally, Dixon comes up with an interesting idea – Robin can’t reveal his identity to her, but maybe they can date AS heroes…

So, naturally, Tim has to break up with his girlfriend (it would probably have been better had he done that first, but hey, he IS a teenager, they don’t always follow the book)…

This sets up #57, where Robin and Spoiler share their first date!

Spoiler has an idea to get around the costume problem…

They later end up going out for pizza (again, Johnson is killing it with the facial expressions)…

Of course, being a superhero also allows you to take scenic routes…

By the way, there’s a separate plot about the supporting character Sheriff Shotgun Smith taking down Cluemaster’s gang (as Dixon makes sure to get some action into the comic).

Here’s a great scene with Tim and Stephanie just chatting. Dixon had a nice ear for dialogue in this title…

So the date ends well, and everything looks fine and dandy. But of course, this is serialized fiction – there has to be SOME twist, right?

Well, Dixon throws us a doozy at the end when Robin goes to visit Spoiler the next week…

Great cliffhanger, huh?


Wow, Tim works fast. He must have learned from Bruce with Talia. Or not learned, I guess, since he didn’t use protection either.

I know (or am pretty sure, anyway) that Tim isn’t Spoiler’s baby daddy.

You don’t need to tell me HOW this story got wrapped up, but what issues of Robin did the baby issue get wrapped up in?

I miss Chuck Dixon.

Chuck Dixon’s Robin was something of an anachronism in the 90s – an extended run on a newly-established superhero that was built on strong writing and solid, un-flashy art.

I haven’t read any Robin since Dixon left the first time, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Tim Drake, probably because we started out as contemporaries. (Of course he was a couple of years older than me when he was introduced and now I’m 31 and he’s only aged 4 years, but them’s comics…)

You don’t need to tell me HOW this story got wrapped up, but what issues of Robin did the baby issue get wrapped up in?

It all wrapped up pretty soon, really. Spoiler gives birth in #65 and gives the baby up for adoption.

Hey Gavin, I just turned 31 last week myself.

Nerd confession: I wanted my hair like Tim Drake’s back in junior high. Probably like in the Robin miniseries at the time. I may have actually taken a picture into the salon from a comic, but I hope my memory is just playing tricks on me there.

I did dress as Robin one Halloween.

Oh, and Cronin answered my question as I was typing.

I guess my question was as much “who was the baby daddy, or was it not revealed”. And is that a plot element they might pick up in a few years if she continues as Batgirl?

She was dating some dirtbag.

And yeah, I’m sure it’s something they could later address in Batgirl.

Well, let’s see, given what I know about comics, the baby daddy (I loves me that term) will come on as a Batgirl villain, and he’ll fight Batgirl, and things will only turn out alright when the time displaced baby comes in and lets everyone work things out. Or something.

No, wait, that’s more of an X Men thing, isn’t it?

So what’s the female variant on the name Damian?..:)

wait..dude..wouldn’t it be cool if the baby turned out to be Batmites?? Now THAT’S a twist…!

They had done *such* a good job developing the Ariana character/ relationship that I was genuinely bothered by the breakup. And then they went on to do a great job developing the Spoiler character/ relationship. Very impressive.

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